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Who is Adrian McCormack?  Well, he says “I’m a csa victim myself, have spent approx 10 years in care and have been left psychologically shattered by the experience.”  But guess what; you would not know that, unless you happened to stumble upon his comment, which is comment number 105 in a long line of comments on an article written by his fellow Spiveyite troll – Tom Pride 

You’d think that vital bit of information would deserve some print space on his own blog, wouldn’t you.  He doesn’t think so.  There’s no mention of it whatsoever.  Why’s that Adey?  Is it cos it’s not true?  Are you ashamed that you uttered such a vile lie?  You should be.  Does your big brother know that you’re spreading lies about him too?  This is what Adey says on his ‘Who am I’ article: “…it awakened in me thoughts of my childhood, and reminded me of things my big brother had told me of his time in care-homes, and in post-borstal places.”

Of course there is no evidence whatsoever that Adrian McCormack spent one day in ‘care’ let alone ten years.  Neither is there any evidence that he was sexually abused at all as a child; or that he suffered any kind of abuse as a child.

Does your ‘auld ma’ know what an utterly loathsome LIAR you are Adrian?       

What more needs to be said about the sincerity of this ‘man’ Adrian McCormack?

For anyone out there [trolls take a hike] who needs any more persuading that Adeybob is a thoroughly evil piss-taking lying paedo apologist bastard read on. 

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