Helping to halt the NWO


1 Keep a diary of events.

2 Photocopy everything [including your own notes] and store copies away from home [in case you are ever raided by the police or your solicitor is corrupt.]

3 Make secret audio or video tape recordings and have somebody sit in and witness things said /done at meetings.

4 Complain about your situation to every possible appropriate organisation.  For example: The Police Complaints Authority, The Law Society, The European Court of Human Rights, Government Ombudsmen, your MP, the Prime Minister…. This is not so much for the purpose of finding justice [although you might be lucky] but for the purpose of credibility and also to prove that these bodies are CORRUPT.  Every letter of complaint counts.  Every letter draws attention to the fact that the public are not prepared to put up with and fund crooks in high office any longer and are fighting back.

5 Keep your cool.  Do not lose your rag [tempting as it is.]  Be kind and courteous towards your persecutors for they know not what they do.  Do not exaggerate or tell half-truths - there is no need, and do not break the law – the fraternity do enough of that already, and two wrongs don't make a right.   

6 Help other victims.  Form support groups.  United we stand.    

7 Encourage others to whistle-blow and publish wrongdoing.  And take heart, our ‘club’ is growing faster and more powerful than any Masonic lodge or other secret affiliation on Earth.

8 Read the links and understand the illusion we are living in.  Educate yourself and educate others.

9 Read my Spiritual Messages and understand that you are here for a reason; you have the power to make great changes.  We are in a spiritual war; our job is to awaken the people around us and remind them who they really are.  We collectively have to shake off the shackles of our spiritual imprisonment.  Then and only then can we be truly free.  Remember we are all one consciousness and infinite love is the only truth.   

10 MEDITATE!  Try it; it helps you relax and if nothing else helps you get a good night's sleep, so that you are invigorated, recharged and raring to go and face the next challenge on the road of life.