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Is Anna Raccoon just another professional Trojan Horse?

Lawyer and Investigative journalist Anna Raccoon [Susanne Nundy or Susanne Cameron-Blackie] is the seemingly sensible ‘voice of reason’ in the ‘alternative media’, who writes some well thought out and thought provoking articles, and who keeps to her own territory.  Unlike the other ‘core group’ trolls who engage in regular banter on each other’s blogs, she is not your typical game player and so doesn’t present as an obvious shill.  She did a good write up exposing the Hollie Hoax and received a lot of criticism for it from the HGJ gang and by other shills.  All’s good so far.  She seems sincere; on the surface.  Let’s go digging. 

This comment “Well, Anna Raccoon did it again, with not one, not two, not even three, not even four, but  five outstanding posts culminating in this revelation is taken from  One of the comments following is:

“I would call this a set-up simply because Susanne Nundy has a history. Wherever there is a story of abuse by officials, especially when it relates to children or paedophilia, up pops a swathe of names including Anna Raccoon, Susanne Nundy or under her maiden name Susanne Cameron-Blackie, all ready to ‘assist’, yet strangely the outcome is never the one that those originally abused, or their campaigners envisaged. More often than not they are ripped apart, labelled as nutters and thrown to the pack in the manner we saw with her post about Andrew Withers yesterday. Its almost as if she is a professional Trojan Horse.'

It would appear that we could quite possibly add these posts, in which she's conveniently also apparently a Duncroft girl, just like some of the women now coming out with accusations against Savile (who'd have thunk it!), to those stories.

I hesitate to speculate as to why a blogger who seems quite appreciated but who seems to have a deeply unsavoury side, if these stories are anything to go by, feels compelled to weigh in on this previously much-lauded public figure, now having become notorious with these allegations against him, to the effect that 'ah, um, maybe we'd better not put so much stock in what his accusers are saying about him'..

PS funnily enough, given that this comment didn't pass moderation on Nundy's own site, it seems she's fine with calling other people's credibility into question but not so OK with her own credibility being questioned.”

In the deep pool of the blogosphere are many comments from the general public along the lines of: “There has been a great deal of muddying of the water by some over the Duncroft/Savile allegations, most notably by ‘Anna Raccoon’ who marches at the head of the Savile revisionists.”

Anna Raccoon is indeed Savile’s great defender.  I’ll show that she is a most despicable creature – I’ll prove that she is a liar and is a vehement supporter of paedophilia and a protector of paedophiles.  I’ll be covering her position on Savile, Duncroft and Elm Guest House later in this PDF.  But first I’m going to examine her angle on Messham and the North Wales ‘care’ ‘homes’.  Read on.