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Please note, my two youngest children both now suffer from Anorexia [see the comments section on 'Sophie's story' here for more on that - my first post was in May 2013 and I sent an update in November 2013] so they [J & M] and the fact that I work full time take up most of my time and energy.  On top of all that I also have hip osteoarthritis.  This website comes lower down the priority list.  That said I do try to read every email I receive and I appreciate all the messages of support.  For everyone who asks me for help, I do whatever I can when I am able to.  Unfortunately for every genuine victim who contacts me in need of support/advice there are many more Illuminati agents appearing in my inbox wanting to waste my precious time.  Much time has been wasted on people who have turned out to be real wolves in sheep's clothing.  I therefore ask anyone needing help to please give a brief overview of your situation in your email and to use your real name.  I am less likely to reply to you if you use a pseudonym.  Also please do not ask for a phone discussion.  Time permitting I will get back to you asap.  Thanks.    


Message to my enemies, the timewasting gatekeepers:  Shills, trolls and other gatekeepers always try to turn the tables on genuine victims/genuine speakers of truth, with baseless allegations and accusations and questions as to what makes our story true, as has happened to me.  So, that said, if anyone wishes to take issue with anything I say, please point out which part of my story or anything else I state that you question.  In my story I name and shame people,I have published from official documentation in relation to the family court proceedings in my case and I have been threatened with contempt of court for doing so:

"The website also contains verbatim extracts from documents which have been prepared for court proceedings and the courts' judgement.  As these proceedings were family proceedings the contents of all court documents cannot be disclosed without permission from the Court.  Publication of the same could constitute contempt of court."

I have a great deal of documentation spanning 6 years of torment in the family court system.  Those documents [various reports, solicitor letters etc] are stored in a secure location away from home and it would take me a great deal of time and effort to locate anything specific.  Plus I would need to waste time and money on public transport travelling there [I no longer have a car - had to sell mine - couldn't afford to run it.]

If you can prove that anything I say is a lie then the remedy is to sue me for defamation.  Genuine victims who battle [often for years] for truth and justice and genuine 'truthers' are already struggling daily to survive - to stay healthy enough to continue working full time in order to keep a roof over our heads, pay the bills and put food on the table and to protect and care for our families.  We suffer constant persecution and hardship from all sorts of directions, just because we won't give up striving for truth, and we also have to suffer the added injustice of some of our family members turning on us because they buckle under the stress and it's easier to just walk away.  We do not have the luxury of time.  See my comment on this post

The most painful part to bear is seeing the children suffer - they are the ones who suffer the most; they are the easy targets.  It will take a long time and lots of TLC for my youngest children to fully recover from their childhood years of mental trauma, forced on them via the boot boys of the masonic controlled corrupt family courts.  I can only hope and pray they make it.

It is only through God’s good grace that Melissa was not sent spiralling downwards when the college she was attending, basically told her she was a failure.  I will just touch on this very briefly here for now.  Basically Mel, aged 17 had done well to get onto the level 3 Art & Design course at Llandrillo-Yn-Rhos - she is naturally talented in art and it was a course she really wanted to do.  Anyway within the first couple of weeks she was very stressed out with unnecessary demands on her - for example being expected to be in college when there was no need to be [she worked much better at home] and also being asked to study higher tier maths [she’d done well to pass her GCSE maths as she had not attended one maths class in year 11 at school] in order to improve her grade; likewise she was asked to re-do her English GCSE.  Anyway she began to suffer anxiety related insomnia and physical illness, and she took sick days off.  This resulted in her being given two warnings.  Consequently a meeting was convened [13/10/15] with myself and Mel present.  I asked that she be allowed to defer her English for a year and have Wednesdays off [English was the only subject on that day] as that would reduce the stress.  We were told that was not allowed as she had signed up for the English.  She was then told she was on a week’s probation. 

That was shock number one.  I thought probation was for criminals ffs.  After that week it was acknowledged by her teachers Liz Jones and Gill Neale that Melly had caught up with her work and that she showed a lot of potential.  However that was not good enough.  Despite being told at the second meeting [22/10/15] that she didn’t have to do the English after all, we were told that her attendance was still a problem; yet the only day she’d taken off was the Wednesday! 

Then came shock number two.  A decision was made by Head of Programme for Creative Arts Robin Williams that Mel would not be allowed to continue the course as he didn’t think she would cope.  This came after she had told him - in answer to his question - that she wished to continue on the course.  It was also despite the fact she had worked hard during her ‘probation’ to prove that she could do it and that he had told us the college would do everything to help her succeed.  [At the first meeting we were told by counsellor Cara that college had helped another anorexic girl get through her course, by ‘letting’ her have sick days off or letting her go in late or leave early ...]  Melissa was then informed that her best option was to go onto a ‘Traineeship programme’ which could lead her onto higher things, such as a level 1 course.  The course leader Jenny Roberts was quite shocked by this decision and felt strongly that Mel should have been given a chance to continue her Art course.  But despite her efforts to explain to Robin Williams that Mel was far too capable and over qualified [with 12 GCSEs and AS levels] for a traineeship, he wasn’t budging.  Not only was it a massive blow to Mel’s confidence, it was insulting her intelligence; asking her to, effectively, waste time on a ‘programme’ which was totally unsuitable for her.  It wasn’t even an option to do that just until January 2016, whereby she could enrol on a course, as Robin Williams was insistent that Mel would not be ready until Sept 2016.  Incidentally he also prevented her receiving any EMA due to her stress-related non attendance; this is despite the fact it should have been paid, as sick days are allowed.

If I didn’t know any better I’d be thinking there was some Masonic skulduggery at play in the background! 

Now contrast that appalling treatment to the way Melissa and her eating disorder was handled by teachers at her previous school - Ysgol Bryn Elian.  She was treated sympathetically, and given all the support she needed by the deputy head Mrs Herbert and by the head of 6th form Mr Punshon.  In fact if it wasn’t for the year 11 ‘team’ actually listening to Mel and helping her where she needed it, she would never have got through school; as that was the time when her anorexia was at its worse.  In particular I would like to thank Mr Wallis and Mrs Chrissie Hughes [who told Mel to treat her as a big sister] for that.  Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Mrs Gail Hughes.  She was the main reason Mel did not want to stay on at school.  I will let Melissa fill you in on that when she is ready to give her account.  For now I will just say that Gail Hughes was one of the ‘child protection’ panellists who voted [twice] back in June 1999 for my kids to go on the ‘At Risk’ register; which meant that she was voting for my youngest children to go to their abuser.                

As said I have very little time to spend on 'freedom fighting'.  That is often done well into the twilight hours.  I'm always having to burn the midnight oil.  I work full time and have family commitments and I'm not in the best of health.  The housework has gone to pot and it is a job trying to get enough sleep to stay healthy enough to cope with all the demands on my time...

Here is part of my story:

"The dirty brigade will do anything to silence their critics and steal 
from the public purse. They engineer long drawn out proceedings in their 
Kangaroo courts; they concoct anything to keep their victims floundering in a sea 
of evil. They steal your time, money, health and your sanity. And if you’ve got 
kids, they’ll take them too. Freemasonry is a festering sore on society." 

A final note:  We have something called free speech in the UK.  This website is written in the public interest and free for anyone to read.  If you don't like what I write - then you are also free to F.O - or sue me. 

Some Gandhi quotes:

“Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

- I shall not fear anyone on Earth. 
- I shall fear only God. 
- I shall not bear ill will toward anyone. 
- I shall not submit to injustice from anyone. 
- I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” 

― Mahatma Gandhi 

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.” 

― Mahatma Gandhi

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” 


― Mahatma Gandhi