Helping to halt the NWO

First of all I would like to make a swift point about Keelan Balderson who I credit in this pdf.  I had suspicions that Keelan might be a shill when I questioned him as to why he gave Tony Farrell credence.  Take a look here  However it was not until I began working on my ‘HAMPSTEAD HOAX PSY-OP’ pdf in August 2015 that I became certain that he too is indeed an enemy agent.     

Right, on to Ben.  He runs the HPANWO TV Channel Blog, Radio, Voice and blogspot and claims he was sacked as a hospital porter due to his appearance in the MSN.  More on this below.

Ben is someone in the so-called ‘alternative media’ who I least suspected of being co-intelpro, mainly because he was one of the few who gave a platform to the Hollie Hoax group.  It was his interview of Sheva Burton that got me very suspicious.  For more on that see my PDF on her  Here’s a flavour:

Ben Emlyn’s credibility is in question based on this interview alone.  He is supposed to be an independent researcher/blogger/radio host in the ‘alternative media’ so we might ask why he promoted the HG story for 2 years without even thinking of asking for proof that it was true.  And why does he link to UK Column?!  Secondly, we might ask why he didn’t do any research into Sheva Burton.  If he hadn’t researched Sheva Burton before he interviewed her, he sure should have afterwards.  He should have checked for himself to see if anything she said could be substantiated.  This video was published in March 2013; at the time of writing this it is October 2014 i.e. 19 months later.  He has had plenty of time to research Sheva Burton.  He should now be exposing her as cointelpro.  He doesn’t; so what are we to conclude?  We cannot trust anything Sheva Burton or Ben Emlyn Jones say; neither of them are on the side of truth.  When you start to dig into other things both these two are saying and doing it becomes very obvious that they are both evil subversives.

Also, from my Sheva Burton PDF, Ben says: “Whether they engineered the HG case or controlled it or whether it just happened spontaneously there’s no doubt it did them an enormous favour”.  I respond: That’s disingenuous; it is obvious that something like that could not happen by accident.  Why isn’t Ben keen to explore further and find out who is behind it and why.  Why did he promote it?  Isn’t he supposed to be an ‘alternative media’ researcher?  Why didn’t he ask if there was evidence to support that story?  Why wait until the Hoax group got together at their meeting on 24/2/’13?  They got suspicious long before then.  Why didn’t any of the so-called ‘alternative media’ people question that story?  It shouldn’t have needed a group of ‘ordinary’ folk to get together and determine the facts from the fiction and then for them to have to struggle to find a radio station to expose the truth.  It seems that if it wasn’t for the Hoax group’s integrity and fortitude we probably would never have known the truth.  People like Ben were in no hurry to find out and reveal it.  That fact alone weakens his credibility.  Read on.