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In Darren Laverty’s 31/1/15 article he says: “Little piece just to remind anyone who doubts my conviction to the eradication of child abuse.  Well straight away that’s a whopping lie.  This guy is just another gatekeeper for the child raping filth in power.  Read on.   Think back to 1997. What were you doing that year? Who got married? Who died? I went to London. I was asked to speak to some of the countries most prominent childcare providers, executives, judges, MP's and a host of other interested parties. What did I choose to speak about? The pain I'd caused and the pain I'd suffered.     Below are a few bits from the debate.” I highlight and comment in red.

Listening to Children Debate 17th November 1997

In the introduction it states that there was a short formal presentation from, amongst others, Darren and Carla, both of whom are young adults who spent substantial parts of their childhoods looked after by local authorities and have given evidence to the North Wales Tribunal of Inquiry into Child Abuse.

Darren – I’m not sure what I can say.  I have written some things.  Some words will be shocking.  Everywhere it’s happening [abuse in residential care] and no-one is listening to the little people.

At the tribunal I gave evidence.  Here are first some of my thoughts.

My turn

“Have you seen this statement?”  I was asked as if I was window shopping for something.  “No” I replied.  “I’ve not seen any of the lads’ statements.”

The next five minutes were what can be described as the Hovis tune.  I just started to cry.  Tears were flowing off the end of my nose onto the statement which read, “I remember once when a lad called Laverty, he was a bit of a bully, made a lad lick an ashtray, twice if I remember rightly and then because Laverty wasn’t happy he had the lad sit on a chair leg so the leg went up his backside.”  I haven’t given that incident a thought for 13 years until that moment.  So that incident happened in 1984.  The little boy’s name was Peter Wynn.  He ended up taking his own life.  More on that coming up.   It made me realise that I was not the only person who had suffered humiliating abuse from someone who was no better, if not worse, than myself.  Oh fuck I thought, they’re going to love this, they’re going to go to town on this one.  Read on