Helping to halt the NWO

This is what ‘Digger’ says about the Jews: Jews are a race of murderers that know how to write.  As they write/speak/show- they manipulate.  As they manipulate they sew seeds of decline into the minds and souls.  And these seeds in due time bear fruits of destruction upon those affected without expansion of additional energy on the part of Jews.  They plant a damaging thought-it takes root-when it bares fruit the victim dies.  That’s it. It is an ingenious franchise model of destruction done over and over again with unfailing success. 

Jews use murderous language and worrier semantics penetrating minds of unsuspecting innocent people starting from childhood-to turn people’s thinking processes against their own interest.  This damage of thinking processes in others served Jews very well. And now our thought processes are so corrupt by technology and consumerism-they come straight out of sewer speeding up our decline and their victory over all the races of this world-just like they have envisioned 2500 years ago.” 

He says the ultimate litmus test is whoever denies the existence of Jewish domination is an obvious shill  He’s lying.  He is the one spouting 100% pure disinformation.  The truth is whoever spreads the ‘Jew World Order/Hitler is the most lied about person’ propaganda [which I shamefully admit that I readily believed without doing any of my own research] is either duped or is a disinfo agent.  Hitler was NOT one of the good guys, who believed in freedom and served his people; he was serving the NWO agenda.  Even the infamous Holocaust denier and Nazi apologist David Irving himself says Hitler was a dictator  Please take a look at my Welcome page and Links page for more on this. 

Digger is not a duped individual.  And at first glance it is not obvious that he is a dis-informer either because he does some sterling work exposing his fellow controlled opposition agents.  It was when I became aware that he will only expose some of them, whilst protecting the lower profile cointelpro operatives with his silence that I decided to do some digging for truth on him.  By the way I am aware that Digger is male because he once did an anonymous video interview which he has since removed.  Also others refer to him as ‘brother’.

The fact that Digger refuses to reveal his identity immediately throws up a red flag alert, especially as he has been running his website for a good few years.  I maintain that anyone who is willing to put up a serious fight for freedom expects to be persecuted, and knows it is futile to try and hide behind anonymity; people who do have very questionable motives.  

Digger’s litmus test is easily debunked by the searing judgement against the Historical revisionist Holocaust denier and thoroughly discredited David Irving.  During the course of his unsuccessful libel case which he had filed against historian Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books he was shown to have deliberately and persistently misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence in order to promote Holocaust denial.  Irving was also found in court to have distorted the history of Hitler’s role in the Holocaust in order to depict him in a favourable light.  Digger of course promotes David Irving and other Nazi apologists.  More on Irving coming up. 

First let’s see who else Digger endorses and what else he promotes.  As usual I copy/paste and comment in red.  Read on.