Helping to halt the NWO

Please note, this pdf and some of my other pdfs reference Chris Spivey’s site.  On 31/7/15 he told us he was throwing in the towel; but within a few days his site was back up.  It seems he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.  No matter what he says though or how many times he deletes his site, I am certain he’ll just keep popping back up, for a little while longer yet - until Joe Public fully awakens to the truth.  Even if he does finally decide to stop blogging behind the Spivey brand name, you can be sure that he will be getting up to all sorts of mischief trolling here there and everywhere under a variety of pseudonyms.  

Jimmy Jones, it seems, has a fixation with one of Hollywood’s leading sex symbols of the 1940s – Jane Russell.  Take a look here and you’ll see why he calls himself ‘The Outlaw’.  All the pointers are that the Jane Russell he calls his friend is in fact his sock puppet.  More on ‘Jane’ and the other socks below. 

My research thus far is that Jimmy is part of a core group who, operating under their own identity and also under a number of fake identities, are colluding to systematically silence or discredit the survivors of ‘care home’ CSA [child sexual abuse].  Jimmy says in an email to Chris Spivey on 11/5/’13 that he’s been “dealing with these people since Messham went public” and “These people are going for child abuse victims; the weaker ones are being picked off one by one by being befriended and then virtually being driven to the point of breakdown.  Some have even attempted suicide; but it has had the result that they will NEVER speak out about their abuse.”  See Spiv’s 10/10/’14 post   

Jimmy and his troll team prop up the vociferous foul and vulgar head honcho protector of powerful paedophiles - Chris Spivey.  Read on.  [Scroll down to page 29 for the section on Jimmy Jones.]