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EXHIBIT CHART – my observations.

Take a look at this 51 page pdf, which contains seven FBI exhibits  It is not my intention here to comment on the content contained within them, but rather their construction; and to question their authenticity.  I will be doing a separate pdf on the unjust treatment of Jahar Tsarnaev’s friends in due course.  In the meantime you might like to take a look at my pdf on ‘The JANSPORT backpack’ for a taster of that

The exhibits are a compilation of statements allegedly made to the FBI by Jahar and his friend Robel Phillipos, and some associated documentation.  Now I say alleged because, apart from one short statement [which is just over a page long] signed by Robel, these statements are actually written summaries of what was allegedly said by Jahar and Robel during their interviews by FBI agents.  Apart from the one statement from Robel, all the rest have been written by the agents, and NONE have been signed by Jahar or Robel.  Incidentally that signed statement was rejected in court by the jury [4:50 mins.]

Aside from the fact that, in the case of Jahar, whose statements are so heavily redacted [which raises the obvious question, why?  What are the government hiding?] that there is a risk that anything stated can be taken out of context and thus misconstrued, unsigned statements written by government agents cannot give an accurate representation of what was actually stated – by the interrogators or victims.

That being the case it is incumbent upon the government to publish all the taped recordings and the transcripts, in full and uncensored in any way, of all the interviews that the FBI did with Jahar and Robel [and Jahar’s other friends.]  I should just add though that, as far as the friends are concerned, from my research thus far, there doesn’t seem to be any recordings.  Wonder why!      

According to the court papers Jahar “readily admitted his own involvement.”  See OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANT’S MOTION TO SUPPRESS STATEMENTS’ Document 319  Until we know for sure what Jahar actually said we don’t know if that is true.  If he did, it would have been done under duress.  Jahar was in about as hopeless a position as any human being could be in.  He was alone and shackled to his hospital bed, gravely injured, two days after being ‘captured’.  The government point out, as part of their argument that he was treated, not just lawfully, but fairly and sympathetically too, that their agents unhandcuffed him every time they were present.”  What on earth was he doing in handcuffs in the first place?  He was hardly in any fit state to jump out of bed and make a run for it.  Jahar would have known his interrogators [men who work for the very people who had framed him and then caused him serious bodily harm] had the power to make his life even more miserable if he didn’t ‘co-operate’.  I comment further on that Doc 319 further down this page.

Now, leaving aside the points already made, I’m not even convinced that all of the documentation that is published in these 7 exhibits is authenticRead on.