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Folks, take a look at this Mail On Sunday article   for yet another brilliantly executed Masonic PSY-OP.  So clever that it took me a while to unravel ... and I am pretty clued up now on Masonic speak and Masonic manipulations, such that I’m getting quite good at figuring out what is really going on.  This Sunday Mail article, dated 14/10/12, contains bullshit of epic proportions.  Remember anything published in the propaganda shit rags [and that includes the Guardian, Independent, Telegraph etc] will be a mixture of half truths and bullshit.  In the Daily Mail, it will be predominately bullshit.  Methinks the Masonic heavyweights have been caught with their pants down this time. 

We are being asked to believe that the BBC dropped their Newsnight broadcast exposing Savile as a dirty paedo partly because of a woman “Identified only as Fiona” whose credibility comes into question due to a forged police letter. 

Before reading on, take a look at this useful timeline  and this one  

Now, brace yourself for this Masonic script, cos its really gonna blow your mind.  It’s a whopper.  The Masonic bigwigs have surpassed themselves with this one.  Right ... deep breaths.  Here we go.  Fiona had been sent a letter by police in 2007.  She had featured on the ‘ITV documentary – Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile’ which was broadcast on 3rd October 2012   This show had been broadcast almost a year after the Newsnight intended broadcast, which was pulled in December 2011.  Keep up.  The M.O.S say:  It was handed to this newspaper last week by a woman who appeared on the ITV programme which exposed the entertainer as a predatory paedophile.

So, let’s get this right.  Fiona [who we have a mug shot of, but we can’t have her surname!] was being interviewed for the BBC’s Newsnight programme which was scheduled for broadcast towards the end of 2011.  She told the investigating team, led by Meirion Jones and Liz MacKean, that she had in her possession a letter which she believed had been sent by the police [and why wouldn’t she, unless of course she’d examined it closely and queried why they’d made a mistake by saying that she’d been interviewed by them in 2006, whereas it was in May 2007.]  Incidentally notice that the monkey ‘journalists’ Russell Myers and Ian Gallagher don’t publicise that letter.  That’s cos it doesn’t frikkin exist!  The Masonic barstewards aren’t even going to attempt to create it, lest some pesky person like me comes along and scrutinises it.  Notice they don’t quote what it says or give a date that it was written!

Back to the story.  Fiona intended to go on the BBC Newsnight programme, but changed her mind.  She told the Newsnight investigators that she had this police letter that backed her claim that police had failed the victims.  [It was actually true that police had failed them.  I’ll come to that in a minute.]  She didn’t show the Newsnight team the letter; even though they repeatedly asked to see it.  The M.O.S say: “Fiona claims that she did not respond to the requests because she no longer wanted to be a part of the documentary.” And: “In a final email, a Newsnight reporter wrote: ‘We’ve come up against a brick wall in our story – the CPS tell us the reason they dropped the inquiry is they didn’t have enough evidence. That contradicts what you and others have told us. We can only get round this by seeing the letter. Any chance?’  Nick Pollard [another Masonic controlled monkey boy who can be relied on not to rock the boat] sticks to the script and says [on p 94 of his ‘independent review’ [L.O.L] ] “several of them said they had received such a letter”.  ‘Others’ didn’t say they had a police letter, which purportedly said that Surrey Police had “dropped its investigation into the sex abuse allegations because of Savile's ill health and 'senility'.  Not that Savile was identified in any police letters.  Neither was he senile or in any ill health when police interviewed him.  See the Levitt report which I reference below. 

According to the M.O.S chumps Myers and Gallagher: “She added: ‘In one of the emails I received from the Newsnight team they said it wasn’t just me, that others had also said it, so I always assumed others had been given a letter like mine.  The M.O.S rascals are loyal to the Masonic scripted play act.  The victims weren’t aware of each other.  The police deliberately withheld that information.  If you read the Levitt report you will see that if these ladies had known they were not alone they would have testified against Savile.  Moreover and astonishingly it is clear from Alison Levitt’s investigation that due to the compelling and corroborative evidence against Savile there would almost certainly have been a successful prosecution.  This was one of the dirty tactics used by the police in 2007 to ensure the pervert was not prosecuted.  More on this and ‘others’ below. 

SO, FIONA DIDN’T SHOW THE NEWSNIGHT TEAM THE POLICE LETTER, BUT SHE DID SHOW THE LETTER TO THE MAIL ON SUNDAY!!!  THE MAIL ON SUNDAY INFORMED HER THAT IT WAS FORGED.  The Mail on Sunday has seen the letter – and the BBC’s fears appear to be justified because it is unquestionably a fake.”  FOR FUCK’S SAKE.  BUT THERE’S MORE.  SHE DID GO ON THE ITV EXPOSURE PROGRAMME - ALMOST A YEAR AFTER THE NEWSNIGHT PROGRAMME WAS PULLED.  Incidentally, as far as I can tell [I am only a team of one, so cannot be certain] this forged police letter fantasy isn’t publicised in any of the ‘serious’ propaganda rags.  That’ll be because the masons couldn’t risk the more intelligent and alert folk raising an eyebrow over that story. 

But hold on, what about the other women we’re told had one of these police letters?  Did all of them refuse to hand over a copy of this vital piece of evidence?  You know, the letter that triggered the worst crisis in the BBC for over 50 years and a £3m enquiry!  That’s our money folks.  According to the Pollard poodle: “There is considerable evidence of the team’s repeated efforts to confirm the police angle, in particular, the ‘old and infirm’ strand, by attempting to track down the police letter [P 24] and [p 94] “As discussed in more detail below, the ‘old and infirm’ strand of the police angle – the claim that the case had been dropped because of Savile’s age – featured prominently in the draft lead-in for the story and in the outline script itself.  A particular focus of the investigation was consistent efforts to track down the ‘old and infirm’ police/CPS letter that several of the women reported having received.  Pollard misconstrues the truth and fails to give an accurate reflection of what Meirion told him.  Note the Pollard prick can’t even specify whether it was a police or a CPS letter!  Take a look at pages 37 & 38 of   Meirion actually said that, before the investigation was pulled, Fiona was the only one saying she had such a letter.  Also that he was having doubts about her.  He was ‘suspicious’, called her ‘manipulative’ and said he doubted her full story.  For example he questioned why she said she was ‘interviewed under caution’.  This is all covered in detail further on.  Read on.