Helping to halt the NWO

Who is Gojam?  He is ex Liberal Democrat Councillor Jonathon Marc Sawyer.  He is also an impervious blogger, author of The Needle and is a prominent mover and shaker in Chris Spivey’s team of super trolls.  See my ‘DIGGING INTO JIMMY’S SOCKS’ PDF  See also 

Why does Jonathon Sawyer feel the need to blog behind a pseudonym?  Is he ashamed?  Embarrassed?  Why doesn’t he tell us a little bit about himself on his site?  The public shouldn’t have to go digging around for it.        

Is there such a thing as an ex politician?  I don’t think so.  What are politicians?  They’re puppets; nothing but extremely well paid, self-serving ACTORS - all of them serving the NWO agenda; plain and simple.  One example of the proof of that is with regards the Hollie Greig Hoax.  Not one MP has spoken out about the scam – the injustice to so many wrongly accused of raping Hollie and those wrongly named as victims, and the scandalous rape of the public purse.  More on that here  

Since I drifted off onto Hollie Greig, we might ask why it took so long – until March 2015 for Gojam to utter any criticism towards the Hollie hoaxers.  His credibility is dented right there.  He is a self-proclaimed champion for victims of child sexual abuse and yet he stayed silent on the HG scam; and only briefly touched on it when, belatedly, raising issue with John Hemming and the ‘Association of McKenzie friends’.  Incidentally it came at around the time Jimmy Jones did his ‘Bats out of Hell’ article.  What a coincidence.  More on that in my ‘Digging into Jimmy’s socks’ pdf.  More on Hemming and McKenzies in a minute.

But first, ELM GUEST HOUSE.  Read on.