Helping to halt the NWO

Just like all the core group trolls JANETTE SCHARENBORG blogs behind various fake online identities.  I am aware of five of them – JS2, Schar53, Misty53, JS2@juststanding2 and JS2@juststanding3.  Read on for the proof of that.  There are probably more pen names.  That in itself is very revealing; why would anyone feel the need to blog behind even one pseudonym?  Ok, some people may argue that they are too scared to reveal their identity, but that doesn’t wash with Scharenborg because she writes using her real name too.  So, clearly, the reason for blogging behind various false personas is pure deception.    

Janette Scharenborg first came to my attention on 26/11/2013 when she emailed me to tell me: “Royden James Jones aka @theoutlawjimmy was arrested last week, he has been released on bail until 30 Jan. 14.”  After a very brief email exchange I thought nothing more of her until JJ’s sock Jane Russell showed up, all guns blazing, after Tom Cahill had narrated my Chris Spivey arrest debunkathon in Sept 2014

I copy/paste below some of the comments that are under Tom’s video, for ease of reference.  You will see that it was because of these comments that I was prompted to look a little deeper into Spivey’s troll team.  It is now May 2015.  I have come a long way in the past few months; so the comments that I now add in red are a swift update.  Read on