Helping to halt the NWO

We are living in dangerous times, being subjected to some extremely powerful and sophisticated psychological warfare.  The Boston marathon bombing is an elaborate psy-op; so sophisticated that genuine ‘armchair sleuths’ are put off attempting to decipher it. 

Before reading on please read my pdfs on ‘THE BOSTON BOMBING PSY-OP – a closer look at the work of the COINTELPRO’ and ‘THE BB PSY-OP – a closer look at the work of the COINTELPRO who are geared towards the savvier truth seekers’ as you need to really understand how we are being very cleverly mind controlled by the COINTELPRO DISINFORMATION NETWORK before going any further. 

There are a number of ‘Justice for Jahar’ voices doing seemingly good work; some will even tell you how defence counsel sold out; some will question the witness testimonies, such as those from various FBI agents, police officers, and witnesses such as Dun Meng, but they’ll only do it in a light hearted sarcastic way, which does not – as is the intention - pack any meaningful punches.  In other words ALL of these people are only pretending to be a voice for Jahar.  They are actually all agents for the real bombers.  All of them.  They’re being paid to ensure Jahar stays put [or goes 6 feet under].  The general populace does not realise that, thus genuine people do not feel the need to get involved; not surprisingly when there seems to be so many dedicated and capable people already on the case.  The reality is Jahar has NO-ONE [apart from his family ... and me] fighting his corner because no-one will challenge the masonic beast, and convincingly prove a false flag attack.

So who else is a seemingly smart and convincing ‘Justice for Jaharist’, catering for the more alert of us on the planet? 

Jimmysllama  Jimmy’s site is full of the usual mixture of truth, disinfo and the lie of omission.  He is one of the very few cointelpro agents who references the court transcripts of the witness testimonies [and in some detail too] – and, for that reason, he doesn’t present as an obvious shill.  Read on to see what he does with those court testimonies though.