Helping to halt the NWO


Anyone who is telling you “It’s the Jews” or that Hitler was a good guy is without a shadow of a doubt an enemy agent.  I shamefully admit that I  just believed and promoted this disgusting disinfo without bothering to do any research of my own.  My naive days are now over.  See my pdf on DIGGER.

The CONTROLLED OPPOSITION – what is their purpose, how do they achieve it and how to recognise the agents.




If you’re going to lead a movement you must impute the ability to strengthen your followers NOT emphasize and fabricate how strong the enemy is.  All shills do is enforce in our minds how hard it is to fight against the collective.  They just affirm justification of submission to established authority.

The job of the Controlled Opposition, commonly known as the NWO gatekeeper is to prevent the full truth coming out and to stop the awakening populace from fully awakening to the truth.  This is necessary for the NWO to materialise.  Only a fully awakened public can stop it.  

Their job is to contain the collective voice of genuine truthful people, and they do it by any means necessary. 

To keep the masses zombified the PTB must find ways to limit free speech on the internet.  In the meantime any 'harmful' truth out there must be defused, suppressed, dissolved.

Shills and troll types are very intelligent, highly educated, often 'academic' types who lie for a living.  There's not a lot of difference between a shill and a troll.  Both are in the espionage business.  A shill can be both a shill AND a troll ... they often are.  But a troll isn't necessarily a shill.  Both types are trained in word warfare; experts at obfuscating the truth, they undermine, discredit, disrupt the truth soldiers.  Trolls lurk about for hours on end in a variety of guises on all 'Truth' sites, chat rooms and message boards.  They are professional saboteurs, well-practiced in the art of destroying all free thinking individuals and movements.  In short, trolls are well paid expert bullshitting, time-wasting, piss-taking, patronizing, game-playing liars.  A shill is a turd of another sort.  Paid liars and disinformation specialists, they are the false hope merchants.  They are very troll-like as well; it's part of the personality of the sociopaths who 'earn' their daily bread by lying and selling out their fellow countrymen.  

This is how they operate:

The Controlled Opposition fool us into thinking someone is already fighting the good fight.  Therefore we won’t have to work as hard, or maybe even at all.  The premise here is simple: the real army won’t go to war if it thinks another is fighting in its place. Convincing us to stand down, to not get involved because we think we’re not needed, is one of their greatest tricks.

C/O agents are all smart movers and shakers and well trained in psychological warfare.  Psy-Ops are any operation or operations meant to persuade, change, or influence the public.  In layman's language these double agents are very cleverly and constantly coming up with ways to fool us, confuse us, get us off the scent, muddy the waters and then muddy them some more ... so that we give up and go back to sleep.  Basically they are paid to head f**k us. .


All agents spread Dis-info and Mis-info.  Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information, designed to mislead.  Misinformation is wrong or misleading information, arising from ignorance.  Both terms are associated with propaganda and are used widely by the shills in crude and sophisticated forms.

They reveal part of the truth while presenting it as the whole [a limited hangout]. 

They mix truth with lies to provide a world view which is flawed and can be discredited.  E.G truth can be presented with a few lies or outrageous lies can be presented with a few truths.


They feed us amazing nuggets of truthful information so that we follow them like heroes, to be ultimately spun off into la la land.   [More on this tactic below.  David Icke is famous for this.] 

They try to make us look like conspiracy theorists/crazies, so that we can be ignored.  For example the 'celebrity' shills spread such fanciful nonsense, such that we look like idiots when ‘spreading the word’ to family and friends.  Some [e.g. Project Camelot] say they are intuitive.

They talk at us, using Neuro-linguistic programming [NLP] techniques.  There's no free speech on their sites.  They block you if you ask awkward questions or hang up on you [no different than mainstream radio call in programmes.]

They'll tell us general truth, but don't back up what they say with facts or real evidence from people's experiences.  Real evidence and real victims are always ignored.  Real victims end up mute and deluded on a merry-go-round to nowhere.  Unsubstantiated stories and fake 'victims' are promoted instead and can be debunked [more on this below] so as to undermine genuine victim cases.  Brian Gerrish and the UK Column team are famous for this.  Fake victim stories are there to detract from genuine victim stories, to cast doubt on every case, and to waste the precious time and energy of genuine seekers of truth and justice. 

The reason shills give for not providing proof of what they say is that if they were to do so, they’d be ‘taken out’.

Some admit that 30 or 40% of what they say is dis-info.  Their excuse for lying is that if they didn't they'd be ‘taken out’.

They NEVER tune in to the ROOT causes of the problems.  Instead they constantly bang on about the problems of the agenda.

They never offer concrete solutions.  When a solution is proposed it is usually along the lines of the need for us to unite because we are 'all one consciousness'.  Or we're encouraged to quit our jobs if we hold positions as 'gatekeepers', for example, if we work for a government agency.  Well, even if that was the answer [which it isn't as that would quicken the NWO agenda], most people wouldn't be able to just quit.  You wouldn't see the likes of Icke giving up his lucrative lifestyle earned from lying.  

Their game is to lead us down many different rabbit holes, to waste our time, in the hope that we eventually give up.

They’ll only give some truth to prevent us getting to the bottom of the rabbit hole. Their aim is to keep us all in half-truth mode.  They go to great lengths using all manner of ways to shut up and destroy the people who dare to speak full truth with evidence.

They nudge us just a few degrees off course; that's all it needs; just enough to keep us off the scent, so that we wander off and past the target, therefore ensuring we get lost in the fog and darkness.  Most people never end up finding the real truth.  Even if they give you 95% Truth, it's that 5% of rat poison that diverts us off track that is lethal.

They spin us so many lies that we get confused, fed-up, stressed and don't know what to believe is true, who we can trust or what to do.  This way, many of us have been taken out of 'the game'.  Confusion breeds cynicism and apathy.

They keep us in this scared rabbit in the headlights mode.  "What can little ol me do?"  They bombard us with scary info and spread endless cycles of fear, despondency, hatred and hoplessness which is to keep us feeling disempowered.  [The Intel Hub has a guy in a gas mask as its logo - that scares people away.]

They sensationalise stories and some are just nonsense merchants.  Many shills harp on about extra terrestrials - UFOs and Aliens.  David Icke is viewed as a joke, a slick bullshit artist, and can be dismissed.  He makes outlandish claims such as the moon is artificial and serves as a base for extra terrestrials that manipulate humanity.  He believes in a reptilian blood line, says the Queen is a lizard and a paedophile ...  He pushes New Age gobbledygook i.e. 'create your own reality' crazy idea.  This just trivializes the whole conspiracy area and is a distraction to prevent level-headed people from even attempting to look any deeper.  Many people can get trapped in this nonsense for years and never get to the truth.  See  "David Icke Is A Piece Of Scum". William Cooper exposes David Icke

These tactics serve to disempower people.  If we think that a superior race of extraterrestrial beings are ruling the planet, this makes us feel disempoweredHow on earth can little ol us take on this overwhelming force?  With this belief we become apathetic and passive.  Yet as soon as we realise that the big beast is only a gang of criminal banking families who are scared stiff of being exposed, then the power ratio becomes more manageable.  The hope and optimism of winning this spiritual war seems approachable.  Therefore we become proactive. 

The ‘Big Guns’ keep people not only entertained, but in an entertainment mentality. They are charismatic or smooth talkers. The real truth is bland, ugly, unvarnished.

The ‘Truther’ leaders deliberately alienate themselves from mainstream viewers.  Alex Jones does it with his fear driven agenda which keeps people away.  He lies and sounds like an idiot, for example, saying that the Arabs run Hollywood.  This reduces credibility so that he can be ignored.  He advocates the ‘shouting-down’ technique.  He rants and hypes people up and incites them to get angry, rebel and commit crimes so that they get themselves locked up and to provide an excuse for the ruling elite to put the army/foreign police forces and armed officers on our streets.  Listen to Bill Cooper exposing AJ and spelling it out here  Also take a look at this site  AJ doesn't help people; he doesn't unite people or raise awareness for them.  And he gate crashes legitimate protests.

Loudmouth Jones uses profanity as a shock weapon; which shocks no-one other than impressionable teenagers and fools of all ages.  This is a tactic used by Chris Spivey.   

The ‘Big Guns’ have professional websites – they’re organised with staff and backed by lots of money.  They are professional liars.  They get on TV.  Real speakers of truth like you and I don’t.  They make lots of money selling their wares and lecturing around the world.  Truth should be free.  Sincere speakers of truth - those who are a real threat to the establishment - do not get books published or get massive publicity; they get thwarted; some get locked up or killed.

They all target the ‘high ups’.  Some do expose other shills; but not in a convincing meaningful way.  

NWO gatekeepers throw suspicion and doubt into the pool of 'truthers' and they successfully thwart the attempts of genuine victims to unite and form an effective army.  We are led down roads to nowhere and are left confused, suspicious, fearful and alone.  The C/O agents have succeeded in creating war and distrust amongst people, such that genuine victims are put off helping each other.

The 'rebel' sites e.g. Lawful Rebellion, Freedom Rebels, TPUC, BCG ... are ALL wolves in sheep's clothing, leading unsuspecting people down a slippery slope.  They advocate common law and strawman stuff to encourage members to evade debt or other liability.  However F.M.O.T.L folk often find they end up incurring huge fines or threats of imprisonment and a massive headache to boot; which is the intention of the wily ones leading the 'rebellion'; their job being to criminalise the people who call themselves 'rebels'.  [The ruling elite want to pass us all off as:- rebels, anarchists, criminals, conspiraloons, tin-foil-hats ... as such people are easier for them to manage.  Criminals are not considered serious and credible opposition.]  

Zeitgeist is a major cover up for 9/11.  It also criticises religion. 

John D Rockefeller said cyber security is a problem.  He said one wonders if we'd be better off if the internet was never invented.  ‘Anonymous’ is the perfect fake villain to justify the loss of internet freedom in the name of imposed security.  Anon are doing all sorts of cyber attacks unheeded by the authorities!  Anonymous' logo is like the UN logo.  That's a hint anon are not a genuine threat.

Kevin Annett is a good example of how shills work to undermine genuine victim cases.  He stands accused of seriously undermining the cause of Canada's Indian Residential School survivors.  Heather Martin says that his purpose is to discredit anyone who earnestly tries to hold paedophile priests and governments accountable for their actions.  She says on "Kevin Annett has embarked on a personal crusade against the Church and State here and abroad and has appointed himself Grand Saviour and Spokesperson for the victims.  However, because of his gross negligence in dealing with people and evidence of the alleged crime of genocide, he has succeeded in alienating the same people he claims to be helping.  He makes irresponsible gestures, comments and threats that only serve to re-victimize an already wounded indigenous population and stir anti-establishment sentiments that are treasonous and libellous in nature.  He is irreverent in his peddling of misinformation and numerous lies that include so-called witness testimony that was never given, and his assuming of various aliases in an effort to create the illusion of a larger authority."   

The other class of lying, spineless, smug, scum of the earth are the well-paid agents known as trolls; they prowl around on all the 'truth' forums all over the Net, working to censor important truth.  They disrupt/kill discussion threads and manipulate discussion on all social media to kill free and independent intellectual critical thought.  They create division and distraction to drown out the genuine voices of truth.  They enjoy creating hate, fear, distrust and discontent.  They provoke arguments or heated exchange to cause distress.  They mislead, take dialogue off in a different direction and generally keep you busy with nonsense, to waste your time and rile you up.  They are masters at destroying all intelligent discourse.       

Trolls and Sock Puppets [more on socks below] are particularly prevalent dominating the comments sections underneath all 'dangerous truth' You Tube videos.  These loathsome individuals are like a virulent cancer - pouncing on and devouring any genuine commenter.  Socks spew umpteen messages of utter vitriol, trivia and nonsense in a bid to drown out the voices of reason and curtail free speech.  To the innocent observer it appears as if there are a number of people trading insults or drivel; the reality is there is often only one sock behind all the fake identities.  See an example of this on the comments section under the video 'David Irving discusses WW2 and Iraq similarities'.

People who are a serious establishment threat suffer demonizing troll abuse and harassment, based on frivolous and malicious lies intended to discredit them and destroy their reputation.  Trolls are expert practitioners of character assassination.  You really have to be very brave to speak the unadulterated truth.

Just like shills, the trolls earn big bucks dedicating serious time in their effort to neutralise serious opposition and hamper the efforts of the genuine freedom fighters.  See Beware of the internet troll, paid agent provocateurs to look for internet truth tellers for more     

Remember, they only have to fool most of the people most of the time.  Whilst doing so, they buy time for their puppet masters, so that the NWO slaughter agenda can trundle on unmolested. 

However, think about it, throughout history THE PEOPLE rose up and the parasites were forced to back down - it's that simple!  Any serious social changes in the past has only ever come from the people.  The problem we have today is the internet - a double-edged sword.  Whilst we currently have freedom of speech on the Net, we also have numerous, and growing in number, enemy agents infecting the Net in all their guises, successfully hiding and obscuring the truth from the masses.

The gatekeeper shills and troll types are worth their weight in gold.  So far they have successfully assisted their Illuminati paymasters with their satanic NWO plan.  But their days are numbered.  For it is written in the scriptures, in the Book of Revelation, which means knowing the truth - God's truth - that the ultimate victory of good over evil and the end of the present age of Satan's rule is nigh.

The Vigilante Citizen very kindly illustrate how they and all the other shills operate in their '25 rules of Disinformation' article  We can learn a lot from our enemies!

See also: Achilles Heel: 13 Reasons why Establishment Forces Utilize Controlled Opposition  

Something I find amusing about all these bravefarts - Brian Gerrish, Chris Spivey ... they're happy to get into dialogue with you, trying to defend the indefensible.  They try to head f**k you with their smart maneuvers, clever word play and smoke and mirrors.  But all they end up doing is digging an even deeper hole for themselves and revealing their true colours.  It really is quite comical when you can see right through them.  People, PLEASE, do not support these vipers and, for God's sake, don't give them your hard earned cash.  Expose them for what they are - con-artists - pathetic utter vermin.

Another variation of a troll is the fake ‘victim’.  The typical character and common trait of this controlled opposition agent are as follows:

These people are a highly intelligent, articulate, arrogant, egotistical, abrasive, insolent, self-obsessed, self-satisfied lot.  Lying is their livelihood.  They are compulsive bare-faced liars and will believe their own lies.  They are brilliant actors, great entertainers [many are great comedians] and all are most accomplished word-twisters – they regularly and effortlessly spin the truth with their manipulations and exaggerations. 

Many compare themselves with historical heroes.         

They have all the time in the world to antagonise and harass officialdom with their never ending stream of insulting but humorous letters/emails/videos or by direct confrontation.  They are frequently abusive and aggressive and regularly go off topic re their own ‘case’ and resort to ranting, repeating and generalizing.

Everything that these fakes accuse others of, they are themselves guilty of.    

They never deal in facts.  Bullshitification and obfuscation is their game.  They produce very little, if anything, in the way of official documentation/recordings to back up their story.  They repeatedly state that they have the proof – transcripts, tape recordings etc but we never see any of it!  Their ‘evidence’ is mainly hearsay or part or blurred official documentation/photos/videos.  Any full clear documents or recordings that they do publish do not substantiate their story, but rather reveal more of the truth.  These people use out-of-context quotes/images and they talk about unnamed ‘witnesses’. 

Fake ‘victims’ love the limelight; they get a buzz off litigation and courtroom drama which they instigate and which is totally without merit and they thrive on the adulation incarceration brings.  Many earn the ‘chronic litigant’ or ‘vexatious litigant’ title – and boy do they wear those badges with pride!   

They don’t suffer any hardship.  Instead they inflict it on others.  Many of them are violent.  All of them are dangerous.

Collectively these despicable creatures cost the unsuspecting decent law-abiding dutiful taxpayer an untold unimaginable obscene amount of money.

Behind the facade we see a line of cowardly utterly loathsome abusive individuals who bully and threaten anyone who dares to speak full truth.   

Our two geriatric eccentrics Maurice Kirk and Norman Scarth perfectly fit the above description.  Two peas in a pod: each the other’s alter ego.  

A word about Socks:

Fake online identities are often referred to as ‘Sock-puppets’.  Socks involve the creation of one or more fraudulent identities operated by one (or more) individuals on line as if they were all different real people. 

These fake people are portrayed to represent the thoughts and opinions of independent ‘grass roots’ members of the general public. But they are actually paid and under the direction of the ruling elite.

Expert cyber bullies, they create havoc on ‘Truth’ forums, such that genuine discussion between real online activists is infiltrated and subverted.  Socks are also used to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website.

Socks are used, for example, on Twitter campaigns to attack, for example, anyone who doubts the Madeline McCann abduction story.  For more on socks see my pdf on the Spiveyite super troll Adeybob.

Amazing female freedom fighter Barbara Hartwell has withstood more than her fair share of persecution at the hands of the ‘rat bastards’.  She publishes ‘COINTELPRO REVISTED: Targeted by a Legion of Liars’.  See excerpts below.

Neutralizing an individual can be summed up rather well in the psychological operations : Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation.

Classic Machiavellian divide-and-conquer tactics are used: forged letters and documents; false accusations and allegations; trumped-up criminal charges and false arrests; setups; and the like. The perpetrators are experts at engineering and manipulating circumstances which will work to the detriment of the target and thereby destabilize every aspect of his/her lide.

To impugn the sanity of the target is another common tactic, with the intent that friends and family will not believe the horror stories of persecution and will instead believe the target to be mentally unbalanced or "paranoid". It is true that 'clinical' paranoia is a form of psychopathology; on the other hand, as those of us so targeted know all too well, the persecution is not 'imagined' (as a function of abberant psychology, such as delusions) but very real; it is life-destroying and often life-threatening in one way or another.

What they are fighting for --to control the lives and fortunes of their targets-- most of whom are decent, law-abiding citizens, is by its very nature wrongful and unjust.

Vipers ...  These government rat bastards (as I call them) have, over a period of many years, also recruited dozens of stooges, dupes, minions and useful idiots, whom they exploit to target legitimate government whistleblowers, journalists, patriots, government ops survivors, and sincere Christians.

Whatever the nature of the situation or the decision you need to make...damned if you do, damned if you don't. But this is only what the perps want the target to believe; to actually believe it and thus give up hope can be the death knell. In truth, there is usually some way out --and if so, only God knows for sure what that way is. Turning your life over to God --while refusing to ever compromise with evil-- is the only answer.

It is also important to understand that the people running these ops have done extensive background checks and created psychological profiles on each individual who is targeted for neutralization, as well as on those associated with, closest to, or most important to the target. They keep databases, filled with dossiers on various individuals.

By analyzing the psyche of a target and of his/her associates, they attempt to predict the behavior of individuals, making it easier to foment suspicion and distrust, to orchestrate situations likely to break up families, marriages and other important personal and professional relationships. By evaluating what they perceive to be the "weaknesses" in each target's character/personality, they exploit them in any way possible. In the worst case scenario, if at all possible, they will arrange to pit the target against those closest to him/her, thus making enemies of friends, spouses or family members.

If the target refuses to compromise her principles, sticks to her guns and stands her ground, no matter what, she usually ends up standing alone.

If not for the grace of God and having the faith that God is watching my back (along with those angels) even if no one else would, I could not have survived the many psychological and physical brutalities perpetrated on me by these henchmen of Satan, otherwise known as agents and operatives of the U.S. Government. Despite all the pain and heartbreak, how blessed I have been to have Friends in High Places!

I believe that the best anyone in my position can do is keep praying, as I have done for years, for God to send me someone: someone who can't be intimidated; can't be manipulated by the Psy Ops; someone who holds the same unwavering principles I do; someone who believes in me and who cares enough about me personally to have absolute loyalty and to be there, to stand by me, no matter what.

Absolute loyalty and devotion are only possible through the love of one person for another. All real love is unconditional, it is spiritual and comes from God, which is why it is said that Love conquers all. Or that God is Love. To me, the ultimate expression of such unconditional love is shown by Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh. Although few of us can ever hope to approach the standard set by Christ, I believe His teaching to "love one another" is something to always aspire to. Only those who know God are capable of practicing such unconditional love.

Unconditional love does not mean unlimited tolerance for disrespectful, abusive or otherwise unacceptable behavior; it does not mean being a doormat. It does not mean just standing by and allowing people to do evil as they will, if they have malice in their hearts; if they are bearing false witness; if they are violating the spiritual integrity of others in any way.

You may be wondering: What does any of this stuff about "love" have to do with neutralizing a target?

It is vital to understand that this is at the heart of what the perpetrators attempt to destroy: all genuine love between people, all connection to God. Destroying love, destroying the loyalty of one person for another which comes from love, creates a fertile breeding ground for the evil that manifests in their manipulation, exploitation and control. Where there is real love, there is no manipulation, there is no attempt at control, exploitation or domination, there are no power struggles, there is never slavery.

Here is the open secret which sadly, it seems few have been made privy to: Where there is true, spiritual love, evil cannot flourish.

It is a known fact that an infant (not just human, but of many other species) deprived of love may die, even if other basic necessities such as food and shelter are provided. But so may an adult, eventually, if one finally succumbs to the despair of living in a world devoid of any real and sustaining love. I have known people so targeted who have perished in just such a way --they died not of some physical assault, not of some fatal disease, but of a broken heart. If you are one of their targets, their goal is to break your heart into a million pieces. For this reason, I have often called these government-sponsored perps "the heartbreakers".

As I learned from bitter experience, their assessment was all too accurate, at least for someone without the resources and support to remove herself completely from the long arm of government-sponsored organized crime. Nonetheless, I long ago gave up any thoughts of running or hiding. It's not my style, it's not how God made me. God created me a warrior, my mission of supernatural warfare ordained before the Foundation of the World. So, I stand my ground and fight them in the open, despite their perverse tactics of sabotage, subterfuge and duplicity.


And speaking of supernatural warfare, here is something else to consider:

The uninformed people who think they know far more than they do are also forgetting --if they ever knew to begin with-- about the power of Almighty God, who is most certainly not on the side of anyone purposefully and willingly participating in the atrocities being perpetrated by CIA and their political cronies. If God be for us, who can be against us?

This does not mean that at times the perps don't literally get away with murder; or that any true believer in God is always saved from disaster. I only know that relying on God for protection and guidance in my own life has made all the difference in the world; that my life has been saved numerous times through Divine Intervention; and that I have witnessed and been blessed by the awesome power of God too many times to doubt.

I also know that God works in mysterious ways which are beyond anyone's understanding, including my own. I trust that when God decides it is time for me to leave this earth, He will send the chariot to take me home. But not until that time, and no government spooks or goons have any control over that, no matter how they may plot against a target.


After many years of fighting these government rat bastards and their minions, I have come to believe they may only be stopped from their works of iniquity by an organized effort to UNITE freedom-loving American patriots. True patriots, that is. Those who will fight to the death to protect and defend their God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

We don't need the grandstanders, mountebanks, charlatans and snake-oil salesman, many of whom have established themselves as "alternative media" mouthpieces.

What we DO NEED is solidarity among those no-nonsense, honest, straight-arrow, kick-ass patriots who will refuse to allow the government rat bastards to steal our freedom, our children's and grandchildren's freedom, no matter the consequences to ourselves.

But for those persistent and dedicated investigators and independent intelligence analysts, there are ways to beat the system; to unravel the web of corruption. Starting at the top is not an effective method. We start where we have easy access to verifiable information and where collecting evidence is only a matter of time, effort and investigative legwork.

Liberty is everything. Without it, life means nothing.