Helping to halt the NWO

Not long after I started my ‘War On Shills’ Mel Ve [who at the time was in regular contact with members of the Hollie Hoax group; the hot topic being super slimy Brian Gerrish] invited me onto her Freedom Central radio show.  At the time I was far too preoccupied with J’s illness, and she was happy to postpone.  When I did get back to her she didn’t reply.  Perhaps she was too busy – she probably had far more important people to talk to.  Or maybe in the interim she had been ‘advised’ by the ‘grey suits’ not to talk to me.  I did intend contacting her again, thinking that she might not have got my email; but after listening to the interview she did with Sheva Burton and Louise Clarke I was horrified; realised that she too is a NWO gatekeeper and decided I want nothing whatsoever to do with her.  Read on.