Helping to halt the NWO

Patrick Cullinane [now deceased], John Patterson and Gordon Bowden promote the ‘Freeman on the land’ woo.

Here is a good write-up 

You’ll notice that these Freeloaders on the Land only use the ‘Freeman’ argument when they’re trying to unload their debts onto us - the law abiding hard working tax payer; however when it comes to them collecting freebies off the taxpayer, to which they are entitled – NHS treatment, government welfare payments and pensions etc etc, all of a sudden they’re happy to use their straw man’s name!  The straw man isn’t a fictitious legal entity then, is he? 

The fuckers even justify that.  This is what the right cheeky bastard, convicted criminal, bankrupt and traitorous shill Roger Hayes says: “So speeding, parking, council tax, VAT, PAYE etc all apply to the ‘legal fiction’ which you have an absolute right to reject if you so choose, but if standing up for your rights is too much trouble, you can chose to continue to remain compliant and obedient. Take your choice.

I have no objection to paying my fair share towards running a system of which we are all beneficiaries, but I will not be dictated to. If refusing to pay my council tax, speeding and parking fines is the way to bring about change [it is the way to subvert the system and bring about the NWO] that will benefit us all, then that is what I am going to do.  He doesn’t do anything for the public good; he is secretly working with the men who are implementing the NWO slavery plan, and costing us a mint in the doing.  Hopefully many more people will start thinking and acting like free men and women, the sooner we do then the sooner we will close down the tyranny and the sooner our lives will start to improve.  We will only become free when the traitors in our midst, such as Roger the dodger are exposed for what they are; and the masonic slave master that controls them is challenged.

BUT...   and there’s always a but, the ‘legal fiction’ has benefits as well as liabilities. The NHS, schooling, [school is beneficial?  No, education is beneficial; school is indoctrination] child benefits, land and home ownership, bank accounts etc, all come to you courtesy of the ‘legal fiction.’ If you want to dump the liabilities, you are potentially going to have to dump all the benefits as well. So you have to have a clear understanding on what it is you are letting yourself in for before you start messing with the system.

So if there are benefits as well as liabilities and we do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water, where do we go from here?

The answer to that dilemma is simple. The system can be used for our overall benefit. The bad guys have taken control of it and they are quite deliberately using it for their benefit at our expense. They are using it to fine us excessively and needlessly to feed their greed, to tax and persecute us; keeping us on a tread mill of servitude and making our lives a misery in the process. We have a right to take the benefits and reject the liabilities when the balance has been distorted to our detriment – which clearly it is.”

Understand, these so-called ‘Freemen’ are not harmless eccentrics who enjoy goading innocent police officers and court security staff, and having a bit of fun at police stations and in court buildings [and getting themselves arrested and jailed in the process], they are agents provocateurs – dangerous enemies of freedom and a serious drain on the public purse.  They encourage their naive followers and innocent bystanders to commit crimes; they call it ‘lawful rebellion’.  There is no such thing as ‘lawful rebellion’; that is an invention of freeman mythology, and will get you a criminal record, fined or jailed; and will cause all sorts of problems for you and your family.  

The masonic powers want to criminalise us because then we become easier to control.  And people with criminal convictions don't make credible challengers of elite criminals.

Even the late John Harris said that the FOTL movement created monsters; that some of these ‘freemen’ did some awful things, such that some people died  Folks, these people are NOT freedom fighters.  The Freemen-On-The-Land movement is a distraction from the fact we do not have an honest and transparent justice system since freemasonry is the real power [the silent destroyer] which runs unnoticed in the background.  The masonic/Illuminati powers don’t want you figuring out that the real fight for freedom is the fight against freemasonry.

The F.O.T.L movement was created by the very people who are enslaving us - the Masonic elite who are subverting the world.  Remember in order for the NWO to materialise, current systems have to crash. 

Shun these ‘Freemen’ wherever you see them; and condemn them.  One of their aims is to get mobs of disgruntled people descending on the courts, being disorderly and confrontational. They’re trying to create the circumstances whereby it is necessary to ‘up’ the security in the courts; which will mean the deployment of extra security guards and police; most probably armed police. Taxes will have to rise to pay for it all. This will ultimately lead to a complete ban on members of the public attending courts to witness cases, as they will be deemed a possible ‘terrorist threat’.  When that happens we will have lost all semblance of justice that still exists in the courts.  And freedom will be a dim and distant pipe dream.