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Before reading any further, have a read of my pdf – THE BOSTON BOMBING PSY-OP first

Right, now take a look at the [censored] House Homeland Security Committee Report, dated March 2014, and entitled ‘The Road to Boston: Counterterrorism challenges and Lessons from the Marathon Bombings  I copy/paste snippets, and, as always, comment in red.

Firstly, the report looks like it is the result of new text added to parts of an older report.  Notice the different styles of typed text – pages 1, 2, 7, 12, 13, 29, 32, 33, and 34 look like they are pages from an original report.  These are the pages where you will find most of the redactions.  How curious! 

P 3: To conduct our investigation the Committee repeatedly requested documents and briefings to discuss the specifics of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s history, the extent to which federal agencies knew about the threat he posed and what actions they took, or didn’t take.  For several months the FBI largely ignored or denied the committee’s request for assistance.  FBI representatives asserted that the committee’s requests amounted to “non-oversight activities” implying that the FBI was therefore not required to comply.”

If this was about a failure to prevent the Tsarnaev brothers planting home-made pressure cooker bombs, you could feel optimistic that this committee was genuine, and doing all it could, up against an uncooperative FBI.  Unfortunately these requests to the FBI for information are just part of the pretence.    

The Homeland Security report [comic] goes into great detail about how Tamerlan the Terrorist Tsarnaev managed to [as they’re portraying it] slip through the net, and what needs to be done to prevent you and I committing acts of terror.  To sum up “The committee strongly recommends finding ways to increase and enhance the information sharing between federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies and State, local and Tribal [huh?] law enforcement agencies.  Based on official testimony provided [prove it] during open hearings [ha ha; as if] by current and former government officials, briefings with State and local law enforcement personnel and even the recommendations of representatives from Federal agencies including the Counterterrorism Center [NCTC], the committee has determined there is extensive room for improvement to be made in both the perception of the FBI’s information sharing expectations of its agents and TFOs, as well as the actual information sharing procedures in place.  Moving forward, the committee hopes that more information can be shared beyond JTTFs around the country with State and local police departments relating to such ongoing assessments.

This includes expanding access to classified networks such as Guardian at the various State and local fusion centres.  The Guardian system “serves as the primary database for setting leads to other Field Offices and JTTFs to open new terrorism related assessments or investigations”, and a Guardian lead was initiated for Tamerlan Tsarnaev based on the liaison memorandum from the Russian government.  In a briefing provided to Committee Staff DHS coordinator for counterterrorism John Cohen noted that while fusion centers have access to the Guardian, DHS is working with the FBI to explore the increasing number of persons on Fusion Centres with access to Guardian itself.  Concern regarding State and local access to classified material was echoed by several law enforcement officials during the course of the Committee’s investigation, who suggested that improvements could also be made to the timelines of threat reporting made available to fusion centres and police departments.  It has been argued that some fusion centres have access to Guardian by virtue of individuals who serve both as fart of the center and the local JTTF.  Yet, this is not enough to ensure the fusion center has true Guardian access.”  [Pages 26 & 27]          

Oi; you, wake up.  Think yourselves lucky you didn’t have to type all that crap out; I dropped off three times during the process.  Unfortunately I’m going to have to type up everything from this darned ‘report’ [joke book], cos the sly bastard masons have prevented anyone using the ‘copy/paste’ function.  Wonder why.  Is it to discourage people like me ripping into it?

If you can’t dazzle em with science, baffle them with bullshit; right?  This lot really have surpassed themselves in the bullshit stakes; haven’t they.

For all you retards out there, listen up, this ‘information sharing’ bollox is an obfuscatory diversionary tactic by the Ministry of Psy-ops to divert your attention from the fact that there is no evidence that Tamerlan [or his brother] bombed the marathon, or that he was ever a terrorist - in any shape or form.  Read on.