Helping to halt the NWO

The Boston Marathon Bombing is yet another carefully orchestrated psy-op.  We are being reminded that Islamic terrorists are still lurking in the shadows and that Americans need to keep spending hundreds of billions of dollars and give up further civil liberties and privacy so the US national security apparatus can “keep ya’ll safe”. 

We are living in dangerous times, being subjected to some extremely powerful and sophisticated psychological warfare.  Please have a good read of this pdf ‘THE BOSTON BOMBING PSY-OP – a closer look at the work of the COINTELPRO’ before reading this pdf, as you need a good grasp of how we are being very cleverly mind controlled by the cointelpro network; and thus contained.

It is very evident just from the sheer number of controlled opposition agents [NWO shills] that there are on the Net nowadays that the ‘PTB’ are obliged to go to unfathomable lengths just to keep us lot under control.  The ‘PTB’ are the people who occupy the highest levels of the most elite secret societies.  For ease of reference I call them Masons. 

I refer to the people behind the marathon bombings [the same gang who fitted up the Tsarnaev brothers] as masonic conspirators [or psy-oppers.]  They employ numerous ‘conspiracy theorists’ led by head honchos - Alex Jones in the USA and David Icke in the UK.  They also employ the ‘theory debunkers’.  Altogether they make up, what is known as the ‘alternative media’.  On top of that are the fake internet ‘sleuths’, trolls, and fake ‘victims’; all of whom are in the payroll of the people who are enslaving us.  Then there are the anonymous bloggers, video makers and commenters on articles and videos.  All these people are also under the control of and in the pay of the people in power – the masonic superpower.  The majority, if not all, of the follow on comments that you see under articles written by shills and under cointelpro videos are made by the same people who write the articles and make the videos, masquerading as ordinary members of the public.

The end result of the mixture of partial truth, disinformation, and lies by omission of truth, being spewed by this mish-mash of enemy agents is that we are no closer to finding out whether the Boston marathon bombing was a False Flag attack or not.  Why?  Because no-one in the ‘alternative media’ has proven it.  That being the case the global populace has no reason to disbelieve the official story, and that the Tsarnaev brothers are indeed the real perpetrators of such a heinous act of terrorism; thus the NWO slavery system moves steadily closer.

My comments throughout this pdf are, as always, in red.  Read on.