Helping to halt the NWO

Before reading on please read my pdf ‘THE BOSTON BOMBING PSY-OP’.

Super shill Chris Spivey [or more accurately the people who write his articles] knows all too well how the general public are prevented from getting anywhere near the real truth, and thus becoming a real threat to the ‘PTB’ [Illuminati/Masonic mafia].  He spells it out in his ‘Debunking Diana’ article  The content of that article BTW takes outrageous bollox to new levels!  I’m not even going to go there.  I’m only interested in how we are being mind controlled – by the likes of Spiv, and countless other COINTELPRO turds.  This is what Spivey says [I’ve changed some of his wording slightly to reflect more of the truth]:

“ALL of the many, many conspiracy theories arising from Diana’s death [of which there are far more than your usual psy-op due to how popular she was]  was the doing of the Masonic controlled cointelpro agents, thus keeping the pretend  investigative-journalists [mainstream and ‘alternative’] working to divert you from ever finding the right rabbit hole to burrow down.  And since the huge number of anomalies in the official version of events ensured that enough in-fighting would occur over how the said anomalies were interpreted, the mainstream viewing public [since everyone else is a tin foil hat] were, in general, happy to go along with the official version of events.”

“You see, by leaving room for conspiracy theories (which are red herrings designed to send those investigating the official narrative down the wrong path), The-Powers-That-Be are able to keep the vast majority believing their fiction, whilst keeping the rest - the blanket labelled “conspiracy theorists/nutters” away from finding out the real truth.”

“... these contradictions & anomalies in the official version of events are deliberately written into the narrative by the scriptwriters, working on the basis that there are always going to be those who – quite rightly – question the credibility of the much more often than not, improbable, official version of events.”

“Such evidence was purposely planted in the media – Mainstream and so-called Alternative by the Masons in high places specifically to keep researchers, investigators and the sceptical away from finding out the real truth.”

“ ... which inevitably will be the one that you want to believe to be the truth – which sadly must be around what 90% of the population do, made sadder still by the fact that their preferred version has come via the state censored & controlled MSM and AM.”

“ was just another one of their Masonic instigated conspiracy theories designed to split opinion.

And that is the reason no-one has got anywhere near convincingly proving Jahar Tsarnaev’s innocence; and thus the sheer magnitude of corruption in connection with his trial, the murder of his brother and officer Sean Collier, the wounding of officer Dic Donohue, and the Marathon explosions themselves has not yet been exposed.  Read on