Helping to halt the NWO

“The Masonic Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth."

The Hampstead Hoax is a PSY-OP of epic proportions.  I’d say the biggest and boldest so far.  It had to be - the masons have to find some way of keeping us pesky plebs under control.  It’s nothing short of an ingenious master plan, devised and promulgated by some very clever Masonic minds; the result of which is our slave masters have now managed to buy themselves more time to enact their evil slavery plans for us.  The Hampstead Hoax psy-op serves five purposes [1] First and foremost, to speed up internet censorship.  [2] Significantly impair the significance of the Hollie Greig story.  [3] Neutralise genuine and effective opposition voices. [4] Ridicule the claims that there is institutional paedophilia and untouchable paedophiles in power.  [5] Reinforce the message that we have secret courts and child snatching by the State.

Just like the Hollie Greig story, the Hampstead Hoax story - as narrated  in Justice Pauffley’s report was concocted by very high level masons.  I say ‘masons’; these people may not actually be masons, they might be members of a different secret society.  That is immaterial.  What is pertinent is that there are very high level machinations going on behind the scenes.  Events are being instigated and controlled by unknown, unaccountable and untouchable people.   A myriad of subversives are out in force doing their paymaster’s bidding; furthering the NWO agenda.   Make no mistake about that.   For ease of reference I’ll stick to calling the puppet master masons.

The masons will be able to sell the Hampstead Hoax story easier than the HG one because they have full control over it.  The mainstream news media are ‘in’ on it, the official documentation disclosed is selective, and there is a high court judge’s report.  Even the ‘enquiring minds’ are not so readily going to question a judge’s ‘investigation’.  The fact that this judge was even asked to do an investigation when she was should sound the alarm bells.  Think about that for a minute.  A judge led inquiry only occurs after much public pressure, and only when all else fails.  That means it is a last resort - occurring after various bodies have done their investigating [cover up].  That process can take years; and even then it usually takes at least a year [and often a lot longer] for a report to be produced. 

Throughout this pdf, my comments – as always – are in red.  Read on.