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The Nigel Cooper story – a critical analysis.

Please note, any story, and especially if it's a 'far out' one, which is being widely publicised by known shills, such as The 'Hollie Demands Justice' group, Brian Gerrish, Sabine McNeill, Butlincat ... and on suspected shill sites should not be taken at face value.  And so it is with the Nigel Cooper story.  

Nigel Cooper tells his story on the UK Column with Brian Gerrish on 28th March 2013 and on an EddyTheCat7 video 11th March 2013  His story is supported by the Court Judgement dated 14th March 2012

The Nigel Cooper story is ultra-sensationalised, just like the Hollie Greig one.  NC comes across as a delusional rambling showman, such that the ‘level-headed’ mainstream media viewing wider public will not take him seriously and his story can be dismissed as the rantings of a madman.  This is especially so when there is no substance to the story.  ‘Truthers’ who ‘over do’ it do not do the ‘anti-NWO’ army any favours as we can all be dismissed as ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’ by the people we seek to expose.  That of course is the intention of the ‘controlled opposition’ agents.  Also just like the HG farce totally innocent people, including professional people are being defamed.  That could provide a perfect excuse for the PTB to speed up the process of internet censorship.

The Nigel Cooper story does not ring true.  All we have is an outline of events written up to maximum sensational effect by Nigel Cooper.  There is no evidence to support it and it is riddled with inconsistencies.  The only ‘evidence’ is the court Judgement and a few documents he shows during his interview with BG.  However most of those documents [the crucial ones] are blurred and unreadable and the ones that aren’t show only part of the document and do not provide proof of anything.  Why doesn’t he publish clear complete documents on a website?  Why does he not publish the CAFCASS/SOCIAL SERVICES reports, court statements, solicitor’s letters, psychiatrist’s report, conference minutes, telephone call logs, Judgements from the Justices Hedley, Moylan and Hudson?  He doesn’t even refer to CAFCASS, he stresses ‘Social Services’.  He states that anyone can have any of the documents; that he’ll not hide any of them [35:35 mins on the UK Column vid].  So I wrote to NC to request them.  20 mins or so later he replied  which I found rather odd considering the fact he’d had no forewarning - I’d updated my site and then sent out my emails all at the same time [apart from Gail’s which was posted by recorded delivery the day before – and returned by Royal Mail “addressee gone away”.]  It was as if he was expecting to hear from me.  He replied with a typical Masonic 2-fingered salute!  His message is loud and clear, if you ask for the proof, he'll tell you to "piss off".  The idiot does agree that “Sabine & Co” are enemy agents though ... Read on for the email exchange that followed.  Please note Cooper contacted me again on 16/11/’14 accusing me of slandering him.  I’d like to see him prove that in a court of law.  He encloses another rambling long-winded PDF which has references to God.  This from a ‘man’ who took the piss out of God in his earlier mails to me.  I’ll remind Nigel Cooper again – God knows and sees everything; he is not mocked.  The pathetic wimp Cooper even got his friend Jadranka Lepen to write to me, calling me “pure evil”.  This is her email.  And on 15/6/’15 Cooper wrote again to me, telling me I write a load of horse shit.  Do you think I’ve ruffled his feathers?  As for the ‘Judgement’, it looks fraudulent.  I would suggest that far from ex-wife Gail being the criminal, that Nigel Cooper and the people promoting his story are the fraudsters.

Nigel Cooper’s story is that his ex wife Gail took his daughter Bailie out of Belgium by nefarious means and they returned to the UK.  He is now screaming in cyberspace that ‘the UK’ stole his daughter.         

The most likely scenario is that Gail left Belgium with Bailie legally and filed for custody of Bailie when she arrived back in the UK.  Scrutiny of the Judgement reveals that it was almost certainly written by high level freemasons [or people connected to freemasonry or some other secret society] to support a story of kidnap and ‘UK’ corruption.  This theory is partially due to ‘over-the-top’ bias towards Nigel Cooper.  It would be surprising if Nigel Cooper and Judge Xavier Hiernaux were not masons as they both hold prominent positions of power in society.  [Well NC did during the time of the report’s authorship.]  Of course all this is conjecture; however some serious investigation is required to get to the truth.  In this regard I have written to various people:-  Gail, her solicitor Graeme Langlands of MillsDonkin & Co, Solicitor Stephani Adams, Psychiatrist Estelle Louw, Senior Social Services solicitor Joanna Bonar, Family lawyer Anne-Marie Hutchinson, TrimegaLabs, Justices Hedley, Moylan, Hudson and Thorpe.  

Here is the response I got from the FJC re the Justices.  Despite sending chasers it is clear that somebody up high doesn’t want these 4 Justices to get my mail!  When I asked 2 solicitors that I know for help contacting these justices, they said that judges cannot be contacted directly. I tried contacting Gail via her solicitor but was ignored.  I telephoned MillsDonkin for confirmation that Mr Langlands still works there and I resent the email.  No response.  So I wrote to his secretary which prompted this response.  I was going to ask him why he couldn’t forward my letter to her, after all he should still have her contact details since solicitors keep clients’ records for at least 7 years.  But I didn’t need to because Gail contacted me.  She thanked me, but understandably doesn’t want to comment further at this stage as she and her family are not out of the woods yet.

As for everyone else the only person who replied was solicitor Stephani Adams, but she says "regrettably" she “cannot assist” me.  She couldn’t even confirm if I had correct email addresses for the others.  I’m pretty sure that I do, I just wanted to see if she would confirm that.  Anyway this is not about assisting me.  This is much bigger than any one person, this is about exposing some very unscrupulous high ups.  But when you are talking dangerous truth in high places you meet with a wall of silence.  “Professional codes of conduct” would be fine if we had no such thing as freemasonry or other shadow authority in control.  When there is endemic corruption within the judicial system and all bodies of authority it is incumbent upon everyone, no matter their “professional rules” to speak out for the sake of truth and justice.  How can anyone stay silent when they’re being slandered?  Stephani Adams and everyone else involved in this story including Karen Wheller, spokesperson at the Royal Courts of Justice should be shocked and outraged and as keen as me to get to the bottom of it and expose the full truth.  As in the Hollie Greig saga, the Nigel Cooper story will one day be proven to be one mega-massive masonic scam.  The public worldwide are slowly waking up to what’s really going on within the realms of power.  This full awakening would quicken exponentially if people like Stephani could take off their professional hats, listen to conscience and put striving for and speaking whole truth before “codes of conduct” and fear.  If people spoke the whole truth, frankly and boldly, the mega criminals would soon be exposed.  

One thing is certain, Nigel Cooper has NOT proved that Gail Cooper took Bailie out of the country illegally or that she is an unfit parent or that there is any corruption on the part of UK authorities and judicial system.

Please note after I had sent out these mails and during my email exchange with Cooper I discovered that Justice Moylan’s Judgement is published on the internet.  It proves my theory is correct.  See below for more.

It is very significant that NC doesn’t mention freemasonry [or any secret society] as being the influence behind the corruption he speaks of.  As ex NATO security chief he will be well aware of its existence and purpose.  Genuine victims of State corruption who understand that freemasonry is the overriding malignant force always expose this connection.

The story is that Gail committed a felony by producing a fraudulent document to enable her to flee Belgium with her daughter Bailie on 3rd March 2011 [p5 of the Judgement.]  She obtained the necessary document by duping the Mayor.  NC explains [taken from the UK Column video 35:30] that he approached the Mayor [on 5th November 2011] and showed him 3 separate documents to show his identity.  He asked the Mayor if he can show NC anywhere in his office that he has NC’s signature.  The mayor produced the document and NC said “my name isn’t Paul Cooper”.  NC then explained to him that Paul Cooper is Gail’s first husband.  NC says the Mayor then wrote the letter and that it “literally” says: “I as the Lord Mayor certify that there is no record of Mr Nigel Cooper’s signature in here and his wife has committed an act of felony and we’ve been duped.  X stole the child.”  Should that not state “I’ve been duped”?  Also it is not clear who he is saying stole the child.    

So the Mayor believed Gail when she said that Bailie’s dad was Paul Cooper.  To prove this she had shown him “documents” [34:28].  One of the documents was a power of attorney that Paul [Gail’s ex husband] had signed granting Gail authority to leave Belgium with his daughter Keeva-Rae on 7th December 2007 [p5 of the Judgement.]  NC refers to a translated letter signed by Gail, that she had used.  It roughly says “I Gail Cooper am leaving Belgium and I have the authority to take my 2 daughters back to the UK”.  So she took Bailie and Keeva-Rae.  Documents she used were signed by Paul, BUT HOLD ON, SAID DOCUMENTS WOULD NOT HAVE STATED BAILEY’S NAME!  Why the vagueness about documents showing Paul’s signature?  Why didn’t NC specify what these documents were that Gail had used fraudulently?   Why didn’t he publish them?  [The Mayor showed him these documents and can provide copies if NC requests them.]  So, did the mayor also over-look the fact that the child’s name on those documents would not have been Bailie?  And what about the dates on said mysterious documents?  The P.O.A was dated 7th December 2007.  Didn’t that raise any alarm bells?  Why did NC show us a blurred and unreadable copy of the hoodwinked Mayor’s letter and the document: ‘Ms Cooper’s letter held by Belgian Authorities’?  NC states that he is happy to produce any documents required.  Knock me over with a feather if we ever see them!  The story concerning the Mayor is simply not believable.

So too is the story concerning signatures.  NC says that the Mayor is the head honcho of the federal justice system and that the fed justice system registers everyone.  NC says that when he approached the Mayor there was no record of his signature there, only Paul Cooper’s [35:45].  How can that be when NC had been living in Belgium since January 2006? [P4 of the Judgement.  Also see his emphasis of this at 15 mins of the BG video where he says he has Belgian I.D, Belgian house, Belgian Social Security, Belgian tax records, Belgian medical documents ...]  According to the Judgement Bailie joined her father in Belgium on 12th October 2006.  She was registered as resident by the Civil Registrar of the City of Mons on 30th September 2011. [p4]  One wonders why it took almost 5 years to have her registered and why she was allowed to live in Belgium for so long, presumably on a visa.  This is especially so as NC, backed up by the Judgement, constantly reinforces the idea that Bailie was legally resident in Belgium.  During his interview [33:30] he implies that he registered Bailie on entry!  Oh and there’s something else, how could Bailie be registered on 30th September 2011 when she was no longer in Belgium?  [She had returned to the UK with her mother on 3rd March 2011, according to the Judgement, which is also supported by the reference to the letter signed by NC on 1 March 2011 authorising his wife’s return {see para below}.]  But according to NC’s articles Bailie was ‘kidnapped’ in September 2011.  Further, why would Cooper contact the Federal Public service of Justice to notify them of the “parental abduction” on 21st September 2011 when Bailie was still living with him?  [She was registered as a Belgian resident on 30th September 2011.]  

The Judgement stresses [p6] that “the letter written on 1 March 2011 by [NC] to [Gail], reference C38 of the file of British Court, relates exclusively to the applicant’s consent to the departure of his wife, and not the departure of his daughter”.  It is stated in the Judgement “That indeed, this document clearly bears the following reference “the departure and return of Mrs Gail COOPER to the United Kingdom”.”  Now I’m no expert on Belgian official affairs but why would such a document exist?  After all Nigel Cooper would not need to give consent to his wife departing.  [As far as I’m aware they are not Muslims.]  Incidentally ref C38 of the file of British Court is vague terminology; why didn’t Mister Hiernaux specify which report - CAFCASS/SS?  Why didn’t NC show us this letter as part of his ‘evidence’?  He gave it to the court.

Nigel Cooper sanctimoniously points out that he has redacted the names on the documents he ‘shows’ [which incidentally only appear on the one video on UK Column].  There was no need to redact names when he had published all names - Bailie, Keeva-Rae, Paul Cooper, Gail and her current partner Derek [and also their address] via the Judgement and also because such documents are unreadable anyway.  Isn’t it funny that the ‘Judgement’ on the other hand is clear as a bell and publicised widely and repeatedly on websites and videos!!!

As said the Judgement shows breathtaking bias towards NC in every possible way.  Judge Hiernaux reinforces the point stressed by Cooper that UK Social Services had to take over from CAFCASS.  This gives the impression that Gail is such a bad mother such that the UK Authorities believed Bailie to be at risk in her care.  It also hammers home the point NC constantly makes, backed up by his pal Xavier, that all the UK Government departments are corrupt.  On p6 it is stated: “... the Children Social Welfare Services of Sunderland presented a written agreement to the parties on 12 January 2012, which aim was to minimize (sic!) all risks for Bailie and promote her emotional, social, and physical well-being – agreement made between Mrs Gail Cooper, her current partner Derek JOHNSON and the Sunderland Local Authority.”

The theme throughout, which is backed to the hilt by Judge Hiernaux and Brian Gerrish is that Gail Cooper is the ‘bad guy’ – a criminal, a mental woman, a D/V victim and a child abuser whereas Nigel Cooper is Mr Perfect – doesn’t break the law, doesn’t do drink and drugs, is sound of mind, financially supportive of wife and the perfect father.  Jeesh, the Judgement even states [p5] that “no less than twenty-five independent testimonies were written and provided to the file of the applicant in order to attest of the true attentive care he was providing his daughter; as well as the quality of the level of education he was offering her.”  Isn’t it odd that Mr Cooper isn’t proudly showing off any of these 25 independent testimonies!  In any case, if it was true that Cooper is in receipt of all these glowing testimonies, they would be documented in the UK reports i.e. in CAFCASS OR SOCIAL SERVICES reports and not referenced in a court Judgement. 

There are more examples of such unprofessionalism: [p5] “That, in addition, the child contacted her father again as early as 13 November 2011 to let him know that she felt unsafe with her mother and her new partner, this once again proving the alcoholism and drug abuse of the defendant.” And again [p6] “Considering that at every single contact between the applicant and his daughter by videoconference, the child strongly expressed her wishes to go back to Belgium, and that this clearly indicates that she was not properly cared for by her mother and the partner of her mother.”  Such an ‘over-the-top’ biased court Judgement confirms my belief that this Judgement is fraudulent as it was almost certainly written by Masonic hands by a number of people who are in on the plot, including Cooper, Hiernaux and Gerrish.  And as for the videoconferences, that doesn’t ring true either.  If Gail had gone to the trouble to fraudulently obtain documents to enable her to ‘kidnap’ Bailie, why would she allow videoconferences? 

More examples of Judge Xavier Hiernaux’s unprofessionalism portraying a totally unsubstantiated picture of Gail and her new partner as unfit parents are in his comment [p7]: “CAFCASS provided a child abduction report, which made us believe beyond any reasonable doubt that what Bailie genuinely wished for was to go back and live under the roof of her father”.  Also in the following 3 paragraphs [p 6 & 7], for which there is, again, no evidence to support statements which are possibly defamatory:

That, in accordance to the above-mentioned agreement, Mr Derek JOHNSON was no longer authorized to stay overnight at the residence of the defendant whenever the child was present, going as far as pointing out that when the child was staying at the residence, Mr JOHNSON and the defendant COOPER should refrain from consuming alcohol or any illicit drugs “resic!”  

That the above-mentioned agreement also suggested that the defendant should report to a service called “Riverside Women in Need”, which is sponsored by the University of Sunderland and meant to help victims of domestic abuse, this very invitation clearly indicating the level of “quality” of the relation between the defendant and her partner Derek JOHNSON.

That the later was supposed to report to a service called “The Head Project”, sponsored by the same university and meant to help abusive and violent individuals, this invitation obviously being a consequence of the similar invitation made to the defendant COOPER… ”

Judge Hiernaux criticises UK Judge Hedley who had ordered against the return of the child on 25 November 2011.  He states on p5 “And that following a decision that can be criticized on many grounds, which were clearly taken out of context or subject to a utterly subjective and inadequate interpretation, Our British counterpart considered that the applicant Nigel COOPER had simply, through his mere acts, given his consent to the mother to take the child, under article 13 of the Hague Convention.”  I think when the whole truth comes out we will find that Nigel Cooper did indeed consent to his daughter’s departure.  Of course the point being made here by the Masonic dogs who are behind the NC story is that UK Judges are corrupt.  That is somewhat true in the sense that judges are likely to be corrupted due to the influence of Freemasonry.  However Nigel Cooper does not prove that the Judges in his case are corrupt.  He just makes outlandish statements [which are supported and spread far and wide throughout cyberspace by shills and duped individuals] such as the UK are stealing children to order.  Another example: “That the British Judge should have, in view of all the elements which were given to his appreciation, ordered the evident return of the child in the country of her choice, i.e. the Kingdom of Belgium; That We shall order this course of action, which also obviously meets the greater and objective interests of the child.”  Here again Xavier is suggesting that UK Judges do not rule in the best interests of children.  Again, this statement is true - to some degree.  There is no evidence that all family court judges fail children. It is counter-productive therefore to make such claims without proof as is the situation in the Nigel Cooper story.   

On p6 of the Judgement, it is stated “That the interpretation of the British Judge regarding the email that Gail COOPER addresses to the applicant on 15 August 2011, is in fact exactly the opposite of its actual meaning ; That this email does not, in any case, lead to the conclusion that there was no illegal departure of the child; That the interpretation of the British Judge regarding the email that Gail COOPER addresses to the applicant on 15 August 2011, is in fact exactly the opposite of its actual meaning.”  What kind of waffle is this? 

Xavier Hiernaux uses dramatic statements which further cement my belief that this ‘Judgement’ is agenda-driven and compiled by high-up masons to be fully supported and widely publicised by controlled opposition NWO agents.  For example, in his ruling he “condemns” Gail to a daily 500 Euro fine and he states: “Empower the Police Forces to retrieve this child wherever she may be located, whether a bailiff is present or not as per his mission of executing the present judgment;

Expressly authorize the Police Forces as well as the bailiff to force any entrance, even private and even if it is somewhere else than the school she attends or the domicile of Gail COOPER, this for the sole purpose of retrieving Bailie, if necessary with the assistance of a locksmith in order to open and even break open doors, may these be private entrances;

Declare that the entire fees and disbursements generated by the execution of this decision will have to be paid exclusively by the defendant Gail COOPER, and condemn her to pay back to Nigel COOPER all fees he may have given up front, upon a simple justification of payment;

Condemn Gail COOPER to pay the costs and expenses of these proceedings, as they are not to be settled by Nigel COOPER.”

On p5 of the judgement it is stated “no one is supposed to ignore the Law”.  That’s an odd thing for a judge to say!  This reinforces the constant point made, that Gail and ‘the UK’ are the lawbreakers, whereas Cooper and Gerrish constantly point out [with nauseating pretence] that NC is the lawful one and that he is Mr Perfect in every sense of the word.  He even states repeatedly in his texts that he has the “perfect Judgement and has the Judgment sworn as omnipotent before King Albert 11, King of Belgium” and that the “Judgement read like an act of war” – his own words [around 25 mins of the UK Col vid].  Jesus; is anyone buying this shite?  Of course he has the perfect Judgement; it was written by his Masonic brethren.

Nigel Cooper’s use of slang and inflammatory language in his story-telling is designed to appeal to the hate filled bile and mob mentality ‘conspiracy nutters’ and can safely be contained in ‘conspiraworld’ such that the wider public will never be aware that ‘child stealing’ by the State does occur.  Cooper makes a lot of defamatory statements, but doesn’t back anything up with evidence. 

At 12:20 on the UK Column video he says he’s compassionate and honest!!!  He says Gail is a liar, heavily addicted to drugs and an alcoholic – drinking a bottle of JD a day, which was recorded on a judgement which was passed against her, by an English Judge.  He says she suffers “severe mental violence” problems and can’t look after herself, let alone a kid.  THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT ANY OF THESE DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS.

At 15:10 NC over-does the script, slips up and says “my children”. 

At 14:20 he refers to the “arrogancy” of the UK courts. 

At 15:15 he says what’s that got to do with the UK sticking their nose into another country’s affairs, as always.”

At 16:10 Cooper says that his solicitor Stephanie Adams informed him the day before the Royal Courts of Justice [with Judge Hedley presiding] court hearing that he was having a barrister named Geraldine.  According to NC no-one knew Geraldine’s surname.  That is just not believable.  Cooper says there was no court record, no transcript, no email ....  Also, says NC, Stephanie told Cooper not to mention the power of attorney.  Judge Hedley apparently said, “I think you gave the child away.  I’m going to seize the child.”  Cooper says “he stole my daughter.”

Cooper goes on to say that he’s getting emails “from the UK saying I’m attacking the social workers, not co-operating with them...”   [17:50]  So why doesn’t he show us these emails?  He continues, saying that the social workers are calling him an alcoholic, a drug user, mentally instable ...  But he doesn’t provide proof.  He then says that social services demanded he have various tests for drug use etc.  It’s at this point that he decides to keep records of every single thing.

At 19:30 of the UK Col vid NC accuses Trimega labs and his solicitor of working together and the “fake” lab of falsifying records.  He says: “TrimegaLabs have been charged on 6 occasions for falsifying documents in reports.”  He does not support this accusation with evidence.  He also states as fact that his “fake” solicitor Stephanie Adams, partner at Williscroft & Co has an Emeritus award by TrimegaLabs.    I’ve been all over the Williscroft website and don’t see an award or any connection with TrimegaLabs

At 20:30 he starts to defame psychiatrist Miss Estelle Louw.  He says, “Ma’am you’re a liar, you’re a fake.”  He talks about her faked masters degree and her web page going “up and down when you want to steal a child.”  He states that the psychiatrist made 43,000% profit which was not questioned by the tax man, not questioned by Companies House ...  He says that regular high deposits of up to £200,000 go into Estelle Louw’s account.  He adds that these payments are “paid dubiously for writing off a parent.  It’s criminal.”

At 24:30 Cooper states that a summons was issued to UK whereby SS, his solicitor and himself, Gail’s solicitor and herself were invited to present evidence in the international tribunal on 22nd February 2012.  NC says [and confirmed in the Judgement] that Gail didn’t bother to turn up or have anyone represent her.  I find that very difficult to believe. 

At about 26 mins Cooper declares that the Judgement was signed with an open arrest warrant and it empowers anyone in the world, on his instruction to “go fetch” to collect his daughter.  He says he served it on the UK to Joanna Bonar of Social Services.  Jo said “no” to a Belgian advocate, “who copied the email and sent it to the English ambassador in Brussels, saying I’m informing you on 15/3/12 you broke the Hague convention.”  “He” [the ambassador] ignored it.  On 15/3/12 a Bailiff arrived at Cooper’s property.  NC paid him a “considerable amount of money”.  He flew with the court order to London and served it in The Royal Courts of Justice and got a receipt of which BG has a copy.  There is no evidence to support this fairy story.  BG didn’t feel the need to show us the registrar’s receipt. 

Cooper goes on to say that Justice Moylan refused his right of appeal.  He says Moylan doesn’t deserve to be called a judge, that he’s arrogant, a liar ... [27:20].  He goes on, “You perjured yourself in court.  You were contemptuous before the president of the Belgian court of the Hague...”  Also, “And you Mr Moylan turned round to the president of the world court and said go away.  You gave the bird and stuck the finger up.”   Further that he accuses judge Moylan of harbouring a known felon who has a bench warrant out against her [see text below.]  Again Cooper has nothing to back up his accusations and could be sued for slander.  The same can be said for BG who just goes along with the story and backs up Cooper’s assertions.  BG bolsters the story, saying that NC’s job at NATO had him cleared of drug and alcohol dependency, yet SS accuse him.  There is zero evidence any of this is true.

Brian Gerrish slips up when he says [approx 31 mins] “we’re setting the scene of a perfectly good and loving father ...”  He shows photographs of a happy, smiling young Bailie; to reinforce the idea that Bailie is happy under dad’s ‘care’ and being abused at her mother’s.  Well, kids do pose for ‘happy family’ photos, whether they want to or not.  Abused kids have no choice.  They are TOLD to smile.  They daren’t be disobedient.  Gerrish also harps on about Cooper being lawful!  And he talks about “factual evidence” and says that there are “many many more” documents to back up Cooper’s story [37:12].  Mr Brian Gerrish you are an evil, lying little creep.  So too are your co-conspiratorial brothers in crime and all the shill repeaters.  All of you lying, evil, little creeps.  SHOW US THE DOCUMENTS.  Sabine doesn’t ask Cooper for any proof of his story, she could access the Moylan Judgement which is brought to her attention on her own blog and yet she chooses not to seek the truth but comments: “It is very ‘strange’ indeed that
– her mother handed Bailie over to you [Nigel] as guardian
– not only changed her mind but tricked a few officials to take her to the UK
– thereby overruled Bailie’s wishes
– got Social Services involved who also ignore Bailie’s wishes
– and that the Judge ruled against her wishes AND against the Hague Convention!!!”  This is f***ing outrageous.  Sabine, you are a lying wicked woman.  People; FFS; COME ON.  Enough of this.     

At 43:30 Cooper calls his solicitor Stephanie Adams “the assistant child thief”.  He says she had “personal telephone calls with judge Hedley when I demanded my lawful judgement be enforced, the one Hedley wrote.  She went to London for a private meeting with Hedley .... Hedley says I revoke my order for enforcement against you and I revoke your civil rights and you will abide by a UK court.”  So why doesn’t Cooper show us the proof that his solicitor is corrupt?  Why doesn’t he show us these 2 judgements written by judge Hedley???

BG cuts in saying he knows NC would like to use more “descriptive” words, whereby Cooper giggles.  Nauseating.  BG then goes on to talk about “massive cracks in the supposed uniform system between the EU and UK.  We constantly hear in the press about Britain trying to withdraw and give greater control back to UK courts, but on the other side we hear, no, we’re signed up to the European Union and Britain’s got to abide by the European system ... the minimum we can say is there a war going on between the two legal systems.”  NC talking about a lot of binding treaties ... the surrender of British Sovereignty through the Lisbon Treaty ... David Cameron getting an unchallenged law passed that UK will abide by European law ...  This is all reinforcing the point that the NWO agenda is currently being played out to schedule [all with assistance of masonically controlled ‘controlled opposition’ agents] and that we need to educate the public in order to stop it.  To accept this greater European integration we are being programmed to accept it gradually with the ‘kick the door open a little’ tactic until the public will accept what has been planned for us all along - an inexorable one-way journey in which national sovereignty ebbs to Brussels and the undeclared final destination of a European super-state.  The problem we genuine freedom fighters have is that the public will not pay attention when fabricated far out stories are dominating the www airwaves. 

See here for LIES, LIES and more LIES from NC and BG i.e the rest of the garbage Cooper regurgitates in his UK Column ‘interview’ with his co-conspirator in crime, pal Brian Gerrish and also during his video presentation with ‘too ashamed and cowardly to reveal his identity’ pal ‘EddyTheCat7’.  [Could that be super shill David Shayler?]     

See also this video of NC speaking with Bailie and Gail.

At 2.30 mins and at 8.30 mins you can see that NC stops the recording so that we can’t hear what Gail is saying.  At 8:30 mins he even says “daddy didn’t storm out of the room”, trying to imply that Gail just stormed off!  At other times he cuts in to prevent her speaking.  Wonder why! 

Cooper says the ‘UK’ had him dismissed from NATO for “no reason whatsoever”.  Again another sweeping statement and nothing to back it up.  Nigel Cooper, why don’t you tell us the real reason you lost your job. 

He claims he’s been forced into hiding, due to threats; all for asking for the law to be obeyed!  Well that’s just another obvious lie.  The ONLY people who genuinely fear for their lives are those who dare to expose Establishment corruption with evidence and those who dare to expose ‘controlled opposition’ agents.  Liars like Nigel Cooper are protected by their Masonic masters.

On his letter to the Queen below he makes more allegations, not backed up with evidence: “I was abused in the Royal Navy when persons under your name injected me with the bio-hazard “Anthrax” against the Geneva convention”!

Finally, as for his bleat about legal aid, why would a man employed in his position need to be legally aided?  Surely his salary would have been substantial enough to cover legal fees?  Ref 1:03:22

This story is a tissue of ugly LIES devised and promoted by a group of dirty scheming SECRET SOCIETY CONTROLLED NWO agents.  Nigel Cooper has left himself wide open for a defamation case.  However that is probably the plan of the PTB.  Echoes of Robert Green anyone?  Cooper gets sued and goes to prison, gets sympathy and support and we hear cries from the dark angels of deceit that he’s been locked up to shut him up and to deter anyone else who may wish to take on the might of the ‘UK Establishment’.   They’ll also say that here’s the proof that NC’s story is true as he’s a threat to the Establishment.  Yawn!    

Anyway, we’ve heard Nigel Cooper’s version [backed by the Masonic mafia hierarchy], now let’s hear the truth from Gail.  My hunches tell me that most of this story is fabricated.  As said, I think Gail left Belgium with Bailie with Cooper’s consent.  I think the reason NC hasn’t published any court related reports/statements is because they do not back up the Nigel Cooper story and they favour Gail.  I believe the UK judges made the right decisions.  There is nothing to suggest otherwise.  As far as the ‘Nigel Cooper story’ is concerned there is no evidence that anyone stole his daughter or of any corruption at all with regards ‘the UK’.

Funnily enough my belief is pretty much confirmed in this ‘EddyTheCat7’ video entitled ‘Nigel Cooper’s Public Statement’  In this video Cooper says he is reciting a statement to be presented to the judge on 3/2/12.  [The Judgement is dated 14/3/12].  At the end of the video he says that this recording was made on 23/1/12.  Strange then that it is published on 3/4/13.  We are asked to believe that the V.I.P Cooper is giving a public statement to a packed gathering of press and photographers.  Cooper doesn’t allow the video, only audio recording.  Perhaps that’s because it’s all an act and there was no press there!  I’m not buying it.  This video reveals more twists to the story, more vagueness, a lack of dates, more inconsistencies and it raises more questions.  Cooper says “things came to a head” with Gail and in Jan 2011 she kicked him out.  [NC and Gail are living in Belgium at this time.]  At around 1 hr of the video he’s saying Gail had gone.  He doesn’t give a date.  He doesn’t mention Bailie.  He gives a sob story that he was on mind numbing antipsychotic drugs as a result of an accident.  This isn’t mentioned anywhere else!  He says for the next 6 weeks he’s all alone and he did nothing – no work, no socialisation ... He says he meets with an old friend and cries on her shoulder.  She asks him if he’s big enough to fight back.  Oh God, someone pass me a puke bucket.  He then says he gets the biggest shock of his life.  [Not important enough to tell us when this happened though!] [1:06:40]  He discovers that Gail had managed to de-register Bailie.  He says he can’t understand it cos he’s the only one who can “authorise my child’s release from this country.”  He then went to the Mayor, who gave him a document that he says “quite clearly states there’s no signature of mine there.”  [More vague terminology and he doesn’t say when he visited the Mayor.  On the UK Col video he says that he’d approached the Mayor on 5/11/11.  Bailie and Gail had left in March, so Why did he leave it so late???  And why leave it until 21st September to contact the Federal Public service of Justice to notify them of the “parental abduction”?]  He was told by lawyers that as 90 days had passed and he’d said nothing, there was nothing anyone could do.  He doesn’t mention this during the Gerrish interview or anywhere else.  And 90 days is not 6 weeks!  There is no consistency or any clarity at all to Cooper’s story.   

Cooper says he couldn’t say/do anything cos he was drugged to the eyeballs.  He says [in more vague terminology] [1:07:50] Gail had asked for a “stupid letter.  So I wrote it, quite cockily.  “I Nigel Cooper know that Gail Cooper’s going to leave the country”.  Like a fool I wrote it.  But I’m on drugs.  I don’t know what I’m writing.”  So what exactly is he saying?  Why the vagueness?  Without actually specifying it, he seems to be hinting that he did authorise the departure of Bailie, albeit whilst under the influence of prescription drugs.  After all he would not have had to consent to his wife going anywhere.

Throughout the video he cries crocodile tears and he’s constantly banging on about how vile Gail is – that she’s constantly drunk, on drugs, violent, that she spends all his money, is always lying to him, that she’s had too many affairs ...  Strange that he didn’t video tape some hard evidence of this!  This evil woman lets Bailie regularly phone her father and skype chat with him though!  He says he was a coward and blackmailed by porn piccys that Gail took of him ...  Yeah right! 

At 1:14 he talks of a photo that shows Bailie’s joy as she hasn’t seen her father for almost a year.  [NC collects Bailie on 22nd December 2011 and she stays with him for 10 days over Christmas.]  So here’s more confirmation that Gail left Belgium with Bailie in March 2011 i.e. Bailie wasn’t ‘kidnapped’ in September 2011.  When Cooper collects Bailie he describes her as neglected, starving and ill [1:15].  [He says she was inappropriately dressed, had head lice, bronchial chest infection, sinus infection, ear wax, facial rash, cold sores, vaginal rash ...]  Well in all the photos that he’s shown of that holiday Bailie looks very healthy and well cared for!  

At 1:37 something like a bit of truth emerges!  Cooper admits to being [a bit] violent towards Gail after she’d threatened that he will never see Bailie again.  He accuses Gail of making absurd and dreadful allegations - that he’s sexually perverted, a liar, violent ...

Here’s a summary of inconsistencies:-

Bailie had returned to the UK with her mother on 3rd March 2011, according to the Judgement [p5], which is also supported by the reference to the letter signed by NC on 1 March 2011 authorising his wife’s return [p6].  This is also supported by NC saying in his ‘public statement’ that when he had Christmas contact with Bailie [December 2011] it had been almost a year since he’d last seen her.         

Why didn’t NC state when Gail and Bailie left Belgium?  NC states in his texts that Bailie was ‘kidnapped’ in September 2011.  Why doesn’t he specify the date in September that she was taken?  On p6 of the Judgement, it is stated “That the interpretation of the British Judge regarding the email that Gail COOPER addresses to the applicant on 15 August 2011, is in fact exactly the opposite of its actual meaning; that this email does not, in any case, lead to the conclusion that there was no illegal departure of the child.”  This is further indication that Bailie was not taken in September 2011.       

In his ‘public statement’ [1:07] NC is saying that he’d been under the influence of prescription drugs such that he wasn’t thinking straight when he signed a document authorising his wife’s departure which he regretted doing.  Since Gail would not have needed his consent to leave had she been travelling alone, this implies that he did sign his consent for Bailie to leave.  So why then did he make up a story that Gail had committed a felony and had taken Bailie out of Belgium using documents that had been obtained fraudulently?

In his ‘public statement’ [1:07] he states that Belgian and English lawyers had told him that there was nothing that he could do about the “abduction” because 90 days had passed and he hadn’t said anything.  He says the reason he hadn’t done so was because he was drugged up on medication.  In his articles and backed up by the Judgement [p5] his story is that Baillie was “kidnapped” in September 2011 and that he had notified the Federal Public service of Justice of the “parental abduction” on 21st September 2011.  So there was no time lapse there and no mention of him being incapacitated for 90 days.   

According to the Judgement [p4] Bailie was registered as resident by the Civil Registrar of the City of Mons on 30th September 2011. NC says during his BG interview [33:30] and in his ‘public statement’ that she was registered on entry to Belgium on 12/10/06 [39:08].

The story concerning the Mayor is that he was duped because there was no record of Nigel Cooper’s signature, only Paul Cooper’s.  NC states [and backed up by the Judgement] that he had been resident in Belgium since January 2006 and therefore he had a vast amount of Belgian I.D. [15 mins of the BG interview].  So there obviously was a record of NC’s signature.    

It is unbelievable that considering the ‘Nigel Cooper’ story is supposed to be highlighting ‘UK’ corruption – UK child-snatchers, harbourers of felons ...  Gail’s alleged use of fraudulent documents and her alleged illegal exit is barely mentioned in NC’s ‘public statement’.  In that he simply says that Gail had asked him for a “stupid letter”, so he wrote it: “I Nigel Cooper know that Gail Cooper’s going to leave the country.”  [1:08]  His only reference to the mayor in his ‘public statement’ is that after discovering that Gail had somehow managed to de-register Bailie [1:06:50], the mayor had given him a document that “quite clearly states there’s no signature of mine there.”  That is another contradiction and a nonsensical statement anyway.  In his BG interview [35:30] he says that the mayor had shown him “the document” and NC had told him that his name isn’t Paul Cooper.

Why didn’t he mention in his ‘public statement’ the documents that Gail had used to hoodwink the mayor, such as the P.O.A which had been signed by her ex Paul?  Why has he never specified what the other document was [or other documents were] that bore Paul’s signature?   Why didn’t he mention the translated letter signed by Gail that states that she had the authority to take her 2 daughters back to the UK?  Why didn’t he mention that the mayor had written a letter certifying that there was no record of NC’s signature and that he’d been duped?  Why all the vagueness?   

In his ‘public statement’ he doesn’t say when he visited the mayor.  In the UK Column video he said it was on 5th November 2011.  [35:30].  Why did he leave it so long?  Why did he leave it until September 21st 2011 to notify the Federal Public service of Justice that his child had been abducted?  [Assuming Bailie had left in March, even after 90 days of NC being drugged and ‘inactive’, what happened between June and November?  Assuming Bailie left in September, after 90 days it would have been December!  Or is he saying that Bailie left in September and that he hadn’t been ‘out of sorts’ for 90 days, or 6 weeks or whatever lies he comes out with next?]    

Just like the Hollie Greig story, the Nigel Cooper story is, to those of us who are victims of State corruption, on the face of it, believable.  However the NC story needs investigating, not because it is directly related to the HG story but because of the connection with the people who promote the HG story.  Also because of the inconsistencies and lack of evidence.  The big question is why do the big-hitting talking heads and researchers of the ‘alternative media’ not feel the same way?  People like Chris Spivey, Richard D Hall, Tony Gosling should be all over this story.

Also, just like the HG story, there are plenty of generalisations made, by NC and the NWO shills – but again, there is no proof.  NC says:

“When I am asked to “prove” ??? the UK steals children for profit.. I reply!  How much information do you want? You need documents facts, books? Tax returns? Companies House financial returns? All you have to do is ask people here, each one of them can give you a big slice of this information. There are bigger players who have been at this for many years collecting and collating information. I am not just one person I am one of 10′s of 1000′s of parents who have worked this out.”

It is very telling that Cooper refers to us ‘truthers’ as ‘players’.  That is exactly what he and his fellow double-agents are - players in a game.


Please note, after I’d sent my emails out and during my email exchange with Nigel Cooper I discovered that Justice Moylan’s Judgement, which outlines Judge Hedley’s rulings is published on the Family Law Week site.  I have highlighted the salient points here.

Justice Moylan’s Judgement exposes the breathtaking lies and inaccuracies contained in the Belgian Judgement, such that it confirms my theory – that the Belgian Judgement can only be described as fraudulent and that Nigel Cooper and the Belgian ‘Justices’ can only be described as despicable liars.  It’s no wonder Cooper chose not to direct me to it and instead sent me attachments of more of his useless, bullshit, long-winded, self-righteous ramblings.  

In the Moylan Judgement it is revealed that Gail left Belgium with Bailie on 18th March 2011 with Cooper’s consent; that Bailie went to live with her maternal grandmother, also with her father’s consent and that it was not until October 2011 that Cooper first contended that the move to the UK was wrongful.  So why did he say that Bailie had been abducted in September 2011?  In an annex to the application which contains an expanded form of section 7 (the reasons for the application), the father says: "I am the father of the child who is the subject of these proceedings who was resident in Belgium from August 2006 to 18th March 2011, when the respondent mother left the Belgian jurisdiction."  Why is it stated in the Belgian Judgement that NC notified the Federal Public Service of Justice of a ‘parental abduction’ on September 21st 2011?  [Bailie had left in March and he didn’t decide until October 2011 that she had been kidnapped!]  Why is it stated in the Belgian Judgement that Bailie left Belgium on 3rd March 2011?  Why is it stated in the Belgian Judgement that Bailie was registered as a Belgian resident on 30th September 2011? 

Judge Hedley found that Cooper had consented to Bailie’s departure.  He came to this conclusion based on the facts of the matter.  Cooper has not produced any evidence to show otherwise.  There was clearly no abduction or any fraud committed by Gail.  So how can a Belgian Judge make up or go along with a story that Gail had committed a felony by taking Bailie back to the UK illegally and that this had been achieved by duping a Belgian mayor???  [Hiernaux’s Judgement states: “It has clearly been established that the defendant misled the authorities of the City of Lessines in order to get hold of the authorizations she needed.”] If Hiernaux was an upright honest Judge he would have thrown the case out and reprimanded Cooper and his lawyers.  Instead, for no reason, he questions Hedley’s ruling.  He states: “That the interpretation of the British Judge regarding the email that Gail COOPER addresses to the applicant on 15 August 2011, is in fact exactly the opposite of its actual meaning.  That this email does not, in any case, lead to the conclusion that there was no illegal departure of the child.”  WHY?  Bailie left in March and is living with her gran with Cooper’s consent.  On what grounds would a Belgian judge have to question Judge Hedley’s ruling, which would have been based on more than just one email anyway?  There is no evidence that this email, which doesn’t tell us anything, exists even.  Hiernaux must have invented it!  The issue of consent was dealt with in November 2011.  Judge Moylan expresses his puzzlement about the fact that the father sent an email to a number of people, including Lord Justice Thorpe, alleging that his English Solicitors have perverted the course of justice by burying two vital documents [the P.O.A and the Mayor’s letter] at the back of the court bundle because the father and mother had given oral evidence before Hedley J specifically to deal with the issue of consent.  Further, the documents were before the court for the hearing at which the father was represented.  More on the issue of consent below.  This of course exposes Cooper’s lies about his ‘fake’ solicitor Stephanie Adams and about the other solicitors that he names and calls ‘corrupt’. 

Similarly why does Judge Hiernaux mention a letter written by Cooper to Gail which “relates exclusively to the applicant’s consent to the departure of his wife and not his daughter” and that it “clearly bears the following reference - the departure and return of Mrs Gail COOPER to the UK”?  Again there is no evidence that such a letter exists.  Why would it?  Cooper doesn’t have to consent to his wife leaving Belgium.  Hiernaux must’ve made that up too!    

How can Hiernaux, ‘president of the chamber of judges’, state ... “The validity of the certificate ‘article 42’ does not seem questionable.  Obviously I have not personally heard the child since it is retained in a foster home, but investigations in this case by diligentees Madam Rapporteur Lilian Odze on behalf of CAFCASS were sufficiently illuminating to release the opinion and wishes of the minor [ref 1:04 of the BG interview] when the fact is Bailie was not given an opportunity to be heard during the course of the proceedings before the Belgian court?  And why did the Belgian Judge state Bailie was in a foster home when Cooper had said he didn’t know her whereabouts, that, for enquiring, 1 or 2 good Samaritans had been arrested [and had even “disappeared from sight” after “these two people” were “charged with international conspiracy to kidnap” according to Cooper’s ‘Judicial Notice of facts’ {A}] and yet all along NC knew where Bailie was; that he’d approved of her living with her grandmother and furthermore [as pointed out by J Moylan] Judge Hiernaux knew it too.  Hiernaux knew Bailie was living safely and happily with her gran and that this was with Cooper’s consent and yet he makes this ruling and further rules that police forces are empowered to retrieve the child, that police and bailiffs are authorized to force entrance to anywhere, even Bailie’s school.  [More on ‘Article 42’ below.] 

Judge Moylan also points out that the Belgian Judgement doesn’t address the consequences of the father having commenced proceedings in the English jurisdiction in respect both of residence and of contact.  Further the Belgian Judge had declined to engage in any dialogue with Justice Moylan.  Hiernaux arrogantly and nonchalantly announces: “In this case further discussion seems fruitless” and goes on to declare “either my decision is executed voluntarily, or it is under duress, or it is undertaken in the forms and limits set by community law [I.e. mob rule].”  This is all mind-blowingly insane!      

The fact that Cooper didn’t think that Bailie’s departure was wrongful until October 2011 suggests that it was an afterthought.  All the evidence points to a plot by NC, together with the Belgian Justices to cook up a story of kidnap leading to accusations of a corrupt ‘UK’.  This is just ‘in your face’ jaw-dropping corruption; a scandal of epic proportions.  There needs to be a proper and thorough investigation into the activities of Nigel Cooper, Judge Hiernaux, Registrar Vachaudez, Chief Registrar M-J Saucez, Prosecutor Henri Renard, Mr Gupta QC, Mr Boucher-Giles, the Mayor of the City of Lessines and all the UK shills – Gerrish, McNeill and co. 

Here are the arguments set out in the Moylan Judgement that led to the ruling that Bailie should not be returned to Belgium.  I have highlighted the key points in Justice Moylan’s Judgement, which show numerous reasons why the English courts ruled that there was no wrongful removal, Bailie was thriving in the UK and there was therefore no obligation/reason to return ‘B’.  I also outline below more of Cooper’s lies and the lies of his co-conspirators of the Belgian court which are exposed in the Moylan Judgement:-

Father had consented to B being moved to England.

Father consented to B living with her maternal grandmother.  [He sent an e-mail to the local authority indicating that he gave his 'full consent' to B's placement with her grandmother.]

B is habitually resident in England.  That ruling had not been appealed. 

The English court was seised by 8th December 2011.  It clearly precedes the date on which the Belgian court was first seised.  That was on 31st January 2012 when the father's Belgian advocate filed the documents with the Belgian court.  

B was not habitually resident in Belgium on 14th March 2012 when the Belgian court made the order or when the father's advocate made application to the Belgian court, namely 31st January 2012.   

Father expressly accepted the jurisdiction of the English courts, in an unequivocal manner, by making his application for residence and then by making an additional application for contact.

The Judgement of Judge Xavier Hiernaux does not make clear the basis for the court's conclusion that it had jurisdiction to determine matters concerning the child B.

The Belgian court did not have jurisdiction pursuant to the provisions of Brussels II Revised when it made the orders which it did on 14th March 2012. 

In summary the English court had jurisdiction since at least 25 November 2011 pursuant to Article 8(1), or alternatively since at least 8 December 2011 pursuant to Article 12(3), and given that B lives in the UK and is the subject of continuing proceedings, the Belgian order was not to be enforced. 

It is manifestly clear from the evidence filed in the case that the father had, especially during his Christmas contact and in the aftermath put very considerable pressure on B to indicate that she wishes to go and live with him. 

Hedley says in his Judgement that the father “has a significant psychiatric history and in particular had a significant psychiatric illness in the early part of last year and a perusal of his emails, which I have read with care, suggests that those matters are not entirely resolved.  He also has physical problems at the present time.”

B’s guardian would be extremely concerned and fearful of B's welfare should she, in the prevailing circumstances, return to Belgium with her father, or indeed leave her grandparents' care. 

And yet according to the Belgian Judgement no less than 25 independent testimonies were written to attest of the true attentive care NC was providing B. 

Justice Moylan states that the father effectively indicates that he is withdrawing from participation in the proceedings in England which in his view is a regrettable step and does not serve the best interests of B.

It is interesting to note Judge Hedley’s observations.  He says that the evidence establishes that the father did indeed consent to the mother removing B to England in March 2011.  That conclusion is underpinned by a number of matters.  First, the fact that they were negotiating for a permanent separation, even if either or both of them retained the hope that it might not be so, because it is manifest that each has had, and probably still does have, some strong feelings for the other.  He also points out that when the mother left on a previous occasion, B went with her.  Hedley J made an order that the mother make B available for contact with the father.  This suggests that Hedley believed Gail and NC could work out contact arrangements amicably and without the need for a court order.  This all flies in the face of Cooper’s negative description of Gail, his years of hell with her ...

As for divorce, Miss Hewitt on behalf of the mother said that Gail had not been served with any Belgian divorce proceedings; that she had not been served with anything in respect of the father's applications to the Belgian court, beyond a one page letter which refers to the date of the hearing, but not a great deal else and was delivered in French.  Father however says there is a decree nisi in divorce proceedings brought in Belgium but there were no documents relating to those proceedings.

Cooper lied when he said his right of appeal was refused by Judge Moylan on the grounds of his age and because he holds a UK passport.  Justice Moylan states [82] that the father instructed his legal representatives that he did not wish to appeal any of the orders made in England.  Also he instructed his English Solicitors to come off the record as acting for him.  So that exposes his lies that Stephanie had gone to the judge to say she couldn’t do any more and that Anne-Marie Hutchinson had refused him because he’d had his international legal aid refused.

Cooper’s accusation against Judge Moylan that he is harbouring a known felon who has a bench warrant out against her has now proven to be just another lie.

The Moylan Judgement reveals something else very interesting.  It is stated: “Unless the courts in the Member State where the child was habitually resident immediately before the wrongful removal or retention have already been seized by one of the parties, the court or central authority that receives the information mentioned in paragraph 6 must notify it to the parties and invite them to make submissions to the court in accordance with national law, within three months of the date of notification so that the court can examine the question of custody of the child …”  In Cooper’s ‘Public Statement’ which was allegedly broadcast on 23rd January 2012 but not published until 3rd April 2013 he says he was told by lawyers that as 90 days had passed and he’d said nothing, there was nothing anyone could do.  I say allegedly because it would not surprise me if Cooper made his ‘public statement’ recording after the Moylan Judgement was written and published and not for the purpose of the hearing before Hedley J on 3rd February 2012 as he says.  It is just a bit of a coincidence that Cooper would mention this 90 days time lapse when he doesn’t mention it anywhere else.  It just looks like another afterthought to me; a pathetic attempt to try and explain the time discrepancy in an effort to try and make his story look more authentic.

There’s another connection between the Moylan Judgement and Cooper’s ‘public statement’.  In his ‘statement’ he hints that he unintentionally signed his consent as he was on mind numbing antipsychotic drugs as a result of an accident.  In the Moylan ruling it is revealed that Cooper “has a significant psychiatric history and in particular had a significant psychiatric illness in the early part of last year.”    

As for the rule: When applying Articles 12 and 13 of the 1980 Hague Convention, it shall be ensured that the child is given the opportunity to be heard during the proceedings unless this appears inappropriate, having regard to his or her age or degree of maturity, Bailie did not get her say.  According to Judge Moylan, Judge Hiernaux did clarify that he considered the child had been given an opportunity to be heard.  The Belgian court issued a certificate purportedly under Article 42 of Brussels II Revised.  Paragraph 11 of that certificate reads: "The children were given an opportunity to be heard unless a hearing was considered inappropriate with regard to their age or level of maturity.  Answer: “No."  There was some debate during the course of the hearing as to what the answer "No" meant in the context of that paragraph."  Moylan’s view is that it acknowledges that the child was not given an opportunity to be heard.  He says it certainly is plain that the child was not given an opportunity to be heard.  Miss Langdale on behalf of the local authority points to the fact that the certificate under Article 42 appears to have been issued notwithstanding the requirement that a certificate should only be issued if the child has been given an opportunity to be heard.  Also why does the certificate state “children”?  There was one child – Bailie.  Yet again we see the corrupt officials of the Belgian court lying and obfuscating to achieve their aim. 

As for Cooper’s QC Mr Gupta’s input in the Article 42 farce, the cheeky monkey says [58 of the Moylan Judgement] that if there is any lack of clarity about the terms of the certificate, then Moylan should invite further explanation from the Belgian court.  Oh good one Gupta.  Clarity???  From this bunch of court jesters???

Here’s the crooked lawyer obfuscating again: [56] In respect of the Children Act applications made by the father in this jurisdiction, Mr Gupta submits that the father did not thereby expressly accept or accept otherwise in an unequivocal manner the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.  He submits that the father made those applications on the basis of the flawed declaration.

More obfuscation is in Hiernaux’s document at 1:04 of the UK column video.  For example he says: “Otherwise how to interpret the questions of Judge Moylan.”  Why didn’t he just answer them straightforwardly?  And again on p5 of his Judgement re Hedley’s decision: “And that following a decision that can be criticized on many grounds, which were clearly taken out of context or subject to a utterly subjective and inadequate interpretation...”   

Judge Xavier Hiernaux, assisted by registrar Christine Vauchaudez, has devised a ‘Judgement’ which is full of lies, contradictions, waffle, distortions and innuendo. 

It is plain to see that the Belgian Judgement is an illegitimate document and the English Justices were right to reject it.  The question is why are the English Justices and the English Lawyers and everyone else who has had the misfortune to come across the odious Nigel Cooper not questioning why the Belgian Justices are zealously promoting this totally baseless story of an illegal exit, a duped Mayor and kidnap?  Why are they not asking WTF is going on?  Why didn’t Judge Moylan raise issue re the obvious lies and glaring contradictions contained within the Belgian Judgement?

Cooper accuses Judge Moylan of being corrupt.  Cooper has not shown any evidence of this.  He may well be, but it isn’t proven in the Nigel Cooper story.  Neither has Cooper proven that Judge Hedley is corrupt or has acted in any way detrimental to the welfare of Bailie.  The same cannot be said about his decisions with regards my children though.  Judge Hedley presided 3 times during proceedings in my case, starting on 24th October 2003.  Scroll down to about half way here if you want to know more.  Of all the people Cooper accuses of being corrupt, none of them have been proven to be so by him.  On the contrary he has revealed, and it is now proven, that it is the Judges who are a party to the Belgian proceedings that are corrupt.    

Cooper’s story is based on a never ending tissue of lies.  He and his cohorts didn’t get their story straight.  It just doesn’t stack up.  There are far too many contradictions and obvious lies.  There is absolutely no substance at all to the Nigel Cooper story.  Instead the overwhelming evidence points to Cooper and his Belgian criminal associates having concocted a Judgement with an agenda.  What is needed now is a body of honest upright folk who are not beholden to any kind of shadow authority to do a thorough and in-depth investigation and bring all these shysters and all their shilly co-conspirators to justice.  Judges Moylan, Hedley & Co should be as incensed as me and they too should be demanding answers.  How can they be content with this kind of unscrupulous behaviour?  How can they be happy being slandered with the assistance of these Belgian cockroaches?  I think I know the answer to that.  I would surmise that the English Justices and everyone else who has been defamed by Cooper are very aware of the bigger picture but their lips are sealed due to their allegiance to the masonic fraternity.  Sadly there is no such thing as an independent investigatory body, as ALL of them are beholden to freemasonry.  Ultimately it will be ‘The People’s Court’, the greatest and most powerful court in the world, which will eventually bring the perpetrators of evil and their silent bystanders to justice. 

The following articles are taken from and repeated almost word for word on known shill sites and a few suspected shill sites.  

The following are suspected shill sites.  They could be shill sites or they could be run by well-meaning but duped individuals.  More research is required.‘social-services’

The following are NC’s texts – full of false assertions.  There is no proof that anything he says is true.  Who [apart from brain dead ‘conspiracy theorists’ and shills] is going to pay this Nigel Cooper drama queen any attention? 

The moron is even offering “1,000,000 Euros to any person who get’s my judgment enforced in full.”  So he has that kind of money and yet he needs legal aid???

His texts:

“Just to keep you all up to date with what I am doing and why I am doing this.  1. September 2011 My daughter is kidnapped from Belgium 2. November 2011 The Hague request’s for return. (UK refused on Article 13) 3. December 2011 Belgium issues a seizure notice of the Hague article (11) 4. February 2012 Belgium hears and re-tries the seizure case and awards the immediate return of my daughter to Belgium under Article 11, under international law, under Belgian law, Under UK law, under E.U. law, under universal law. Belgium writes the perfect judgement and has the judgment sworn as omnipotent before King Albert II, King of Belgium; who then declares the judgement as a royal decree! 5. March 16th 2012 Belgian Bailiff flies to the UK to serve notice of the judgement on the EJC in the Strand London, Bailiffs receipt note held on record in the Royal courts of Mons Belgium. 6. March 16th 2012 Belgian advocate instructs Sunderland Social services that a return order has been issued by the King of Belgium. 7. March 16th Sunderland Social services “refuse” the “non-refusable”? 8. March 16th Belgian advocate informs Sunderland Social servers in the name of “Ms. Joanna Bonar” that she acting as the legal representative of the UK, have just breached The Hague convention, the Lisbon treaty and many more. 9. April 2012 Justice Moylan formally refuses international law, refuses my right of appeal, refuses my civil rights, my human rights and condones the kidnapping of my daughter, harbors a known felon who has a bench warrant out against her. 10. I’ve now been refused every form of legal assistance in the UK to recover my daughter. 11 16Th April 2013… to this day the UK refuses to return my daughter and has broken just above every law there is! 12. I’ve had 5 death treats made against me from the UK, via telecom calls, or published articles. 13. The UK went as far as to interfere with NATO’s employment schemes and had me dismissed for no reason what so ever. 14. I’ve had to move out of Belgium and go into hiding due to the threats on my life, all for asking the law to be obeyed! 15. The list of wrongs just keep going and the power of the judgment keep growing, to a point I was granted rights of Bailiff, I was grants right of arrest, I was grants unlimited resource to enforce the judgement; and as I started by telling you, the judgment is perfect, there is an “UNLIMITED” indemnity clause, the UK will have to pay for the total cost of this case as to date this case has not been enforced as it is deemed under article 21 of the law that all costs will be born by Ms. Cooper, who in turn; the Sunderland Social Services have sworn on oath to cover all costs of Ms. Cooper.

When this case is enforced it will bankrupt Sunderland city, It will bankrupt Sunderland local authorities, it will bankrupt the central authority and higher. The judgement is perfect and it will kill the forced adoption in the UK once and for all. The Judgement was is perfect, the judgement is a master of English. The UK have been caught stealing children for profit.

I will not stop and I will not bow down to the UK.From Nigel Cooper – 17 April 2013:

UK Caught Stealing Children

To all of you who and following my battle with the UK to see justice severed. Well! What can one say! Justice in the UK? That is a very silly thing to mutter, to a point that you can’t put justice and the UK in the same sentence it does not work! I once thought, a very long time ago that the social services was just that, a SERVICE for humanity when in fact it is a profit making mechanism bolstered by the abduction of international children, you and I call that kidnap, oh an that is an international felony under the international penal code, but the UK just ignore that one, it does not count when the UK’s name is used. I once thought a judge was an honorable person! I see no honor amongst the thieves of the courts of the UK. … I once though that the UK stood for the rights of freedom and liberty as laid down in the Magna Carta 1297 A.D, and in the rights and freedoms of lords and men of 1100 A.D.It seems that those enshrined laws and covenants go by the wayside when the social services, when the judges, when the corrupt police get involved.

I once thought that truth would prevail! That’s until I discovered the fake doctors and social workers, the fake legal people, the fake M.P.s and much more. So how much is a child worth to the UK? Moreover, how much is a child worth to you! I know that there is NO SUM on this planet that can replace what has been stolen from myself, and to multiply that figure to cover every stolen child and we are in the realms of an evil deed that is so great, so evil, so woefully painful to parents it transcends all realms of humanity. For what I see, the social service’s are undertaking is the greatest abuse of power in the history of mankind. If the UK supports this act of abuse of power, then the world should turn its back up on the UK, the world should cast down a shadow over the UK and reject the UK from the community of mankind, the UK should be openly punished before the eyes of humanity for humanity, for each and every one of us. From a time before Christ….. A wise king known as King Solomon was tasked with the fable of two women and a child. I suggest you read it. I will fight for my daughter, I will lay down my life for my daughter, I will see justice served if it is the last thing I do in my life.I will not bow down the UK, I will never agree to the lies and frauds of the UK. To that end..

Sir, Madam I am looking for two things:

1. Good international legal assistance

2. Good media coverage.

I am in possession of the perfect judgment sworn before the King of Belgium, King Albert II as the omnipotent judgement. It is perfect at every point of law. I want someone to force this judgement to be obeyed in the UK. I openly offer 1,000,000 Euros to any person who get’s my judgment enforced in full. If you would like to read the judgement…

I’ll send you a copy just ask me….


Mr. Nigel Cooper


UK Caught Stealing Children

When I am asked to “prove” ??? the UK steals children for profit.. I reply!

How much information do you want? You need documents facts, books? Tax returns? Companies House financial returns? All you have to do is ask people here, each one of them can give you a big slice of this information. There are bigger players who have been at this for many years collecting and collating information. I am not just one person I am one of 10′s of 1000′s of parents who have worked this out. It does not take rocket science to do this, just a good head and a clear understanding of public records. To put just one person into the picture.. “A single Doctor” This doctor who is actually not a doctor but a fake, her company ( a doctor as a company).. make 43,000% yes forty three thousand percent profit in a 12 month period.

Questions??? Why was this abnormal profit not investigated by HMRC or Companies house, or whoever was paying the doctor for services rendered why did they not ask. Then there are the so called M.P. for families? Hold on a second is this the same M.P. how publicly boasts of is prowess with women? Is this the same M.P. who “girl-friend” is a director of a THE company that provides all of the IT infrastructure to the foster homes and centers? Is this the same M.P. who ranted for so long on a families bill that was nothing more than a whitewash of the facts. So not the Core-IT directors and just “aquired” the group of people who form expert witness’s.. So now the Social Services, have the doctors, the legal teams, the so called expert witness’s and the judges all colluding?

You’ve got no idea what’ going on! each week some 250 to 300 children are taken.. Yes a 1000 children a month taken for no reason other that for profit. The SS staff take the children so they have a job, they pass it up the chain to the legal teams have a job and make a profit, the courts have their own budget that just get bigger and bigger. The foster homes, cafcass teams, social workers, doctors, police, judges, and much more are all involved is creating a vast financial turnover in children for profit. Give the past figures and records, it dose not take too much effort to extrapolate those figures into a future forecast. That forecast is damming beyond belief, by the years 2020, at the rate the UK is stealing children, they will be able to wholesale children like a commodity, like, gas, coal and steal. Stealing children is very big money!

Hence my original statement.”


The following article is taken from 

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Queen of England Buckingham Palace London England … 29th April 2013

Reference (a) King Albert II royal assent judgment 14th March 2012 (below)

Reference (b) UK’s Mr. Moylan’s blatant refusal to obey the law. (below)


My name is Mr. Nigel Cooper, a Belgian habitual resident of many years.  I am in possession of the judgment at reference (a).  The judgment is a Belgian judgment, an E.U. judgment and an International judgment. It is also the continued binding to the ratification of the Hague convention, the treaty of Rome and the Lisbon treaty that was recently ratified and signed by your current Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron on 11th October 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal transferring pillar one of law to Europe. I once served for you in the Royal Navy.  I severed for twenty-two and a half years, [D175549N]. I went to war three times in your name.  I was abused in the Royal Navy when persons under your name injected me with the bio-hazard “Anthrax” against the Geneva convention! I was awarded thirteen medals in your name. I took my skills to NATO where I continued to work for peace, freedom, democracy and the law. I want to know why Mr. Andrew Moylan has the right to disobey the law? As all officers of your courts draw their ultimate power from you, I want to know why you have authorized the officers of your courts to break the law? I am in possession of a lawful judgment served against the UK. Your family courts have tried everything possible to stop me enforcing my judgment. I have been lied to and I have had my civil rights abused against my right as laid down in the Magna Charta. I have been witness to the perversion of justice, perjury and fraud.

I have had my life threatened to a point where my address is no longer disclosed. What I have been witness to is the greatest abuse of power in the history of mankind. Ma’am, I want my judgment enforcing in full, where the ultimate responsibility lay’s with you. As it is clearly sated in the judgment: “everybody is supposed to obey the law”, Ma’am that is you and I include. This letter exposes me to a potential act of treason before you. That is, if I was a resident of your country; that is, if I hold your passport; for which I longer wish to hold. I once believed in my queen and country, I fought for the freedom of your country. Now your families courts abuse the very man who was prepared to lay down his life for that queen and country; when asked where I am from, at this time, alas I am utterly ashamed to have to call myself British! Though I write this letter to your personally, I write this letter in public, my judgment is public for all to read, therefore every document generated in the execution of this judgment is also public.  This document has been published publically in accordance with the law. Please enforce my judgment and return my daughter in accordance with the law.


Mr. Nigel Cooper”

From Nigel Cooper 15 July 2013

UK Caught Stealing Children ·
10 minutes ago ·

To the UK who is spying on me.. Ian Hailes of Sunderland Police, the social services of the UK, the foul judicial system of the UK, the perverted government of the UK, and to “others” in the UK how have assisted in stealing a child.

I write this to you openly in the eyes of God and state that I do not have the money to return to Belgium, I do not have the money to pay for a registered letter to your court, thus I hope and pray that who ever reads this letter find it in their heart to print off and address to:

Judge Xavier Heirnuax
County Court of Mons

I stood before you in February 2011, I stood before you under the open eyes of the law, I stood before you in truth before the eyes of God, I came to you with clean hands. I gave to you all that I am in truth , honesty, and in the search of justice. I gave to you the fact’s of a stolen child, categorical evidence was presented to you in your SEIZED court of the Hague. I laid my soul bear before you and sort the mercy and justice of your court, the court of the Hague.

Sir, you never took your eyes off me, in fact I also know that before your court you sat beside me outside of the court while I chatted to my wife ; “Jadranka this is the last opportunity I have to prove my innocence and that a crime has been committed ; I am placing all of who I am in this court, failure is not an option”… Why did you sit beside me? To see if I was a fake? To see if I was a liar and a cheat? Why did you do that?

Sir, you spoke one sentence to me ; that was..”Mr. Nigel TRUST IN BELGIUM JUSTICE”.

Sir, to this day I have honored your singular statement to me and my wife, you were witness to the joys of my tears I shed before you. I prayed and hoped that justice would be served, I waited with baited breath daily for your response in the form of your judgement. It came, 14th March 2012, Admissible, well founded, and right by law, RETURN the child.

For the next 24 months I’ve witness to absolute abuse of power, the perversion of justice ; I’d like to quote you in your comments to the justice system of the UK: “Your can either, freely return the child, or under duress, or the might of community law” ; Sir, those are your words and NOT mine.

I recently wrote to you to request ENFORCEMENT of your judgment, a HAGUE judgement, the highest court in the world. I told my daughter I was going to see the highest judge in the world, that being you as you represented the Hague, a court for mankind, the community of mankind. I wrote with all honesty and truth, in the search for justice.

Sir, you replied.. I was saddened beyond all realms of grief at your comments for you to say to me, after you stance demanded the return “freely, under duress or the full might of community law”, for you to say that there was NOTHING you could do under the separation of powers!

Sir, I have to ask you, did you lie to me, given the fact that you also stated that your decision was made in all sovereign continence? What you said to me was in your honor, to return my daughter, I asked you to enforce your own judgement for which you have said that you cannot, so did you lie to me when you made the order demanding the return? Have you failed yourself in failing to force duress? Have you failed yourself and the law in failing to uphold the law?

I have to ask these questions as you ask me to trust in Belgium justice which was you for which I have done and you have failed to deliver on your promise and oath.

Sir, there is no justice upon this planet ; thus there is no point in life if the law cannot be obeyed ; there is no point in having a police force who is there to uphold the law if all they do is break the law ; there is no point in having an armed force if that armed force is used to prevent the course of justice ; there is no point to hold to a sovereign vow if that vow and oath cannot be attained.

Given what I have said, I invite every parent to TAKE UP ARMS, take back what is yours. If you so desire to classify this as an incitement to riot then that is your wish, if you wish to classify this as a declaration of WAR against the sovereign state of the United Kingdom, then that is your right. If you wish to charge with CONTEMPT of court I have to ask you, firstly sir you honor your judgement, come to me with clean hands , show to the world that you mean what you say and do as you say and don’t do 1/2 a job. Let no man take from mankind the gift of mother nature, let alone a judge or social worker.

Sir, you granted to my daughter her right to live freely with her father, I have request that you ENFORCE for which you have bowed your head before me and openly stated that you cannot, thus your judgement was flawed, it was false, it was a lie. If you cannot do what you said you would do, then sir, do not say it!

To every person who reads this, my last know address is Labinska 12, Zagreb 10000, Croatia. Though by the time documents are raised to issue any warrant against me I will no longer be here. no person will know my destination or for how long I will be there or if I will even arrive. There will be no further communication from the person once known as Nigel Cooper – The father, the guardian of both primary and secondary custody rights of protection to my daughter.

sir, you did not fail me, YOU failed my daughter for that act I have no forgiveness for the law, I have no forgiveness for the mother who stole a child, I have no forgiveness for the police or the social services, I have no forgiveness for the governments in their direct abuse of power.

Finally, do not judge me for I have nothing to repent.


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