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At the time of writing this pdf [August 2015] Tom Pride has well over 5 million hits on his ‘Pride’s Purge’ blog but we know sod all about him.  We don’t even know his real name.  WTF?

Why is this proud man not proud enough to blog behind his real name?  What is he ashamed/afraid of?

I copy/paste, and, as always, comment in red.

Take a look at this article, dated 11/11/12 I’ll just quote and comment on the first bit:

“"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"- Sir Walter Scott

Today the Mail on Sunday did a hatchet job on the child abuse victim Steven Messham in an attempt to discredit him as a witness after he mistakenly identified Lord McAlpine as his attacker - a mistake which it now seems was a direct result of misleading information given to him by North Wales Police.

See this previous article for more information about that:

It was the police – not the BBC – who wrongly named Lord McAlpine in abuse allegations

I make no apology for telling you my heart went out to Mr Messham when I read the Mail on Sunday piece attacking him. It seemed to me he was being abused all over again.

The article in the Mail on Sunday is clearly an attempt on the part of sections of the British establishment to strike back at allegations which potentially could bring down some of its most powerful members, and Mr Messham is probably just collateral damage in their eyes.

But what's most interesting for me about the disgusting article is its author  - a man called David Rose.

Who is he?”

So Tom Pride’s heart went out to Steve Messham.  No it didn’t.  He’s lying.  If he cared one jot about Steve Messham and all the other CSA victims he would be making the points and asking the questions that I do.  See my pdfs: ‘AN ELITE PAEDOPHILE RING’ and ‘FIONA OF THE FORGED LETTER’  

Tom Pride, just like all the other nonce protecting Spiveyite super trolls has plumbed new depths in dishonesty, mendacity, hypocrisy and all-round moral depravity.  Read on.