Helping to halt the NWO

The 'truther' traitors need to be exposed and ousted, and small things we can all do to resist the NWO tyranny.

For a while I was of the same mind-set as so many other people regarding the 'big guns' in that I felt it didn't really matter that they were almost certainly 'controlled opposition' because they were being so successful in getting a lot of truth out to the masses.  That was the only thing that mattered.  However with the Hollie Greig story unravelling I began thinking a little deeper about the role of the double agent, did some research and realised just how successfully these dangerous lying scumbags are sabotaging our search for truth and freedom.  In the case of David Icke, I think we can safely say that just on the Hollie Greig farce alone that he is a disinfo agent.  [See here for the Hollie Greig story and the evidence of it being a hoax; also here and here.]  If he was a genuine 'truther' he would be encouraging open debate on his forums and elsewhere to ascertain the facts, but that is not the case; the opposite has happened; he was happy to promote the story internationally, but when presented with evidence that it was a hoax he refused to comment and banned all mention of it from his forums.  If you want other proof on Icke see David Icke - A Freemason Shill or Snake Oil Salesman?  Other well-known names in the 'truth movement' who promote the Hollie Greig Story, Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish also refuse to look at the evidence and will not engage in dialogue with anyone who questions the story.  Ian Crane could only manage a limp claim that it was not his area of expertise and he also deleted all comments from his wall.  This strongly suggests that these two are also not on the side of truth.  Bill Maloney also comes under suspicion by association with the above mentioned and also due to the fact he also refuses to look at the evidence.  He is also close friends with 'gay rights' campaigner Peter Tatchell, who wants the age of consent lowered. 

And what's my take on the Hollie Greig saga?  Well, I'll be perfectly honest, like so many others, I too was taken in by the smooth-talking con-men Robert Green and Brian Gerrish.  However after looking at the evidence for myself I too am convinced that it is all a load of baloney, almost certainly engineered by some high up seedy freemasons or high level dodgy characters from some other secret society.  Just by watching the videos of Hollie being questioned by Theo Chalmers, Richard D Hall for example gives the game away.  Hollie can barely murmur more than "yes" or "no" and anything else she says cannot be understood by anyone except her mum Anne Greig.  Now, ok, you could argue that she might just be too overwhelmed with her new found fame/shy on camera...  Well, if that's the case it's easily tested; how about her mum showing us a video of her and Hollie just engaging in normal everyday conversation in the comfort of their home.  I'd be surprised if Hollie could even string a sentence together.  As for naming 22 'abusers' [who she apparently remembered from when she was aged 6] well that's just laughable.  Just this small point has you reaching for Richard D Hall's bullshit buzzer.  I have to say I'm surprised Richard himself didn't hit that buzzer - and hard.  His credibility must surely now be under question.

Another sign that these so-called NWO resisters are not what they claim to be is that they don't give valid solutions; Icke encourages people to quit their jobs if they inadvertently hold positions as 'gatekeepers' - those who work in or for law enforcement, Govt or Govt agencies, court services, security services, Royalty ...  That is NOT the answer, it is what the PTB want as it will enable them to bring in their NWO.  The answer is to rid the world of all the secret societies and to bring to justice all the members who are guilty of subverting and destroying society.   

The best thing people can do is help others wherever possible and help spread the knowledge.  People would be providing a much needed service if they could support a victim.  Many victims of the State bravely battle on [often with little or no help] trying to seek remedy through litigation.  They could do with as many court watchers as they can get to ensure that any skulduggery is minimized.  Such victims are the ones with the EVIDENCE of State corruption and their battle for justice is not just theirs, but EVERYONE'S.  OR they could help a victim to publicise their case. 

For those people who are freemasons and members of other secret societies ... just leave ... that is not going to harm you but it will most definitely benefit society.

For those of you working for or considering enrolling in the armed forces, think about who you are actually hurting and whose coffers you are helping fill.  Those innocent victims that you kill and maim and whose homes and villages you destroy in far off lands for your paycheck are OUR FRIENDS.  Look upon them as being your own family, cos that is what they are.  The last surviving soldier of WW1 Harry Patch stated, "War is organised murder, and nothing else."  See these links for more:  The people in uniform are NOT our friends.  What are you doing?  The Truth about War - Who are the Real Terrorists?
War is Terrorism - Soldiers are NOT heroes - End the Wars NOW.

Finally, be aware of the NWO agenda, recognise your enslavement, lose the fear and just spread the truth with love.  Just be yourself, be creative and do what's right.  Be alert to the sly moves of the wily ones.  Don't be provoked or led into unlawful action.  [Remember the shills are organised and wealthy criminals, being paid to create chaos to speed up the process leading towards the NWO.  They encourage their followers to rebel and commit crimes, but offer no support when people end up in trouble.]  This is what I've written at the end of my story: 

"God says we must challenge evil but it cannot be overcome by violence or force. To obtain the power necessary to win we must first conquer ourselves. To do that we must get rid of all hate in our hearts. We must be kind to our enemies and we must love most those whom we should hate the most [that’s a tall order but it does make sense.] We must be patient and serve others and we must control our selfishness and our greed. Love, truth and goodness are the greatest powers of all and will eventually triumph over evil.  We need to educate ourselves on what is really going on within the realms of power and then we need to educate others. Expose wrongdoing, name and shame the evildoers, engage in civil disobedience and peaceful protest. Do not be a ‘sheeple’, dare to be different and others will follow. Police states only rise when good people allow evil to continue unchecked. Together we can put an end to the New World Order slavery and look forward to a life of freedom and justice. The good news is that the systemic corruption is now sliming out of the huge cancer that has burst open. It is being exposed now like never before and the treacherous leeches are slowly destroying themselves on the sword of TRUTH."