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If you are a serious freedom fighter you will join forces with the genuine Truthers and will help expose and defeat the controlled opposition i.e. the shills, trolls and fake 'victims'.

A serious warrior against the NWO knows that this is a race against time and knows the stakes couldn’t be higher.  The sincere Truther is only concerned with 100% Truth and will do everything in his/her power to seek it and to expose it.  Half-Truthers are the opposite of truth and are MORE TREACHEROUS TO THE 'STOP THE NWO' WARRIORS THAN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND THE SHEEPLE [and that's saying something!].

The controlled opposition can be referred to as the NWO gatekeepers or enemy agents.  They are known by a variety of names, such as: Shills, Plants, Dis-info agents, Double-agents, Cointelpro, Mole, Stooge, State Agent Smiths, Trolls, Fake 'Victims', Fake Armchair ‘sleuths’, Mainstream Media, Sheeple.  Apart from the sheeple, all of these charlatans distract, derail, and disable people who are becoming effective at challenging the opposition.  For more on this see LYING FOR A LIVING.  See also Bill Cooper explaining  THE HEGELIAN DIALECTIC and its use in controlling modern society.

Apart from the sheeple, all of them are freemasons or beholden to freemasonry or some other secret society.  For ease of reference the masons can be referred to as the funny handshake brigade [or more appropriately the dirty brigade.]  More on this here.

We have what is strangely known as a 'Truth Movement' in the so-called 'Alternative Media'.  The 'Truth Movement' was started by and is controlled by the masonic controlled ruling elite.  So the people at the forefront of this 'Truth Movement' are shills; i.e. they are the opposite of truth; they are the liars and deceivers.  [David Icke, Alex Jones, Ian R Crane, Brian Gerrish .... See here for more.]  There are a staggering number of lower profile agents, who operate covertly as trolls and fake ‘victims’.  Many of these people work incognito.  All of these people are on the Illuminati payroll and their job is to fool us into thinking that they are on our side, fighting our cause.  The reality is that they are only pretending to do what we real resistors of the NWO are actually doing.  Consequently, they buy time for their Masonic masters, so that the NWO slaughter agenda can trundle on unhindered.  The only thing that stands in its way is Truth.  

Mel Ve calls these people the mocking birds.  It turns out however that she’s been doing some mocking of her own.  That came as a big shock and disappointment to me as I had so much respect for her due to her work helping the Hollie Hoax camp expose the truth about the HG farce.  I also admired her for her seemingly good work exposing the controlled opposition.  However I now realise her efforts in that area have been rather insipid.  That's because she is not sincere.  The truth is, she too has been very cleverly pulling the wool over our eyes.  Read here for more.

The ruling elite are terrified of independent, knowledgeable, empowered, fearless, effective, sincere truth-tellers; because the truth will set humanity free.

It is ludicrous to suggest we need a 'Truth movement' or an 'alternative media'.  All we need to do is remove the obstacles which prevent Truth seeing the light of day.  The task of the genuine truth-teller then is to expose the gatekeepers.  Once these people are dealt with, the Global Establishment corruption will be exposed and can then be addressed.  It will naturally follow on and it will be an easier battle.  The toughest battle is against the gatekeepers.  They are a most formidable force.  Their soldiers the most powerful.  They have to be.  They appear in a variety of forms and there are a staggering number of them [and growing].  However they can and will be beaten because Satan's army [despite its size] is weaker than God's.  It is done with the only weapon we have - the Truth weapon.  The problem is, it takes courage.  Then again, it takes courage to fight on the front line of a battle field.  This is no different.  We are at war, whether we like it or not.  It is time to choose sides - truth or lies and apathy.  We need to 'man up' and get active.  We owe it to our [very few] very brave fellow freedom-fighters who have suffered severe hardship, imprisonment and death for the sake of truth and freedom for all.  It is infact the duty of all anti-NWO warriors to expose all the gatekeepers.  Imagine we were in a conventional war.  Picture it. You're stuck in a trench, rifle in hand and you discover that the bloke next to you is secretly aiding the enemy.  What would you do?  You'd rip his head off.  No mercy.  Please note - I'm not suggesting you rip the heads off any of the sheople!  They are unwitting gatekeepers.

One way of exposing the gatekeepers is to pay attention to the people who promote unsubstantiated stories.  When fabricated stories like the Hollie Greig one dominate the blogosphere [and it is by no means the only fake story] the voices of people like me, who have verifiable proof of Establishment corruption, are drowned out.  The wider [mainstream viewing] public are not going to believe the ‘way out’ stuff.  The only way to win is by publicising plain facts which can be backed up by verifiable proof.  All we need is a few brave souls to speak out and inspire others. 

Ironically it is the NWO gatekeepers [the people ‘in the know’] who are actually bringing us the all-important NWO truth; however, since they are easily discredited one way or the other, they are not believed and are instead mocked and dismissed as ‘conspiracy nuts’.   

The other concern about unsubstantiated stories is that they always contain defamatory statements against prominent people in society.  That could provide the perfect excuse for the ruling elite to bring in new laws to curb free speech on the internet.

The purpose of the HG story is to detract from and undermine genuine cases of child abuse by paedophiles in high society.  With the Hollie story muddying the waters all allegations of child abuse by high-up paedo rings and Satanism, currently spilling into the MSN get thrown into doubt.  The true scale of VIP abuse remains hidden.  Remember the NWO plan is to have elite paedophile rings in government and positions of authority. Fabricated far out stories are thwarting the efforts of genuine freedom fighters.  They buy the ruling elite more time to continue with their evil deeds and their evil plans for us.  NWO shills are making a mockery of all who have fallen foul of the State.

When stories are without substance or when only partially true they become counter-productive.  People who promote these stories and fake ‘victims’ such as Nigel Cooper, Vicky Haigh [more on these two below] are doing so much damage to the genuine anti-NWO movement. 

Freemasons, FGS, grow a backbone and listen to your conscience; just leave the fraternity and expose the corruption and wrongdoings.  You all have loved ones and many of you have children.  Do it for them.  Think about it, your silence makes you a protector of paedophiles.  

People, I am, just like you, on life's road of discovery.  I don't have all the answers, I'm just asking the questions and connecting some dots and I'd like some help!  And I am just as scared as you are.  It is not fun being on the front line, but we have no choice.  The people who hide behind anonymity might as well not bother commenting on forums; they are no different than the sheeple.  They show fear when they don't reveal their identity.  Everyone must face their fear.  How can we possibly hope to win this war if our soldiers are showing fear?  I have a question for those who blog behind anonymity - who are you trying to hide your identity from?  The only people at risk are those who become too much of a threat to the ruling elite - take, for example, Bill Cooper.  If you are such a person, the only people who are going to kill you are the State agents – and they know who you are anyway!  Also, when you remain anonymous, people will always be suspicious that you could be working for the dark side.

Only informed, motivated, courageous and honest people can stop the NWO.  

I believe eventually these psychopaths in power and their psychopathic underlings will eventually self-destruct.  I think if we stand up to them and never give up; no matter what missiles they fire at us, they will eventually give up the ghost.  My ex did.  He eventually succumbed to the bottle, and was found dead – alone and in squalor.  This was on April 3rd 2014, 15 ½ years after I’d left him.  It is my intention that all those in the so-called family justice system who gave him free rein to abuse his children, either directly or indirectly through their silence shall self-destruct too ... or shall be brought to justice.  The same goes for all those who abuse children or who assist child abusers; and that includes ALL NWO cointelpro agents; all of whom are paedophile enablers.    

I just have to trust in God to show me the way.  He hasn’t let me down yet.      

Before going any further please note, the masons are keeping a close eye on everything I publish.  This is evident just by the speed in which they delete a number of videos/blogs/articles which I comment on.  Unbelievably just as quickly as I put a link to something, the masons delete said reference.  Take a look at the Anna Raccoon site, for example; not long after I published my pdf on her, all of a sudden her site was ‘down for maintenance’.  When the site came back online, I found that at least one of her articles had disappeared!  And guess what; it just so happened to be the first one that I dissect.  This one  And it happens to be one that I go over with a fine-tooth comb; in fact I dedicate nearly 13 pages to it!  Jeesh the lengths these bastards go to in their desperate attempts to conceal the truth knows no bounds.  I even have the masons writing to me to let me know that some of my links have been replaced with a ‘404’ error message!  In fact I got such a message not long before I did another site update [March 2017]; and on a swift check of the raccoon site I find all of it has now been deleted!

Just so’s you know the Masons are getting a bit pissed off with me now and are upping the war.  Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”  I’ve gone through the stages of being ignored and ridiculed, now they’re really on the warpath.  The latest warning came in a veiled threat from Fiona Scott Johnston.  She contacted me on 18th March 2017, 15 months after my ‘Fiona of the forged letter’ pdf was published, wishing to avail herself of a right of reply.  I quote her email entitled ‘Many thanks for the best laugh in ages’:

“I feel that I and other girls who were abused by Jimmy Savile should thank you for the light hearted 'plug' you attributed to myself.
Just so you have a few facts.
1. I have never spoken to any journalist, especially one from the Sunday Mail.
2.  If I was going to forge anything it would be £20 notes.
3. Strange how they did not even have a photograph of me (except taken from the T.V. And they failed to print any letter...both myself and my solicitors have asked for a copy of 'The Fake Letter' yet nothing to date has turned up.
5 If you want anymore information try asking, not speculating.
6.  You have given old Duncroft Girls, and a few others including my whole family the best laugh ever, we printed out your 'report' framed it and hung it in our loo, our friends love our sense of humour, our solicitors however are eager to see an apology, as am proof you see, presents a problem and as I have not ever claimed a penny in compensation, had accounts hacked and faked I am in awe of your abilities with a crystal ball.” 
Ha ha; she should be in awe of GOD.  I’m just a servant.  What does she want an apology for; an attempt to expose the truth?    

So her solicitor has asked for a copy of the ‘forged letter’, hmm I’d sure like to see a copy of that solicitor’s letter!  I’d also like to see proof of “accounts hacked and faked”.  Course it wouldn’t surprise Meirion Jones, Liz Mackean and Hannah Livingston that Fiona Johnston is calling them liars. 

Listen up Fiona, I do not fear Satan’s servants; I fear only God.  You should too.  You had better understand that you will NOT be laughing when the day of judgment comes, because when that happens NO-ONE can help you – no solicitor, no judge, no mason ... only God can bring us salvation.  

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”  Matthew 10:28 

This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”  1 Timothy 2:3-4

Judgment day is real “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”  Matthew 24:36 

42Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.v 43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming,w he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready,x because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

“We are now nearing the foretold end of the present system of things, when God will destroy all elements of corrupt human society and remove the wicked. Survivors of this system’s end are “the living” who will be judged.”  Revelation 7:9-14; 19:11-16

“And someone said to him, “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” And he said to them, “Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able." When once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then he will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’ Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in your presence, and you taught in our streets.’ But he will say, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you come from. Depart from me, all you workers of evil!’”  Luke 13:23-30 

To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.” Proverbs 21:1-3 

“Those who choose to rebel against God will be permanently destroyed, as will Satan and the demons.”  Revelation 20:7-9.

“Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous; for the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.” Psalm 1:5-6 

“And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed. But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God.”  John 3:19-21 

“Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God.”  1 Corinthians 4:5 

“Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay”, says the Lord.”  Romans 12:19 

“On that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.”  Romans 2:16 

“Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done."”  Matthew 16:24-27 

“This is evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be considered worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are also suffering— since indeed God considers it just to repay with affliction those who afflict you, and to grant relief to you who are afflicted as well as to us, when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire, inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might, ...”  2 Thessalonians 1:5-10

“But before all this they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors for my name's sake.”  Luke 21:12 

9Then you will be handed over to be persecutedn and put to death,oand you will be hated by all nations because of me.p 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophetsq will appear and deceive many people.r 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.s 14 And this gospel of the kingdomt will be preached in the whole worldu as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

“Then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment.”  2 Peter 2:9 

Revelation 21:7

He that overcometh, shall inherit all things: God revealed this to John almost sixteen hundred years since; and how long it shall be before this glorious time shall come, God alone knows: the most of this time hath been, and will be, a time of fighting with the world, the flesh, and the devil; but whoever he be that shall fight this good fight, and come out of it a conqueror, shall inherit all the joys and happiness of heaven. 

Revelation 21:8

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

And all liars; and all such as are liars with their tongues, speaking what they know to be false; or liars in practice, that is, hypocrites, seeming to be what they are not.” 

“And in those days people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them.”  Revelation 9:6 

Judgment Day is Real

“For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.”  2 Corinthians 5:10 

So, Fiona, will you save yourself or will you burn in hell?   

Right, on to my War on Shills.  I started by declaring war on Sabine McNeill who runs the 'Victims Unite' website.  Here follows the sequence of events which brought me to my conclusion:     

I used to be a regular online activist on Sabine McNeill's 'Victim's Unite' website, however that all changed when she revealed to me that she is just another scum shill.  This is the comment I tried to post on the V/U comment 'Abolish the Ban' in response to her 'Big Baby' troll and to try and garner support for a War on Shills.  Sabine blocked my post and told me:  "I can't possibly go against Belinda, Sharon.  She does her absolute best but is not as 'radical' as you and I are, but is it in her own way. I built 'In Support of Belinda McKenzie' for her."  My reply to that was: "Sabine, I don't think this is about going against Belinda, this is about establishing the truth about the Hollie Greig affair.  Please will you at least post my comment on V/U and your response to it."  She replied: "I'm afraid I can't do it, Sharon!  Anne Greig told me she doesn't want anything about her and Hollie on my site!"  My response is 'PROVEN SHILLS SABINE K MCNEILL AND BELINDA MCKENZIE'.  In response to her 'Knight in shining armour' I posted some comments.  I wanted to post this comment as well in response to her comment, but found she had blocked me.  See 'When is a website Mis - or Dis - Information?'  I also posted a comment on 'A SHILL TEST'.  Sabine refuses to answer my questions and has simply moved on to a new post entitled "TOWARDS 200,000 Views and the Non-Adoption of a War against Shills"  Let's look at what she says: "Why communicate with people who are nasty to you, when you can talk to and email people who are kind?" and "No, I shall not enter or support a ‘war on shills'.  I shall not betray my vision of a ‘peace network’ of computers and people protecting our planet .... I want to increase the effectiveness of the little things I can do to spread positivity, not nastiness. I won’t set myself up as a judge of character."  Such nice, flowery, empty words.  Who's asking her to be a judge of character anyway?  She's trying to kid people that this is about someone being nasty to her for no reason.  How convenient.  She thinks people like me will go away and leave her alone so that she can have idle chat with her friends and pretend to be helping others.  There is no urgency re the impending NWO for Sabine because she's comfortable in the knowledge that she is protected by freemasonry and that this will always be the case.  If that wasn't true, she would be as keen as I am to make war with the shills.  This is just more confirmation that she is one of them; you don't go to war with your own side.  So, in summary, she is making it clear that, yes, she agrees there are shills in the 'Truth Movement', but she doesn't care because they're not a problem for her; they are her FRIENDS.   What a lying, low-life, self-absorbed fake.   She cares about no-one but herself.


Sabine wrote to me on 8th March saying, "It does hurt. Right in the heart, reading your texts about me, Sharon.  Especially after having just seen more of that stuff elsewhere" and "information on the web is bare of any emotion... you can’t make pain visible only tears. But not online.  I’m really sad about our dis-agreements and turn of events."  Well, Truth hurts, doesn't it Sabine.  You can take your crocodile tears and lies elsewhere.  You know what you have to do if you want me to be your friend again - find Jesus, fess up, beg forgiveness from your fellow human beings and then get behind me with the war on shills. 


This is what Charlie Foulkes has to say about Sabine.  She has also met Hollie and her mum and has this to say.  Please note, Charlie claims to be a victim of Lewisham council.  She lies about that.  She 'befriended' me, talking the right talk, but I later found out that she too is just another pretender.   Scroll down for more. 

See here for more of the truth about Sabine.  See also Sabine McNeill troll.  


For an update see WANTED: SABINE MCNEILL BY THE METROPOLITAN POLICE CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATION TEAM (#CRIME #EUROPE #CHILDABUSE #UK)  Gotta laugh haven’t you, this great ‘victims’ champion obviously doesn’t have the courage of her convictions.  What does she do when it’s not a game anymore; when the law catches up with her and she’s required to account for her actions?  She runs away of course and goes into hiding.  What a pathetic coward.  Here the wretched woman explains why she absconded from the Police and fled to Germany…..  For more on the ‘Hampstead ‘Satanic’ Abuse’ case, see my ‘HAMPSTEAD HOAX PSY-OP’ pdf.  See also my pdf on Tom Pride in connection.


In my post on 'When is website Mis - or Dis-information?' on V/U I made reference to 'Butlincat' [John Graham].  He has since revealed that he too is a gatekeeper.   This is how I've formed my opinion:-  

Not long after my 'Proven shills - Sabine and Belinda' document went out, Butlincat [John Graham] contacted me to tell me "they are not who they seem and their main role is definitely not what people perceive – the opposite is true.  Like how come people McNeill deals with always end up in prison?  I can name many, and its not through their own doing but because of this person's involvement."  Also, "Kay was a strong Musa family supporter.  Right from the very beginning of the family’s troubles – she was too good a supporter – so the new ones had to take her out – those new ones being Sabine McNeill with Belinda Mckenzie, and others.  Disgraceful behaviour by those who want to be seen as doing such good.  How fake can one get?"  We exchanged a few emails.  One of which is published here.  I think you'll agree that it strongly suggests that Butlincat is a shill.  Other clues are:-

Butlincat is a staunch supporter of the HG story [even though he too cannot produce any evidence to support it and he too will lie to support it] - he puts a heading up 'The Hollie Greig case is very real!' on his blog  [Incidentally, this link was sent to me by Sabine on the same day that she decided our 'debate' was terminated on V/U!]  One of the links there is to a pdf which is written by Peter Eyre, a Middle East consultant shill.  [See more on Peter Eyre below.]  Butlincat also refuses to engage in dialogue/debate with the Hollie Hoax team.  He states on his blog: "‘McKenzie Enemies’/Hollie Greig Hoax team in London: As some are aware, HGH in the persons of Sarah McLeod, Rachel Keeley and Sylvia Major addressed a meeting of the David Icke (London) group last Sunday. Anne, Robert, Brian Gerrish and I were invited to participate but unanimously declined. I told the organiser in no uncertain terms what I thought of this meeting and put pressure on her to call it off which she did not appreciate but I trust in time she and others who took umbrage will forgive my vehement stance. I’m all for free speech in principle but absolutely draw the line at engaging with people supportive of paedophiles and who endorse police non-investigation of this foul crime".  Where is his evidence that the HGH team are supportive of paedophiles?  Further he stoops to insults and baseless accusations, as in his comment of "Daly is a charletan and government agent - when he's not drunk!" here.

His friend is the liar and evildoer Robert Green.

Butlincat goes on about all the evidence he has which would expose some of the shills, yet he won't publish it or let me see it.  So, no desire to expose the shills, suggests he is one himself.

I asked him if he would ask all these other people he knows, who he says have lots of evidence which would expose the shills, to contact me; but he stays tight lipped.  Instead he sends me a bunch of useless hearsay emails. 

He says, "People are not who they seem is all i can say, and their main role is definately not what people perceive – the opposite is true."  So why is he not helping me get to the bottom of it?

Butlincat says that he is aware that some of the well-known cases are fakes.  He says,"Each time the Musas got a legal rep he was corrupted - more than likely threatened into working for H'gey. It is truly despicable what is happening as many other cases are based on fake info, even famous ones. Hemming is fake too, imho, and is very picky who he helps."  And he tells me that he stayed at Belinda McKenzie's house with Tony Farrell: "At mckenzies i met Farrel a few times - about which i reserve comment."  Notice he doesn't tell me anything about Farrell!  We can learn a lot of truth from these pretenders; they're not so smart after all, or difficult to expose.  He said, "Farrell would turn up often on his own agenda - for a hearing or something, but stay at Mckenzies."   So, here we have a high profile 'whistleblower/victim' who is represented by the proven shill Ian R Crane and who works closely with [and stays at the house of] the proven shill Belinda Mckenzie and on top of all that he stays at the same house as the Butlincat shill.  Everything points towards Tony Farrell being a shill too.  Oh and he also works closely with the proven shill Sabine McNeill and he interviews 'victims'??? on the seriously dodgy UK Column.  More confirmation here in connection with his promotion of phoney 'Charles Seven' who surprise, surprise is also championed by Sabine.

At a meeting  on 24th February 2013 Sabine "ranted about a report - unclear which report Sabine was referring to, Rachel enquired - only to be met with a diatribe of "I don't know which bloody report it was" until Rachel clarified it for her that was.... Sabine's companion Tony, was the Senior Police Intelligence Analyst who was fired from Yorkshire Police for suggesting 7/7 was an inside job.  It was interesting to see Tony DEMAND that a disabled and frail woman pronounce Gerrish's name correctly and generally act like a disruptive agitator.  What AGAIN is apparent here is that the likes of Sabine and Tony are not interested in the truth."  

These  gatekeepers seriously undermine the efforts of all genuine strivers of truth and justice.  Here's another - Maud'dib, he is the one who harasses 7/7 families and victims, who believes he is the Messiah, who is promoted on Richplanet TV [more on Richard D Hall below] and who runs the J for Justice site where he shamelessly holds out a begging bowl for £100 cash... Further, look who his friends/promoters are:- Butlincat, Alex Jones, Belinda McKenzie, Tony Gosling [more on him below], Tony Farrell, James Corbett... Form your own conclusion.  

Here are some more things that Butlincat says which further show who's side he's really on.

In one email to me, he says, "I do not have time to crucify anybody publicly, and my time is taken up mostly to do something positive - not negative, with trying to get the Musas freed, and stopping myself being imprisoned too in the process of that. I do also have an hour plus conversation with somebody who is very well known who talks about Mcneil a lot, but i will not break the confidence with the person i spoke to and make public this, and i never have made this public either. That doesnt mean i havent got the recording but it does mean i have principles.  I think there are far more important things to do than to to exposing these people, like trying to get people out of awful situations these people have helped put them in. That is my concern."   See my response to that here.  

As for the Musas, we have a shilly unsubstantiated version of events, and a distinct lack of official documentation.  See  The Musa parents are obviously in cahoots with Sabine, Belinda, Hemming and others, including Butlincat.  Not surprisingly Christopher Booker can be relied on to publicise this story far and wide, without offering anything whatsoever to support its veracity  More on Booker further down.  It seems more of the truth can be found in the Belfast Telegraph and Daily Mail who state that the Musa parents are in jail for child cruelty.      

One of the 'others' in the 'McKenzie friend' group who represented the Musas is the seedy 'common law advocate' Paul Randle-Jolliffe.  The lying toad is speaking here at the controlled opposition 'UK rally against Child Abuse' about the class action he brought against the UK family courts.  See also 'Beware of Paul Randle-Jolliffe if you seek legal advice' and read the comments which follow.  See also Ripoff Report.  

As for Maurice Kirk, he is most certainly NOT a heroic anti NWO freedom fighter.  More on him below and on the menu bar.

As an aside Maurice Kirk and Butlincat are bosom pals and both are gunning for war, yet neither have any justification for their behaviour.  Both these men and Caul Grant [more on him below too] all speak pseudo legalese and they all address authority figures, via letter and in person [for as long as they are allowed to] in an insulting and confrontational manner.  They behave no differently than the agents provocateurs you see at legit protest marches.  This is another giveaway sign that someone is not kosher.  All shills/trolls/fake 'victims' are dangerous subversive agitators.

They send out subliminal messages to genuine victims and supporters.  They want us all to fire off ‘angry’ letters as the aim is to have us all viewed as anarchists; that way we can collectively be treated with contempt by the more ‘level headed’ wider public and thus dismissed.  The genuine freedom fighter knows that violence, whether physical or in the form of verbal aggression is never the answer.  It is a sure-fire way to get us ignored.  The shills know that.   The only way we are going to be heard and taken seriously and thus win this war is when we calmly and politely present facts which can be backed up with evidence.  The shills know it too.         

Butlincat also has a keen interest in UFOs/Aliens.  [The PTB plan to fake an alien invasion/attack to cause the world to unify in a one world government against this extra terrestrial threat, to usher in the NWO.]

Butlincat promotes UK Column and follows Paul A Drockton's blogPaul Drockton [who, together with Icke and others in the 'A/M'] promotes the HG story and Maureen Spalek case.  The Hollie Hoax team say, "If you take a look at Paul's website you will see it is abound with advertising and conspiracy links ....  Paul's integrity is questionable at the very least .....We contacted Paul but it was clear he was uninterested.  Some of these individuals that claim to be part of the 'Truth Movement' are really part of the 'Untruth Movement'.  And when questioned they stick together just like the ESTABLISHMENT!"  See here for more interesting info on Paul Drockton.  

Butlincat is a reporter for Before it's news.  We might be wise looking upon a lot of these stories and the 'victims' referred to with a huge dose of scepticism!  It is worth noting that Butlincat also promotes the Lou Collins radio show.  She is closely associated with Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson and her high profile guests are:- Ian Puddick, Roger Hayes, Bill Maloney, Robert Green, Michael Doherty, Patrick Henningsen, Ian R Crane and others.  Read what the Hoax group say about Lou here.  These names, as well as Farrell, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill ... regularly crop up on each other's websites and Edge Media TV.  Birds of a feather flock together ... What is blindingly obvious is that ALL these people are high profile within the A/M 'Truth Movement'; many of them have a connection with each other and ALL have a connection with the HG story, either directly with the HDJ campaign or by being a vehement supporter/promoter of it.  I wrote to Ian Puddick [see here] and Michael Doherty [see here].  I have not yet had a reply from Doherty; Puddick did eventually reply – on 7/5/’15, over two years later [wonder why it took so long!]  As for Maureen Spalek, that case is also looking very suspect.  Her 'story' is covered by Drockton only [and repeated by other shills and well-meaning, but duped individuals.]  There is no evidence that her story is true, just a 'publicity fund' donate button for .... the Hollie Greig and Maureen Spalek cases!    I wrote to her [twice] but have heard nothing from her yet.  As for Puddick, he garners publicity from Sonia Poulton on the Not The People's Voice TV and Radio station [see more on Sonia here.] 

In order to appear credible, phonies like Butlincat support seemingly genuine cases [by writing letters on their behalf and publicising their cases] but their real loyalty is to their masonic handlers.

I believe Victims Unite was set up to keep us genuine victims under control.  Butlincat himself says that half the cases are genuine; that makes the site appear genuine.  I would say that there is a rapid decline of genuine victims commenting on V/U [notice that there are always new names popping up to comment!  There are very few of the old regulars on there now.  Sabine pretends to be doing all she can to help us victims find truth and justice, but in reality she is buying time for her masonic masters.  She does this by sending us on wild goose chases, wasting our time and money and working with her couple of 'gold dust' MPs [who we know are just acting] and by covering 'safe' topics such as:  Human Rights, Bills, Legislation, Justice, Security, Assange or True Civilisation and One Law: DO NO HARM.   She runs a mile from a 'war on shills'!  As for the 'gold dust' MPs, click on the above link, scroll down and see who else is in the 'McKenzie Friends' clique - Elfyn Llwyd MP [more on him in my story]

Butlincat heads his blog with: "N.B. John Graham aka butlincat wishes to state categorically and emphatically that he is in no way aligned to the self-publicist Sabine Mcneil or any of her alleged “organisations” or “sites”. Many people say she is working for the other side and he agrees with them!!"   Strange then that he would have this post on his blog   which is the exact same post as Sabine has on her's!  And why does Sabine allow Butlincat to comment on her site, when she has supposedly banned him!

How deep does the rabbit hole go?  The HG case really has opened a can of worms.  Steve Budge, author of  The Big Picture sums it up in his article on the Hollie Greig Hoax group.  He says: "The group have published online the lies told by the leaders of the HDJ campaign and in the process they have exposed major figures of the controlled opposition network" and, "The Hoax group have documented evidence of false accusations of paedophilia and manipulation of campaign leaders by former employees of the Tavistock Institute.  The person primarily responsible for the HDJ campaign has been shown to have links to MI5, charity fraud, Iranian terrorists, UK Column, Lloyd Pye's alien skull nonsense and think tanks at the heart of the British establishment.  The HGH group has ripped apart the credibility of the 'official' UK truth movement."  Please note Steve Budge may not be the real deal either.  See my pdf on ICENI RISING for more.    

'The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie -- deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought'. JFK        

So, the warning to any genuine victim is do not associate or risk association with any of these shills and do not have anything to do with the 'Victims Unite' site. 

Re Peter Eyre, another sign that he is a shill and that the HG story is a load of horsecrap, [apart from the fact that he too doesn't publish any or part of any report that he says he has, which would help give the story credibility] is in his careless reporting.  He frequently switches from his own reporting to that of Robert Green's, he calls Anne's brother 'Robert' when he is widely knows as 'Roy' and he doesn't make clear whether he is quoting someone else's words or not.  See an example of that here taken from page 7/8 of the pdf mentioned above.  See also his Hollie Greig Info blog.

Lost the news has this to say about Peter Eyre:  "And do you know what I stumbled across.  A big fat pile of steaming SHILL SHIT.  I originally criticised Peter Eyre, for writing such an enormous piece of unreadable turd.  Fair play, he posted my comment.  Me being me, I eventually calmed down, and lessened my tone to a more apologetic stance.  Then, after my last comment, one of his other readers posted “how can we stop it”  [I guess meaning something along the lines of stopping the so called ‘NWO’]  And the shill wanker posted this:  The process has already started but it will take time…….first you cut off their main source of funding and stop their access to the World’s Collateral Accounts and the associated Gold Bullion…….that has now been done…….now waiting for the next round of meetings to see how the rest of the cabal can be stopped etc……for our part all we can do is educate and spread the word around…..Peter Apathy machine in action!  Don’t worry people, all we can do is spread some words around.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, just in case someone out there might be paying attention.  Anyone who promotes APATHY, is most definitely being paid by TPTB.  Apathy is their favourite control toy!  They love it!  Because the end result is that we get so confused and frustrated, we just give up and go and jack off or watch some bullshit TV series.  Eyre seems to cater for the really feeble minded truther, the truther that will accept."

And now I am forced to face something that I was hoping I was wrong about.  It really does pain me to say this, but I now have to end my friendship with Norman Scarth.  I have been one of his very few long term loyal supporters.  For years I was full of admiration for his very courageous, very vocal and fearless determination to expose the endemic corruption in our courts and 'authorities'.  However all that has changed now that I realise he is not as serious about truth and justice and in making Britain great again, as he claims.  See my email to him here that shows how I came to this conclusion.  See also his view on 'B' here [as expressed on his 'Attorney General V Scarth' doc.]  

Norman is fond of telling us: "In memory of my shipmates who had died around me in World War II, & what we believed we were fighting for, I made it my mission in life to expose the rotten apples.  It has proved to be a mission more dangerous to me personally than the Arctic Convoys on which I served."   Well it appears that he finds the war on shills and fakes even more frightening and dangerous!  He knows that 'B' isn't the only traitor amongst us; he has named a few to me who he believes are working for the other side and I agree with him.  Yet he won't expose them.  Why ever not?  He understands the nature of controlled opposition and how it is used to neuter serious opposition.  He knows apathy is a wonderful weapon for the ruling elite.  It is obvious that any 'Truther' who is not 100% committed is playing games and as such, is just another timewasting gatekeeper; no different than the timewasting trolls who infect 'Victims Unite'.  

I will not waste any more time on Norman; nor will I take him seriously any more.  I do feel very hurt and betrayed.  As I told him, his blase attitude towards the deceivers has left me 'dumbfounded, disturbed and deeply disappointed'.  I'm wondering if he started off as this great freedom fighter, but somewhere along the way he was persuaded to switch sides.  Sometimes 'Truthers' are threatened or blackmailed into pursuing the establishment agenda if they become too high profile.  Norman was getting noticed.  He was recognised internationally and he was getting TV coverage.  I guess I'll never know the answer to that.  What I do know is that it is no wonder Norman had tried to discourage me [over the phone and in writing] from my 'war on shills', telling me that he was worried that I was "trying to do too much at the moment, & should perhaps ease off just a little."  I did give him one more chance to show me whose side he's really on in my email to him here.  In that email I referred to his comment on V/U where he says, "I am fortunate to know a lady who is very sharp in analysing websites and can spot mis - and dis-information sites from any distance.  In fact, she has analysed 'The Big Picture' in this 16-minute video."  I asked him if he could tell me the name of this person.  He didn't.  Instead he sent me a reply, "It was & is my intention to give you all you need to expose 'B', & will do so as soon as I can find a moment to breathe.  I am very disturbed by the tone of your message - & your threats."  Where have I made any threats???  Norman tells me I'm not giving him time to breathe, yet since my email [sent on 20th March 2013] he has managed to reel off emails [which he often does on a daily basis, sometimes twice daily] to politicians, solicitors etc exposing some Quisling or another in connection with the crimes against him.  And all I've asked him to do is to name this woman!  

Isn't it odd that this video, entitled 'Analysis of a Disinformation Website' is created by an ANONYMOUS person called EddyTheCat7 and is narrated by an ANONYMOUS woman.  Incidentally, could EddyTheCat7 be Butlincat?  and might this person be the 'ex' MI5 agent David Shill Shayler? [he has a cat called Eddy that looks just like the cat on the EddyTheCat7 videos!]  I could almost bet my life that the anon woman is a member of the HDJ camp.  One has to ask, why Norman or anyone would want to be associated with a known shill site, such as Victims Unite?  My message to Norman now is:  Norman, feel free to change your mind at any time and join me in my war on shills.  I would be delighted if we could be friends again and continue fighting alongside each other on the front line.  That message also applies to Sabine.

Update on Norman:  Don't know if he's playing mind games with me but he sent me this email on 4th April 2013, promising to send me 'stuff' on 'B' that I can publish.  I'm still waiting!  [My intention was always to give Norman and all the others I've been writing to some more time to convince me that they really are heroic anti-NWO soldiers; hence why I left it until the end of April before updating my 'War on Shills' for publication.]

I have come to realize that I've been too trusting of other alleged 'victims'.  I just believed what they said was true.  Why wouldn't I?  Knowing about corruption in the courts and authorities from my own personal experiences their stories were quite plausible.  I really didn't think I needed to ask them to prove anything.  I simply had no reason to question their sincerity.  However in the case of Norman I can see now that he was imprisoned legitimately for the crime of attacking a bailiff with a chainsaw.  The crime was published in the Yorkshire Evening Post.  Norman sued for libel, but the case was thrown out.  He did not even attend at court, neither was he represented.  Since then he's been a prolific litigant, spinning a story that he's the victim of a corrupt establishment.  But he hasn't provided the evidence of that.  See more in my mail to Charlie Foulkes.    

I am aware that others have evidence which would further expose Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie as the vile, treacherous creatures that they are.  I understand why people are reluctant to publicise.  I know that truth is a very dangerous word and that those who dare speak it get punished.  But speak it they must; for they are only putting off the inevitable.  We need to ask ourselves, what would we do to protect our children?  For example, if we saw that they were in imminent danger, would we do everything we could to save them?  Would we die for them?  Most parents would say "yes", without hesitation.  Well, that is what we're faced with here; we have to fight and risk all for their freedom.  Our inaction condemns them to a life of abject slavery.  Does anyone really want that for their child?  The war is against the secret societies; freemasonry being the biggest and most prominent one. 

Some people try to defend Sabine, pointing out, for example, that she helped them or gave them publicity.  Sure she did and that's how she gets away with the con.  She's also a very good actress and very clever.  You have to see beyond the facade and ask yourself why she and other 'truthers' vehemently support a story, so without foundation as the HG one.  And why they refuse to engage in a 'War on Shills'.  

Greg L-W says, "Is it any wonder these little nurds all hide behind idiot names! Butlin Cat ..... is an inadequate little creep with a vocabulary like an open sewer.  I've taken the liberty of addressing the posting by the fools as a separate posting and in view of the despicable dishonesty of the filth that are posting such malicious lies like David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Paul Drockton, Belinda McKenzie, Butlin Cat Litter and their like I would appreciate anyone reposting my comment in full anywhere they can on the internet to show just what liars have gathered around promoting the lies surrounding the Hollie Greig 'STORY'.  Thank You - to those who are decent enough and have the integrity to ensure my post is widespread."  See here for Greg L-W blog.  

On 11th March 2013 I wrote this email to a number of people in the 'alternative media'.  I did not bother to contact the people who are already widely known as shills.  My findings thus far have revealed that anyone who tries to steer you away from the Hollie Greig can of worms or does not want to get to the truth of the matter or [worse] supports and promotes the HG story is a shill.

From what I've seen so far I would say that ALL of these people are pretending to be NWO warriors.  What is clear is that ALL these people are gatekeepers of some sort, and as such are traitors to truth and to humanity.  I am not impressed with our army.  Our 'Truth Movement' is headed by toy soldiers and they all look pretty shilly to me!  SO PEOPLE;YOU DECIDE SHILL OR NO-SHILL?     

First up, Richard D Hall of Richplanet TV.  He has me reaching for his bullshit buzzer!  I'm sure that you too will be hitting it when you have read our exchange of emails.  [Richard's replies are in blue ink]  There is talk of him hosting a Hollie Hoax v Hollie Demands Justice debate [if the HDJ camp are brave enough to participate!] which might just make me change my mind about him.  However, from what I've seen so far, I believe Richard D Hall is no more sincere than the snake man David Icke.  There is compelling evidence that he is just another shill.  The clues are as follows:

He is making me jump through hoops to get these two teams on his show.  You'd think if he was serious about seeking the truth of the Hollie affair he'd be keen to organise this himself.  See email exchange here.  It is noteworthy that he refuses to interview the Hoax team only on his show.  [He didn't have such reservations about interviewing the HDJ people and giving them maximum publicity!]  He makes it clear that both sides need to be represented.  He knows that the HDJ hoaxers have no intention of going head to head with the truth team.  But just to give them the benefit of the doubt I did send them an invitation .... to which they still haven't replied!      

He is a fervent supporter of the HG story.  He interviewed Anne, Hollie and Robert without doing any basic checks beforehand to test the veracity of the story.  He is very dismissive of Mark Daly.  A genuine truther would want to hear for himself what Daly has to say about the HG issue, rather than just casting him aside, just because of his view of the Panorama programme.

First he calls it a "slanging match" between the two teams, then he calls it a "heated debate".  He tells me, "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  Just because there isn't physical evidence doesn't mean abuse did not occur."  Well there has to be evidence!!!  How about I go round saying he raped Hollie, even though I have no evidence.  But that’s ok because even though there is no evidence, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t ...!  Is Richard D Hall a Tavistock graduate?  He seems well trained in NLP.  A sincere truther does not speak this way.  Neither does a sincere truther, especially an investigative journalist/reporter of his stature, ask an enquirer like me to send him evidence/documents to prove the HDJ campaign was planned and was a fraudulent campaign!!!  He'll only be convinced it's a hoax if "one of the hoaxers came forward and admitted things and produced evidence of the hoax being planned"!  Jesus wept.  As if the HDJ gang of lying evildoers will ever come out with anything truthful!  They're happy to keep up the pretence, secure in the knowledge that they have the masonic Big Gun 'Truther' shills, like Richard D Hall to protect them.   

Richard has no desire to determine the truth; he doesn't even acknowlede my suggestion that Anne could silence the sceptics if she showed us a video of her and Hollie engaging in normal conversation, which would prove that Hollie is capable of naming her 22 abusers etc.  Richard is happy to continue the pretence of the HG story being "one of thousands of child abuse cases".   

His final email to me is very telling as he states, "Frankly, I do not see this as a major issue for the truth movement.  There are many far better ways of finding out shills than claiming this case to be a hoax."  [If he was an honest, independent investigator he too would be shouting from the rooftops that this case IS a hoax.  As for exposing the shills, Richard does not make any suggestions as to how!  He, just like Sabine, does not want to expose them.  Wonder why!]   

Richard and all the other 'truthers' REFUSE to do any digging re the HG affair, and with that, are ALL closed to the suggestion that there might be a bigger picture, which needs exploring.  This just confirms my belief that there IS high level masonic involvement and that a large section [if not ALL] of the 'Truth Movement' figures are in on it.   

He gives me a curt brush off re Sabine and Belinda Shill.  He has no desire to look at the evidence against them or do any investigating of his own.  He speaks in vague terms, saying he is aware of the 'suspicions' re Belinda.  But that obviously doesn't bother him.  Neither is he bothered that Belinda is a key figure in the HDJ campaign.  He says he has stayed at her house once but has had little contact with her.  

He entertains the likes of Bill Baloney on his show.  Bill Baloney has not even bothered to reply to my mass mailout email!  Or my follow up mail.  [Or the previous two emails he received regarding Sabine and Belinda.]  Maloney is another strong supporter of the HG story and he also refuses to look at the evidence which proves it's a hoax.  Moreover he is in bed with Brian Gerrish, Lou Collins, Sabine and her clan.   Shills stick together.

I think Richard Hall is bullsh....ting me re the issue of freemasonry.  If he was a genuine campaigner against the NWO, why would he say, "I think it should be illegal for anyone being paid by the public purse to be a member of a secret group and make allegiance secret groups then they should be serving the people who pay or vote for them."?  He speaks like a mainstream establishment reporter when he talks of 'serving the people', 'illegalities' and 'voting'.  He is supposed to be exposing the fact that there is no such thing as democracy and the rule of law whilst secret societies are in control and that freemasonry [together with other secret societies] is the force which facilitates the NWO.  He says he's discussed freemasonry on his shows, but in all the shows I've seen - and there have been LOTS - I've never seen him refer to freemasonry as being the controlling evil force in the background.  He speaks of MI5.  [Brian Gerrish also avoids blaming freemasonry!  He says it's 'common purpose'.]

Richard D Hall's answers are very evasive; just like Richy's of 'Lawful Rebellion'!

My final reason for my shill suspicion is his fondness for frequent coverage of UFOs and Aliens.  He believes they are a real threat and he wants more serious reporting of this subject in the mainstream news.  [Remember, one of the ways the NWO can be pushed along is if the PTB can convince the public that we all need to unite under a world government to combat an extraterrestrial threat.]  

You also have to ask the question, would the PTB allow someone like Richard D Hall such prominence on TV if he was truly independent and a serious threat to the establishment?

Take a look at these interesting comments on this FORUMMany people are questioning the integrity of Dr Judy Wood and Richard's friend Andrew Johnson.  See also Richard D Hall - Rich Planet - Exposed as Shill. 

Note, on 13/9/15 Andrew Johnson asked me to publish his right of reply.  So here it is  Andrew was one of the people I included in a mass email I sent out on 13/2/13 which stated: “Message text: WAR ON SHILLS - Please send viral.  I'm trying to garner support for a war on shills and am particularly keen to expose the lower profile ones.  See I have just exposed Sabine McNeill.  Please help.”  He replied: “Thanks for the info! I will try to study it more when time - stacked with work right now!  I do wonder about some of these people!”  More than 2 ½ years on and he’s now telling me that he was certainly sceptical of the Hollie Greig ‘case’ a few years ago and he certainly became suspicious of Belinda McKenzie.  Funny how he and Richard D Hall [who’s view of the HG ‘case’, he tells me, “has shifted somewhat now” – not that the prick provided a link for me to check for myself] took so long to speak out.  Do you think that had something to do with the HG shill test and the fact that the public are becoming all too aware now who the bullshit brigade are?  More on that in my Hampstead Hoax PSY-OP pdf.  I can’t see any evidence that Richard’s view has ‘shifted’.  I’ve had a scout around on his website, but not found a statement to that effect or article or anything.  In fact he still has this video interview he did with Anne and Hollie up  As for the forum comments, that link has now been deleted.  It seems that comments made on forums by the bullshit detecting members of the public and the enquiring minds just keep getting deleted by the masons.  As for his friend Dr Judy Wood, is he aware that she spouts such nonsense as, "somebody may have had some, like pennies on the windowsill, that fell out, that might be falling down ..."?  As for his question have I met Richard D Hall or himself?  No; I don’t need to meet a shill to know one.  I don’t associate with shills on any level.  

Richy of Lawful Rebellion [which is endorsed by UK column and BCG and has close ties to TPUC] was at first happy to engage in a dialogue.  Take a look here [Richy replies in green ink] and here at our email exchanges.  

On the 'Lawful Rebellion' website is the message: "STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT".  Well it is clear that Richy of 'Lawful Rebellion' does not stand for what is right in the HG case and it is clear that he is not a real rebel.  He thinks the HG story is 'dodgy' and has felt this way for over a year and yet he does nothing about it!  He also refuses to expose Sabine and Belinda Shill.  [He's heard they are shills, but he doesn't know that they are and he has no intention of finding out!]  People who won't expose the shills are either shills themselves or are too scared to speak out, and if it is the latter, they are not fit to be fighting on the front line or to even call themselves soldiers against the NWO.  Half hearted rebels are playing at being soldiers and are no threat to the PTB.  Those people might as well close down their websites, join the sheeple, watch the soaps, and let the NWO play out.  Richy has no desire to expose the HG hoax, therefore no desire to get to the truth behind that story and discover the bigger picture.  Worse, he is friends with a vehement supporter of the HDJ campaign, Sandra Barr!  She writes this article which reveals the very clever way the 'Hollie Demands Justice' group operate.  We can learn a lot from our enemies!    

TPUC did not respond to my emails.  See the follow up email I sent here

Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group replied to my second email.  He wanted a private meeting to discuss it!  See our email exchange here.  Roger couldn't even confirm whether or not he feels the story is 'dodgy', he doesn't want to get to the truth of the HG affair, or consider a bigger picture and he will not address the issue of the V/U shills or of any shills.  In short, he doesn't want to answer anything I've raised; he didn't even bother to reply!  No desire to expose the shills .... suggests he could be one?

He was fully behind the campaign in February 2012; in fact he was arranging coaches to Aberdeen for the 'FREE ROBERT GREEN' campaign.  The HG Hoax group say, "Roger Hayes - admitted there was something very wrong with the Hollie Greig evidence and said privately that the falsely accused should get an apology – but will not give a public statement."

Roger protects his good friend Brian Gerrish, saying "I know him very well and can vouch for his sincerity".  See his other comments on '10 reasons' why I'm sure BG is a shill'.  "In summary - Digger give us all a break - it is hard enough fighting the real enemy without having to fight amongst ourselves."  See my point below under 'Spivey' about how these big 'brave' men target what they all describe as the real enemy - the untouchables high up, such as ... the bankers.  Also notice how vague RH is in his comments on HG and how he likes to make the connection with Aberdeen paedos!  See what Revolution Harry says about the 'Pied Pipers of the Truth Movement', including the pally trio Roger Hayes, John Harris and Brian Gerrish.    

Brian Gerrish.  The kingpin of psy-ops; disinfo agent extraordinaire.  This guy stoops to new lows.  He is breathtakingly arrogant and slippery.  It greatly saddens me to know that men like Brian Gerrish and all his non-truther comrades exist among us.  I can't imagine how great it must sadden God.  I will expose this man and all the rest of these scum bags while there is breath in my body.  I am calling them out for what they are:- Snakes.  Liars.  Deceivers.

I had not written to BG; he contacted me to assert his right of reply, which is published in full in our email exchanges.  When you read his emails you will be gobsmacked at the things he says.  Please make your own mind up as to whether or not you think he is a shill.  BG knows what I think of him.  

In his first email he states, "See you are attacking me based on the 'evidence' that I didn't help someone.  Unfortunately there are many I can't help there are too many. Calls and more calls every week.  Do you have a phone number I am happy to talk direct? Hopefully I get a chance to defend myself."  When I asked him to show me how many genuine victims he'd helped or raised publicity for, he replied with a vague, "I have many cases..."  

Brian is another so-called 'Truther' who unquestioningly supports the HG story.  This is despite the fact he too cannot produce evidence to support it and he will not release the evidence he says he has "just to placate the Hollie Hoax idiots".  He didn't even respond to my request that he just name the 22 people Hollie is alleged to have said are her abusers [as far as I am aware only 14 of those people have been named.] 

He claims the Scottish authorities spent £750,000 to try and shut the case up.  Twice I asked him to send me copies of the official documentation showing the breakdown of public funding in regards to this scandalous misuse of public money, of which he is an accomplice.  He didn't.  He states that the Scottish police admitted there was no investigation.  Twice I asked him for a copy of the police documentation which states this.  No response! 

He likes to connect the HG story with the Savile situation.  There is no comparison.  Greg L-W sums it up well here: "There is no link between the facts surrounding the Jimmy Savile serial abuses that are increasingly well documented with credible, verifiable evidence.  The many claims related to Savile are related and mutually supportive, specific details from unrelated sources show a clear pattern of behaviour.  The STORIES related to Hollie Greig have been shown to be unsubstantiated, unsustainable, uncorroborated and without a shred of valid admissible evidence.  Many have seen Hollie Greig and she is clearly an unreliable and unsound witness unlike the many various articulate and credible witnesses speaking out to expose their very personal predation by Jimmy Savile and others in his clique.  There is not a shred of credible evidence in support of the STORIES of abuse of Hollie Greig, unless one counts her abuse by Anne Greig, David Icke, Robert Green, Matt Quinn, Belinda McKenzie, Brian Gerrish, Ian McFerran and their ilk who have jointly and severally set out to abuse her infantile communications skills and inability to rebut the STORIES told about her."   Also BG likes to think the HG case is "key to exposing high level abuse rings in the Scottish Establishment".  No. no, no, it has achieved the opposite; which was/is the intention of the people who are really behind this story.  

He says the answer is to get it into court.  More on that here.  He wasn't/isn't bothered about that when it comes to publicising the HDJ work of fiction!  Why won't he allow the HGH group a platform to answer the allegations with their EVIDENCE?  He, just like RDH, won't even acknowledge my suggestion of asking AG to show us a video of her and HG engaging in everyday chitchat.

As for the shills, he won't even acknowledge them; he just refers to  "so many people who are either ignorant, do the wrong thing for personal reasons or are professionals".  And he's certainly not going to "waste time on them".  He prefers to "concentrate on the key people we know are part of the NWO agenda".  He doesn't name these 'key people'!  How does he know they [whoever they are] are part of the NWO?  Notice how this big bravefart targets high up, unnamed untouchables; safe in the knowledge he hasn't got a cat in hells chance of rattling the cages of any big fish.  Gerrish, like all the other stooges know the game. 

He says, "Perhaps you notice that the UK Column website does not get involved in squabbles or attacking other activists even the ones that attack us. Why? Because the NWO wants us at each other's throats."  See how he makes the point that we activists should not be falling out with each other; that we should be united against the NWO, that's just another typical cointelpro tactic employed by these evil pretenders.  We genuine activists are united against the NWO.  We do not tolerate traitors like Gerrish.  As for his sanctimonious declaration that he does not attack other activists, it is evident in his emails to me where he calls the 'Hoax' people "foul-mouthed", "idiots", "vile" and "paedo protectors" that he lies about that too.  BG shows his true colours when he is reduced to name-calling.  

Brian Gerrish further shows he doesn't have a leg to stand on when he is reduced to trying to turn the tables on me by questioning if my story is true, then by patronizing and attacking me with ridiculous, baseless claims and accusations.

Spooks like BG use all sorts of tactics to try and derail you.  One way is to try and throw seeds of doubt in your mind about your own convictions.  BG says, "The simple answer to the Hollie case is to get it into court and let a full jury decide the truth. When that happens many people will be utterly shocked at the true story of her abuse that comes out."  RDH tried to throw me off the scent using similar tactic, asking me "If the evidence shows you are incorrect I hope you are brave enough to change your opinion."  [Remember these smooth, slick operators earn a nice living doing whatever they can to divert troublesome genuine truthers like me.  Their job is to stall anyone who gets near to exposing the truth.  TPTB know that they too are in a race against time if they are to succeed in bringing in their NWO.]

I have to say that when I was engaging with BG it felt as if I was exchanging comments with one of Sabine's trolls that I used to do battle with!  All the familiar cleverly executed masonic speak BS was there.  It wouldn't surprise me if BG was one of those trolls [or even Sabine herself!].  As if I'll ever find out the truth - hell will freeze over first.  It is an almost certainty that all these truth traitors are also the trolls.  I asked Brian if he is "beholden to the dark forces of freemasonry" and told him I strongly suspect he is and that he should "understand that there will come a day when even freemasonry cannot protect you.  Only Jesus can do that.  Freemasons claim to know God, yet they walk in darkness.  God is light.  He does not lie.  He is not mocked.  He knows and sees everything.  Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit.  All liars and evildoers will face retribution.  Better to face some discomfort now by fessing up, rather than having to endure unimaginable, unending suffering in the fiery pit of HELL."  I told him that I believe he is a shill and asked him to prove that he isn't, by answering my questions and showing me evidence that the HG story is true or by interviewing the 'Hoax' group.  He couldn't/didn't.  In fact in my final email to him I asked him to produce the evidence or to troll elsewhere.

This is the reply I got: "Sharon or is it Sharon.

You are clearly part of the Hoax Group, very confused and a believer of GLW. I feel very sorry for you.

I can tell you that the Hollie abuse case is making very good progress at much higher levels and the police are now working to bring their own top level paedophiles to light.

Sorry I haven't got time to waste on a personal explanation for you as you do not want to know the truth, are biased and supporting such foul people as Sara Mcleod (BBC shill), Baddabing and GLW.


BG ended his email with a PS, "You might like to watch the interview I did yesterday with Nigel Cooper on stolen children and child abuse. We are getting steadily closer to the scale of this and those really responsible."  Well, well, take a look at my para earlier up this page starting: "Butlincat heads his blog with: 'N.B. John Graham aka butlincat ...'"   This Nigel Cooper ex-NATO head honcho is being promoted by the three seriously dodgy characters - Butlincat, BG and Sabine and by the 'HDJ' scoundrels and on 'Before it's news' and his videos are made by 'EddyTheCat7'.  That's enough for me to raise the red flags.   

I wrote to Nigel Cooper on 6th February 2014.  20 mins or so later he replied!  Not surprisingly his response was a typical Masonic 2-fingered salute!  See here for the email exchange that followed.  As referred to in my mail, his story is a good example of how the controlled opposition undermine us genuine truth soldiers.  Nigel Cooper comes across as a delusional rambling sensationalist lunatic, such that he will not be taken seriously by the ‘level-headed’ mainstream media viewing wider public that we seek to inform.  His use of slang and inflammatory language in his story-telling is designed to appeal to the hate filled bile and mob mentality ‘conspiracy nutters’ and can safely be contained in ‘conspiraworld’ such that the wider public will never be aware of the extent that the State fails children.  We know that children are removed from good parents due to corrupt practices or on the flimsiest of reasons and that children are often placed with a bad parent rather than the good one and that the State do not step in to rescue the children who are genuinely being abused.  However the full truth is never going to be widely known whilst we have a situation where the true stories which are backed up by verifiable evidence are not broadcast and the ‘far out’ unsubstantiated stories are published widely.    

On the surface Nigel Cooper appears to be helping us lift the lid on the corruption within the family ‘justice’ system; after all he is only saying what a lot of us are.  Cooper, fellow fakes and all their heavy weight promoters in the ‘A/M’ appear to be on the right side.  They talk the right talk; they speak of the NWO plan; of an authoritarian world government which will replace sovereign nation states.  They harp on about the ‘battle for Britain’, the way we are being programmed to accept greater European integration gradually with the ‘kick the door open a little’ tactic until the public will accept what has been planned for us all along - an inexorable one-way journey in which national sovereignty ebbs to Brussels and the undeclared final destination of a European super-state.  NC speaks of destroying Social Services; he talks about the UK not having enough police, soldiers ...  Remember in order for the NWO to be achieved present structures have to collapse.  That is the aim. 

But don’t be fooled.  Look a little deeper and understand that unsubstantiated stories are counter-productive.  This gang are making a mockery of all of us genuine victims of the State and any genuine anti-NWO soldier.  They are paid to shut us up one way or the other.  When they can’t do that they have to contain us by any means.  These vile enemy agents are secretly furthering the NWO agenda and they’ll try to destroy anyone or at least hamper the efforts of anyone who stands in their way.  The galling thing is that we who are a real threat to the NWO plan are the ones paying them and paying for their Masonic mafia security [via taxes] to do so! 

However don’t despair, full truth is seeping out and the cracks are appearing in Satan’s armoury and it is only a matter of time when HE will be destroyed.  Another thing I told NC is that I’m happy I can sleep soundly at night, safe in the knowledge I have no reason to fear anyone and will never have to face anyone baying for blood when the full awakening occurs.  Oh I can’t wait for the day when Brian Gerrish, Nigel Cooper and all the NWO gatekeepers get their smug smiles wiped off their faces.  Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when the baying mob hit the warpath.  That day is not far away.  All the NWO gatekeepers get their protection from their pyramid of secret societies.  What they don’t realise is that those pyramid structures are all built on shaky ground; on Satan’s sand bed of lies.   See here for a critical analysis of the Nigel Cooper story. 

We cannot rest on our laurels though.  We are in a race against time.  As said we cannot allow unsubstantiated stories like the NC one to run amok throughout cyberspace, courtesy of shills, especially as they always defame prominent persons in society, as they provide the perfect excuse for the ruling elite to bring in new laws which will limit free speech on the internet.

Click here for more on how cleverly BG works to keep the sheeple asleep.  

Chris Spivey.  This guy is pure genius.  He has me laughing my pants off with his effing and blinding.  He's a great entertainer.  But sadly, that's all he is.  Heroic resister of the NWO he's most certainly not.  

After my 3rd email to him he replied.  See here for the email exchange which followed.  He too is too timid or too shilly [I think it's both] to take on the HDJ gang.  He wouldn't even give me his opinion of whether or not he thinks the HG story stands up.  He says the HG affair is "old hat", so he must already be well versed in the story, despite trying to tell me otherwise.  [It became evident that he is familiar with it and that he does support it because in his August 10th post he quotes from a piece written by Robert Green whom he describes as an 'investigator' and obviously holds in high regard...  We'd do well to question what other lies Chris Spivey peddles.]  Neither is this bravefart brave enough to confront the shills.  [He doesn't even mention Sabine and Belinda Shill, let alone indicate that he intends to do his own research into whether or not he agrees with me.]  When I asked him to name the people he thinks are shills, he remains schtum!  He, like all the rest of the so-called NWO rebels, will happily and confidently attack the 'untouchables' of society - the Royals, the Fat Cats, the Politicians and other 'high ups', but he won't grass up those closer to home i.e. those who he knows he could bring down.  Hence why the Hollie story is out of bounds to the people masquerading as truthers.  Too risky. There is an understanding between these 'Truthers'.  They all have each other's backs.  If one falls, they all do; they know it too.  They have to work together to prevent the first domino falling.  [Norman Scarth first alerted me to the tactic of targeting the big shill fish, rather than the attainable ones, and he, just like Spivey, encouraged me to do the same!]  These diversionary tactics are such common cointelpro weapons.  Spiv says his precious time is spent "trying to keep up with those public figures trying to bring about our downfall."  [My precious time is spent trying to keep up with enemy agents like him!]  Brian Gerrish talks about "exposing the high level abuse rings in the Scottish establishment" and "Expose the paedophiles at high level and we are well on the way to exposing and destroying the NWO" and "We are getting steadily closer to the scale of this {stolen children and child abuse} and those really responsible".] 

Once again, Hollie Greig has uncovered a most uncomfortable truth - Spiv and all his 'truther' buddies have no desire to see a resolution and so no desire to see 22 wrongly accused people of paedophilia and 7 wrongly labelled as child abuse victims, vindicated.  Neither does Spivey or his cohorts care about the bringing to justice of the HDJ scammers and none of them give a toss about trying to restore credibility within the A/M T/M.  They don't care that there could be numerous other fake 'victim' stories and the people connected wanting our money, sympathy and our time.  Not one of this lot care because they are being paid not to care.  They are all soulless, dishonest, immoral, evil cowards.  And all of these seemingly 'heroic' high profile so-called 'Truthers' are too egotistical to notice that they are viewed with nothing but contempt and derision now.   

These self-absorbed arrogant fools are so full of themselves, their site popularity is more important than truth telling.  [Sabine was keen to tell us that her site was on course to hit 200,000 views.  Spiv himself has got impressive rankings.  In an email to his MP he states, "Indeed, you may even be familiar with my website. However, should this not be the case, and purely for information purposes you may be interested to know that my site is currently averaging 15,000 – 25,000 views a day, every day and rising. No small number, as I am sure you will agree. Furthermore, according to my site is ranked at 10,217 in the UK, and 206,370 in the world. To put that in perspective, your website does not qualify for a UK ranking and you have a world ranking of 13,325,024 – some 13 million plus places below mine."]

Finally, Spivey has connections with the Sovereign Independent [as an ex writer.]  They are closely connected to the UK Column.  He is friends with the well known freemason shill David Icke and he thinks highly of Ian Josephs [more on him below] and Bill Maloney.  Check out the others he links to and the people they link to!!!  In Spiv's posts are links a plenty to UK Column, Alex Jones, Before it's News ... You can tell a lot about someone just by their links.  Incidentally I wrote to the Sovereign Ind but didn't get a reply.  I did get a mail from Spiv's 'Outlaw' pal 'Jimmy Jones' [Royden James Jones] though.  I sent him a reply, however, instead of responding to any of my questions or suggestions this is the response I got from him months later, on the 8th september '13, which prompted this exchange.  By his companions we shall know him ...

People PLEASE, do NOT donate your hard earned cash to these scam artists.  Expose them instead.

Please note, Spiv gave me a mention [see here] in his 20th October 2013 'Dying of thirst' post on his site.  I know this because I receive[d] daily notifications of his latest postings as I like to cast an eye, time permitting, to see the direction he's going in.  A few days later when I was updating my 'War on Shills' with a reply, I found that the link sent me to an 'error' message.  I then found his forum offline due to some 'tech problem' and him bleating about some "sophisticated, government generated attack" and that it'll cost too much to keep his site online and he needs a "tech wizard" and blah, blah, blah ...  What a load of old baloney.  It scares the hell out of me that people believe this BS.  Then again it would not surprise me if a large proportion of commenters on his posts are his lapdogs.  Funny how others can keep their sites online and at a fraction of the costs he's talking about.  My own website host and tech wizard, Dave, tells me that you can get unlimited bandwidth for around a third of the price he's quoting.  If Chris Spivey wants to contact me I can put him in touch with Dave who offers good advice and can host his site.  

As for Spiv calling me a 'wannabe', that's just more proof [if it were needed] that he regards all this 'truthing' as a game, and a profitable one at that.  Wannabe what???  A celebrity truther?  There is no such thing.  There are genuine truth tellers who, along with their families, suffer a living hell for speaking 'dangerous' truth and there are pretend truthers - controlled opposition agents.  The ones in the first category who are getting noticed and therefore becoming 'problematic' eventually end up dead or 'disappeared'.  The ones in the second category live comfortable lives under masonic protection.  As for his comment that I "never will be for comment", what does that mean?  He's never asked me to comment!  Best of all is him saying: "At this point, just so as to avoid any confusion amongst you, as well as avoiding giving unnecessary hard-ons and wide-ons to the self appointed, ‘Deputies of the Alternative Media’ – Media Authentication Department (DAM-MAD)....This surprise discovery leaves DAM-MAD with no alternative other than to place the popular AM Journalist onto the Disinformation Register for wide spread circulation amongst the true heroes struggling to report the truth."  Well by definition aren't all of us 'truthers' 'self-appointed'?  The nincompoop has accidentally revealed that he is not an independent researcher but is infact appointed by and working for a secret boss.  Chris Spivey's not so smart after all; despite his high IQ.  

Did Spivey soil his pants and do a runner?  His site went offline on 27th Oct.  It seems to me that the nonsense he posted on the 26th was a precursor for this, which appears to be a damage limitation exercise.  Perhaps agent Spiv's handlers feared he was on the verge of exposing himself and decided that the best course of action was to close him down temporarily to regroup.  Just saying. 

If you need more confirmation about who’s side Spiv is really on, you might like to read an email exchange entitled ‘Spivey the sellout’ I had with Riaz Natha who comments under the name 'WaxOnWaxOff' on Spiv’s 14th Feb ’14 ‘RG arrested’ post

On Spiv’s 15th Feb post in support of his pal Robert Green, whom he describes as a “model of respectability” [excuse me while I just throw up again] he talks about theft of Green’s personal belongings such as computers and mobile phone by the police: “The seizures denied Robert material for his defence and evidence to support his accusations of a cover-up.  It now appears that the authorities are again desperate to find sufficient ‘evidence’ to silence Robert in his campaign to expose child abuse.”  PIFFLE.  In just that one quote of Spiv’s is a massive bag of BS.  All genuine whistleblowers store their important stuff in a secret safe location away from home and they have copies of everything stored with trusted friends.  The Green Plant and his bud Spivey – a whopping pair of tricky dickies if ever there were. 

Look, RG was arrested LEGALLY for breach of a Non Molestation Order.  In other words RG is being told to stop harassing and spreading lies about Elish Angiolini.  For heaven’s sakes folks Green and gang are paid big bucks, courtesy of you and me the dutiful taxpayer to play act.  Rusty is also an actor.  According to Spiv he is facing “bumped up charges relating to allegations made linking Elish Angiolini to the Hollie Greig scandal cover up.”  Argghhh!  The ‘Hollie’s army’ rat pack are out in force spreading their evil lies that this is all part of the cover up.  This foul gang need to be stopped and now.  Be very scared.  What is at stake here is our freedom of speech.  The ruling elite have control over everything – except the internet.  But it won’t be long before they have control over that too.  When that happens, it’s game over.  We’re all doomed.  Folks, please understand these agents are happily getting themselves imprisoned to make themselves look genuine.  It is all part of the game.  Remember their job is to fool us and confuse us.  These egotists don’t suffer any hardship in prison; they’re treated as heroes.  And they’re lapping it up and loving it.  It's all theatre.  Shills are good actors.  Just like politicians.  Open your eyes and see them for what they are: snivelling, serpentlike, vile, cancerous, verminous, treacherous creatures.  All of whom have sold their souls to Satan.        

As for Spivey’s ‘illegal arrest’ on 30th July 2014, this is just an attempt by TPTB to convince Joe Public that the hapless Spiv is the real deal.  Here's my take on it.  See the reaction to the video of Tom Cahill's narration of Spivey's "arrest" debunkathon in the comments section.  You can also read them here   See also Tom's video and the comments underneath re Spiv's second 'illegal' arrest [6th October 2014].  You can read the comments that I made under his second Spivey ‘illegal’ arrest video here  For an update on the Spivey ‘illegal’ arrests saga [psy-op] click here.  Please also read my ‘Digging into Jimmy’s socks’ pdf [scroll down to p29 for the section on Jimmy] and my ‘Email to JJ re his socks’ pdf.  I sent that email at around 10pm on 1/12/15.  3 hours later he replied!  Why should I be surprised at such a speedy response; it's a typical shill trait.  You can read it here.  It is confirmation that 'Jane' is his sock and that he should remain in the hall of shame. 

Please note I did hold Tom Cahill in high esteem for the brilliant work he was doing exposing the cointelpros.  Sadly however all that changed when he revealed to me that he too has sold out as he will only expose some of them.  Anyone who knowingly protects a shill with their silence is serving the dark side.  Take a look at our December 2015 exchange of views under his video on Spiv’s second ‘illegal’ arrest.  I’ve copy/pasted it here in case it disappears off the page.  

As said in my pdf on Tom Pride Tom Cahill is now neutralised.  That will not change unless he convincingly exposes the shills – Jimmy Jones, KFM, Kollestrom, Richard D Hall, Mark Windows ...  Half-hearted freedom fighters are only playing at being soldiers and are no threat to the PTB.  I had wondered if Tom was a knowing NWO gatekeeper or just being incredibly naive.  I don’t believe it’s the latter.  But even if it was, it still makes him a gatekeeper as he’s no use to anyone but the PTB [they don’t care whether they have paid employees furthering their NWO or useful idiots.]

Let’s just remind ourselves of some signs that someone is a gatekeeper for the NWO.  Tom is guilty of all the following points:

1]They want to discuss things in private; and usually over the phone.

2]They don’t answer questions; instead they do plenty of obfuscating.

3]They’ll expose some agents; but not all.  Any agents that they’re not allowed to expose will be done in a half-hearted unconvincing way; if at all. 

4]They want to expose the ‘big’ fish, whilst refusing to expose the ‘small’ fry i.e. the people who protect those big fish.  That makes them complicit in crimes against children.

5]They procrastinate.

6]They never deal with ‘out of the Masonic matrix’ issues; everything must be kept ‘in the box’ at all times.

7]They never expose the fact that it is freemasonry that is the evil force which keeps us all imprisoned. 

This is how I became suspicious of Tom.  In his email to me on 6th December ’15 he says: I know Nick a bit.  I have met him a few times.  He's a disinfo, but I'm not sure he knows that he's being used.  The more time that goes by hasn't changed this as he seems to be incapable of doing things that are in his own best interests, and this is the effect he brings to others.  If you have anything specific that you can nail him on I'd be interested as he's been off with me for some time, and come to think of it,  a lot of these people give themselves away when they do that as there's no other really obvious indicator. It's almost like they think I know something that I don't.  Do tell me your thoughts though.”  

I told Tom that I believed Kollerstrom was being ‘off’ because he knew Tom was genuine. I also quoted what I’d written about Kollerstrom on my W-O-S [see just below].  I warned him to beware KFM and quoted from my ‘Digging into Jimmy’s socks’ pdf: Looks like Jimmy is in cahoots with KFM.  I’m going to have to look into them now too. A quick nosey at their site and I find a Donate button. That’s worrying. On their ‘Groups’ page I find links a plenty to shill sites - The Outlaw, The Peoples United Community, David Icke, Freeman on the land, Land of the Free, Get out of debt free ... On their ‘Videos’ page are links to lots of shills: Michael Tsarion, Red Ice Radio, Kevin Annett, Andrew Johnson, Neil Sanders, Michael Tellinger, Richard D Hall, Mark Windows, Jeff Rense, Jordan Maxwell, Guy Taylor ... Here we see Deborah Williams hobnobbing with Nick Kollerstrom; the same Nick that supports Sir Spivey; the same Spiv that Deborah says is ‘dodgy’: “Experience has taught me to watch out for people who have dodgy connections and as I have stated in this blog, Danielle also has connections to the UK Column, Lou Collins, Bill Maloney and Chris Spivey.” Have a look at this page too ogPost%3A62109&page=12 whereby we find Sheena Williams getting publicity - saying her four grandchildren were forcibly adopted. They don’t provide the evidence for that of course. The links provided are to the HGJ ‘anti child abuse’ fraudsters and other shill sites – UK Column, TPUC, ‘Name & Shame social workers’ blog ... Also on the same page we find publicity for F4J. More on them on my ‘Zoompad’ pdf. Looks like the KFM are another bunch of piss taking disinfo mongers. Just the fact that they have Jimmy Jones on board seriously discredits them. It’s funny that he became a KFM member in December ’14, just when Tom Cahill was doing some serious damage to Danielle La Verite and a host of other degenerate filth. Of course the masons were never going to allow Tom to continue the momentum he had going with his excellent work exposing Team Spiv. Not only did they need Jimmy, they got KFM on board too, to help curb it. Nuff said about KFM for now.”    

Please now read my pdf entitled Tom Cahill is a NWO gatekeeper.  

A swift update: It is evident that Tom has no intention of doing a video exposing Jimmy Jones, as he said he would during our Dec 2015 conversation.  Instead he posted the following comment on 5/1/2016: "Jimmy asked me what I thought about you doing a 'proper job on him'? I told him I didn't know what he meant as you hadn't. He sent me some totally inconsequential stuff about how he was being attacked for exposing child abuse related things, but it wasn't anything of substance and I agree with you he never actually has done this, so it doesn't make sense. I'm not saying he's a cointel or not. If he is one he's not doing a good job of it, or, maybe he's doing a good job doing nothing and getting paid.  The problem being is despite his dramaticism, no one's done anything to him that he can prove, and he's done nothing to anyone else which I've found evidence to indicate as being likely, so like I say, I read over what you read, and I didn't see anything in there that was remotely convincing let alone by way of conformation; AND, moreover, if he's not doing anything, what's your interest in him?  To which I replied: “Tom, that comment you just posted is more jaw-dropping than your others.  You have completely discredited yourself.  You are a pathetic cowardly despicable traitor.  Shame on you.  All I can say is God help you when the mass populace realise that you too are massively assisting the NWO slavery agenda.  Seriously, Tom, do yourself a favour, take down all your videos and go into hiding.  No-one is going to listen to you anymore.  Everyone knows that you’ve joined the pretend brigade; you will be forever known as a pro-paedophile traitorous cowardly subversive.  I honestly don’t know how you can live with yourself.

I’ll quote Timothy 4:2 for you again – Those who depart from the truth speak lies in hypocrisy."

Let’s just remind ourselves we are at war, whether we want to be or not.  The war being waged is an information war.  The people we're dealing with are merciless, conscienceless, destructive scum.  This is not a mere game, nor an online hobby, nor a form of titilating 'alternative' gossipy entertainment. It is not for the faint-hearted or the naive; it is a serious challenge of powerful, wealthy figures. They will go to any lengths, stoop to any depths, to protect themselves.  And they have an unconscionable amount of unconscionable stooges doing their bidding.  The internet affords great freedom of speech, but also gives a wider scope to those who wish to suppress it, manipulate and discredit information presented and those who present it.  This sort of activity has long been the preserve of the security services and their deniable, out-sourced private agencies; all of which are now completely controlled by freemasonry.  Genuine researchers and presenters of ‘dangerous’ truth need to be on constant guard for personal attacks, threats, disruption through sophisticated trolling techniques such as 'snowing' and 'intoxication', and to be aware that all their communications can and will be monitored by the Masonic controllers.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.  George Washington.

Another individual I don't trust is one Nigel Beckwith.  His approach was similar to Butlincat's who tried to befriend me, pretended to be on my side to gain my confidence in an effort to confuse me, question my own rationale, get me off the scent and ultimately get me to shut the F.U. and go away.  This is how these scoundrels work.  You get used to spotting the clues when they write the killer line: "One thing that happens is when two well meaning people get set up to fall out and one ends up calling the other a shill and so on "on line".  The truth is that we should be able to air views without trying to destroy each other so to speak.  The powers that be love this."  This is typical troll speak; these NWO are paid to manipulate us genuine fighters against the NWO so that we start distrusting each other, fighting each other, become isolated and finally give up - typical divide and conquer techniques.  More clues in shill speak is when they write such bollocks as this

My old friend Norman Scarth used this tactic on me, saying "I love you Dear Sharon & will be forever grateful for the super-human work you have done on my behalf - over something like ten year or even more!  BUT - I am seriously worried that you have been doing far too much, & that it is having an effect on the rationality of your thinking.  It appears that EVERYBODY [apart from Sharon] is a 'Shill'." 

Genuine truth soldiers do not waste the time of other genuine truthers; they get on with doing their own research, gathering proof and convincingly exposing shills, or they publish verifiable evidence of corruption and cover-up that they are aware of.

One Darren Laverty, another seemingly supportive individual, also showed up in my inbox, saying simply “Wow.  Just Wow” about my blog.  [This was around the same time as Beckwith].  I didn't get into dialogue with him.  I knew that one day I’d be exposing him instead.  Around 18 months later – March 2015 I set about the task.  Read on  Read up on his fellow Spiveyite super trolls too – Jimmy Jones [scroll down to page 29] Gojam, Adeybob, Sheva Burton, ZoompadJanette  Scharenborg Will Black, Tom Pride,  Anna Raccoon  See also my pdf on Andrea Davison.  

As for Adeybob, he sent me an email on 18th February 2016, with the subject heading: “I’d like to clear it up”.  He says: “I just read your pdf about me.
You got me wrong, and I am giving you one chance to take it down.
You haven't just got me, and many others, wrong, but you have also made me feel sick to my stomach with the things you said about me.
Why didn't you even bother to talk to me before you said such outrageous and hurtful things?”

He’s giving me a chance, is he?  OR what, Adey?  Are you going to pay me a hostile visit?  Or are you going to send your henchmen to do your dirty work?  Perhaps the police should make their enquiries with you should any harm come my way. 

If the truth makes him feel sick to his stomach, well, that’s his problem, not mine.  Frankly paedophilia makes me sick to the stomach; as does anyone who protects paedophiles – like him.

If he doesn’t like what I write, he doesn’t have to read it.  He hasn’t said where I got him wrong – or where I got anyone else wrong.  Notice incidentally he doesn’t give me the names of those ‘others’! 

He’s free to blog whatever he wants, and he’s free to troll wherever he likes.  He can address any inaccuracies on his own site or elsewhere.  I’ve given him his right of reply on mine.  I’ve been more than fair.  And I’ll say the same to any of the ‘others’ who voice a protest. 

Update: It seems I’ve struck a nerve.  Desperate Adrian McCormack is now threatening me with the police!!!  Adey gets attacked ... with the truth; and what does he do?  He runs to the police for protection; of course.  Ha ha, warra wimp.  This is what he sent me on 5th August 2016 under the subject heading “Why?” [my comments, as always, in red]: “Why are you attacking me.. changing my words [I don’t] .. insulting me.. calling me a liar?  I do.  If one iota of your vehement words about me were true, I would hang my head in shame.  That would be impossible for you since you – like all trolls - have no conscience.  But excuse me while I don't, you bloody loony.  As it is, just about everyone who reads your violence is likely to think very ill of me, [good, that’s the idea] were they to depend on your twisted view.  Not my view; just the truth.  WHY?  What kicks do you get out of it?  You call me evil..?  YOU are who call me evil - how dare you, you jaded hypocrite.  I challenge you to back up what you have said about me [I have done – in detail; all on the pdf] ..because I am sick and bloody tired of jokers like you.  You’re the joker.  Nasty little people who write nasty lies about people [wrong again; I write the truth about people] - I CHALLENGE you to find anywhere where I have attacked someone in the way you seem to revel in doing.  I'm fucked off with the lot of you sicko's.  I'm leaving your sick twisted evil for the police to sort out.  Cos telling the truth is a criminal offence.  I mean it, Barbera.  My name is Sharon. You and your sick little games with your sick little friends have pushed me too far.  This SHIT IS going to end.” 

I’ll ask him a question – why does Adeybobully feel the need to threaten me?  I don’t threaten him.

Another Spivey suck up evil subversive who also wanted to give me more proof [as if that was ever needed] of whose side he’s really on is Robert Chewter.  This is the clown who says “It would be interesting if you could convince the Racoon gang that Webster was the liar we know him to be as to the Racoony loonies Webster is regarded as some sort of legend and folk hero and to have that creep debunked would show them up a lot.”  See p 16 of my pdf on the Lavatory.  I had replied: “That’s easily done. Get to it Chewie, ya lyin little creep. I’ve done all the leg work for you – all you have to do is break ranks with your pal Daz and all the other slimy sewer rat Establishment stooges, and endorse my PDFs on ‘ANNA RACCOON’ ...”  Did he endorse my work?  Hell no.  Instead he sent me this email on 29th February 2016: “INTERESTING ABOUT GOJAM BUT ...  YOU WERE DOING OK BUT YOU BLEW IT...








Not long after he must’ve discovered that I’d already exposed him, cos he’s really spitting feathers now.  On 17th and 18th March 2016 he sent me a flurry of emails, calling me an idiot, dense, thick ... and then he asks for an apology.  Ha ha.  Get lost Chewie.  

It seems I’m starting to rattle a few cages now.  Another of Satan’s little helpers, who goes by the name ‘Delta Papa perks.darren@gmail.comsent me this threatening email [on 10th September 2016]: Sharon

Your recent written nonsense of Ben at HPANWO is not only slanderous
[how can nonsense be slander?  And if I write nonsense, why do you go to the trouble to write to me?  In any case truth isn’t slander] but you have now have mine and my colleagues attention.  What this prick Darren Perks [if that’s even his real name] means is that he and his freemasonic mates do not like me very much.  Listen up Perky, I’m well aware that I’m pissing the masons off.  Why don’t you do yourself a favour, grow a spine and dump your scumbag colleagues. 

Word of advice, stop now while you have chance, because if not you are opening yourself up to a few things that will make your life very difficult.  My life’s already very difficult.  That’s the price you pay for serving God.  You can do what you want; I don’t fear Satan’s servants; I fear only God.  You should too.  Trust me; you do not want to feel his wrath.  Why do you threaten me?  Why do you fear those who speak the truth and who take a stance against paedophiles and freemasons?  Are you a paedophile?  I’ve got some words of advice for you, stop being a weak cowardly NWO gatekeeper, and start supporting those who stand up for what’s right.  If you don’t, you will be rotting in hell forever.  And it is forever.  

I'm not going to go into detail about what I know do [what you know do?  Ha ha, mate, you’re lost.  You don’t even know what you know/do] but my group and our affiliates are everywhere.  Satan’s Masonic army may be big; but it’s no match for God’s servants

Balls in your court.  Why don’t you grow some balls, tell your mates down at the lodge to ‘do one’, and join GOD’s army.  Go on; stand alone; I dare you.


I’ve got another message for Perky and his gang of thugs in suits, who hide behind anonymity whilst dishing out threats [wow, what brave men they are, picking on a middle aged lady], don’t be so smug as to think that your identity will always be protected.  My readers and I may not know who you are, but our Lord and master knows each and every one of you.  It is written in Matthew 10:26: But don't be afraid of those who threaten you.  For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.”

International Mens Organisation.  Take a look here at their response to my mass mail out and my reply [which was ignored].  IMO fully support the HG story.  IMO gave me a link to 'Hollie Greig, the Jimmy Saville connection' a video made by George Farquhar outside Saville's Glencoe property.  Farquhar is linked to 'The ongoing fight in Scotland for Hollie Greig' reported by Eyre International.  On this blog there is a donate button, which when clicked leads you to the Peter Eyre show and the Paul Drockton show.  Nuff said!  

Tony Gosling.  This ex BBC reporter says he too is "concerned about the case".  See our email exchange here.  If he was genuine he would already have an article written on it and would have pointed it out to me!  Tony Gosling is just another pretender; he is, like Richard D Hall, a high profile investigative journalist/reporter who would prefer someone else does his investigating for him!  He "would have appreciated [me] highlighting one or two facts in [my] email reply".  Like all the rest, he's comfortable being passive on the HG issue.  He casually casts it aside saying, "I'm not aware of any hard evidence that the story is a hoax".  [Like RDH and all the other jokers he has no intention of finding out more and no intention of exposing this scam].  He is also closely associated with Belinda McKenzie and visits her house and, in line with agreed policy, he too will not grass up his pal and her partner in crime Sabine McNeill.  

On TG's site is a section 'Published attacks on me - Tony Gosling'.  You may wish to have a read and form your own opinions.  I've already formed mine!  

He is FB friends with McKenzie, McNeill, Ian R Crane, Sonia Poulton ...

He reduces his own credibility just by lending Tony Farrell credence   

And here he is [2/8/15] interviewing Sabine McNeill and being publicised on David Icke’s blog.  She’s saying the police want to lock her up because she’s too much of a danger for them; she says she’s too much of an exposer.  Nauseating.  Gosling also talks about his interview with Maurice Kirk [13 mins].  I couldn’t stomach any more...

And look who Gosling interviews on 2/11/15 – Cheryl Gormless, err Corless  This bint just chats bullshit and buzzwords.  Just listening to Gosling taking her seriously is cringe worthy.  At least his other guests - although truly evil - are of high intelligence.  Not only has he lost all credibility giving her any air time, he’s made himself look like a complete and utter nincompoop too.  More on Corless in my ‘Digging into Jimmy’s socks’ pdf.          

Online Publishing Company - I received this reply from Caroline Bayford; but nothing since!    

To all the people who didn't reply, I sent a follow up  email on March 28th 2013.  The reply I received from holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom is, "ta for sharing your endeavour, but ToT is NOT involved in paedophilia and I have no wish to make any judgements on the subject.  We all have our specialist area where we can comment meaningfully,  NK."  COP OUT!  This is the NK who is closely associated with Chris Spivey, Tony Farrell, Belinda McKenzie and David Shayler.  They All enjoy TV coverage.  He is also a regular on Richard D Hall's 'Richplanet' series.  The internet is awash with coverage of NK the 'Conspiraloon 9/11 - 7/7 Truther' and there are questions as to whether he is a disinfo agent for the 7/7 terrorist attacks. 

It is clear that the so-called ‘alternative media’ is saturated with shills and spooks of one type or another.  Daniel J Towsey explains the extremely effective way the psyops keep real truth-seekers/tellers under control in his article, "Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations".   Please note unfortunately Daniel Towsey is also shilling for the Illuminati. 

The reply I received from Tom Pride of Pride's Purge needs framing.  He writes, "What's the NWO?"  TP won't be taking the piss when his life becomes an Orwellian nightmare under the rules of the NWO.  I hope Mr Pride will be proud of himself when his loved ones ask him why he helped enslave them. 

Others I sent a follow up email to [but who did not reply] are:- 

Bill Maloney of  Nuff said about Bill Baloney already.  [My first email was sent, but delivery of my follow-up email failed.]  This site is hosted by the infowarsnetwork and there are links to a lot of shill sites.  This is what Chaukee says about VC.  Lots of links to shill sites.  Lots of links to shill sites. Lots of links to shill sites. 

The slog.  John Ward, publisher of The Slog, was on the panel of the 15th January 2013 House of Commons meeting of slippery creatures.  Form your own conclusion, but here he is keeping company with the C/O actors - Sabine and her MP pals, Belinda and Vicky Haigh [more on her below.]  This is what John Ward says on his ‘about’ page: “At the start of August 2015, after just over five years in existence, The Slog passed 16.3 million views all-time. A year ago the figure was 9.7 million.”  He’s supposed to be an ‘alternative’ voice, and he’s not winning the info war?!!!  What more needs to be said.  I think it’s clear whose side this man is on.

Not one of my 'Hollie' correspondents was interested in uncovering the truth of the HG story.  So, of course, none of them wanted to know why this unsubstantiated story was deliberately spread via the A/M like wildfire in the UK and worldwide [and kept in our collective consciousness].  Furthermore, NONE of these gallant infowarriors wanted to expose any shills.  Then again, we now know why!  If any of them were genuine truthers, they'd already be exposing the Hollie hoax and the associated shills; in fact they'd be kicking up a real stink over it all.

The Hollie Greig affair has revealed that all the gatekeeper 'truthers' have one thing in common, they ALL boldly target the big fish [the ones who are openly assisting the NWO agenda], knowing that they haven't got a cat in hell's chance of doing any damage whatsoever to these types.  But when it comes to exposing their 'friends' [the traitors in our midst]; oh my, what a different story!  They ALL scurry off like the cockroaches they are.  The analogy is of soldiers firing arrows through the safety of castle turrets, but they won't venture onto the battlefield and face the enemy head on.  With soldiers like that, we might as well all lie down and surrender to the NWO executioners.  

Fence sitters are just as cowardly as shills; their inaction makes them gatekeepers of one form or another.  All these types [and the sheeple] are supporting paedophiles and other vile people in high up places and thus, ultimately, their own enslavement.   

Despite all the shilly dirty trickery, the dominoes are falling and it is only a matter of time when all of these slick pretenders are exposed for the lying, treacherous creatures that they are.  The shills are slowly sinking in a sea of sludge.

One thing I find curious is that these shills shy away from mentioning the fact that Freemasonry is the sinister force working in the background in all spheres of power in every society and is the reason corruption is so rampant and rife throughout the world.  I have heard people say that not all freemasons are bad.  That's like saying half-truthers are not bad.  Look, there are no half-measures.  You are either on the side of Satan [evil] or of God [goodness].  Freemasonry is an inherently evil secret organisation.    If it was not, there would be no secrets; it would be 100% open and transparent to the public.  End of.  If you are a mason, you are supporting the evil which originates from the higher echelons and filters down.  The footsoldier masons prop up the pyramid structure.  All freemasons are NWO gatekeepers.  These are the Judases we need to target and expose.  See Zen's brilliant analysis of the part-truthers here.   See also his blog The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition.  Please note Zen is another toy soldier as he is also a part-truther.  If he was an independent warrior against the NWO i.e.a full truther he would not be linking to shill sites, he'd be exposing said shills!  He'd also be exposing the HG story as a hoax [he ignored the emails I sent him in this regard!]  One might ask why would an enemy agent raise awareness of the very team [the pretend opposition network] in which s/he belongs?  Here is the extremely effective psy-ops game at work.  This is how these psy-oppers fool us into believing they’re the real deal.  Remember the real battle is for our minds.  These agents are brilliant psy-warriors. They have an amazing amount of ‘head-fuck’ tactics - they go to great lengths to appear genuine, even writing phoney letters to a range of authority figures ... and have you noticed how many of them talk about God?   In layman's language these double agents are constantly thinking up ways to fool us, confuse us, get us off the scent, muddy the waters and then muddy them some more ... so that we give up and go back to sleep.  It really is no wonder we’ve been kept in the dark for so long.  But take heart we are starting to see the light – ‘unpleasant’ truth is emerging; it turns out Zen was the leader of a notorious kiddy fiddling and torture outfit – the Family or Children of God.   

The problem is there are so many pretend 'Truthers', fake online ‘sleuths’ and fake 'victims' out there, popping up all the time.  The rabbit hole does run deep.  It is very difficult to know who can be trusted.  This is where the 'Big Gun' shills have got it sewed up.  Most people trust that the high profile 'Truthers' in the so-called 'Alternative Media' don't lie and wouldn't lie about individual 'victim' cases.  Most people assume these 'Truthers' have the evidence that a case is genuine.  But a can of worms has now opened with the Hollie Greig saga.  So what or who else are they lying about?  I think it would be wise to question all 'victim' stories if that 'victim' gets lots of publicity/representation from a known shill and especially if that 'victim' works closely with a known shill.  See here for more on the fakes and their purpose.  

I'll now give a swift mention of one more well-known 'victim' that I used to support - Vicky Haigh.  I supported her mainly on the basis that Sabine [who I thought was trustworthy] was/is a strong supporter and I just assumed she had the evidence that Vicky is truthful and genuine.  Now, I'm sceptical because she is another high profile 'victim' and is closely associated with the shills - Sabine, Belinda and John Hemming.  Further she is supported by Butlincat.    

According to Ian Josephs, publisher of 'Forced Adoption' there were 2 police interviews, whereby Vicky's daughter complained of sexual abuse by her father David Tune.  A psychiatrist saw the child and there are medical records and reports from school teachers.  According to Josephs, all these professionals reported that Vicky's daughter had been sexually abused.  See the Ministry of Truth site and  UK Human Rights Blog.  I'd be interested to read the documentation to support this i.e. police reports or transcripts of recordings, reports by teachers and the psychiatrist, medical notes; also if any of these professionals are named.  If there isn't any firm evidence, then nuff said!  There is mention of these professionals' involvement in the court judgement; however nothing to back up the claims of Vicky Haigh and nothing to suggest her daughter had been abused.  This is Sabine's idea of 'evidence'!  It includes 'MY DADDY IS A PAEDOPHILE' which is an uncorroborated, biased version of events.  I wonder if David Tune has read this.  Looks like he has strong grounds to sue Sabine for defamation.  I would love to see her trying to prove what she says is true.  She also says "medical and school reports are further evidence of actual abuse."  But she doesn't publish these reports; we just have to take her word on that!  And she says, "I have copies of the two police videos on which the girl describes how her father has abused her.  I could publish them by replacing her name with X, but that’s a lot of tedious work of scanning and uploading."  Well Sabine has got enough time on her hands to do such a job.  Perhaps she'd rather not because there just might be, in amongst all the revelations of abuse X was primed to repeat, something in the police records which could reveal an inconvenient truth for Sabine and co-horts.  For example in Vicky’s letter to her daughter’s guardian, one of the things she says is, “My innocent daughter has had you worked out all along especially when she totally ignored your presence in a contact session last year. How can you possibly be her guardian when she obviously has no respect for you for being totally biased in her father’s favour when you were entrusted to be her voice in court. She even told the police this in her evidence to them that you “are on daddy’s side”.  No wonder you were anxious to keep these interviews hidden in the secret family court.”  Well if we could see these police interviews we’d soon know who’s telling the truth!!! 

Vicky says at the House of Commons meeting [January 2013] that 3 teachers had examined her daughter's 'privates', had logged findings of 'soreness' in the accident log book and had not informed the Headmistress.  I find that hard to believe; it is not the job of a teacher to examine a child.  Vicky doesn't produce evidence to back up what she says, for example none of these teachers are named and she hasn't published the log entry.  She also says that she was told by the police and social workers that the evidence given by her daughter was such that it was too detailed to be the result of coaching; again there is no evidence to support what VH says.  Here she is speaking at the June 2011 Anti-abuse rally, Trafalgar Square, London.  Interestingly, Vicky Haigh, whilst giving her suggestions on family court improvements, doesn't mention the corrupting force of Freemasonry [nor does any other speaker at the H.O.C or rally.  Well, not as far as I am aware; then again my stomach could only take so much of watching and listening to these odious pretenders; all of whom are freemasons themselves or are controlled and protected by freemasonry.]

The court judgement is very revealing.  It states: "Although it has been held that supervised contact between Ms. Haigh and X is in the latter’s interests, Ms. Haigh has declined to take up the local authority’s offer of such contact and has thus not seen X since X was removed from her care.   The absence of any contact between X and Ms. Haigh is thus entirely the mother’s choice and is an illustration of her inability to act in the child’s best interests."  On reading that I began to question Haigh's sincerity.  Genuine, desperate mothers do not refuse contact; even if the only thing on offer is supervised and in a contact centre.  Distressed mothers take anything offered in the hope of it leading to more.  Genuine mothers who are fearful of losing their kids go along with the authorities even if it is all unfair or seemingly going against them.   Another thing that makes me suspicious is the fact that Vicky was rude and aggressive towards X's social worker/guardian.   A desperate mother does not attack the very people who can help her.  Also, it is very revealing that Vicky boasts about her fame in her letters to her daughter; for one thing, why would she be proud of such negative publicity in the newspapers?  And isn't getting her daughter back more important than herself?  My mind was made up on reading the following [near end of judgement]:  "Social Services considered that it was important to try to promote the relationship between X and her mother and provided contact facilities with that objective in mind. Inevitably, in the light of the Court’s findings, that could only take place with a Social Worker present. It requires little imagination to recognise that contact for parents in such circumstances may be very difficult and artificial. From the child’s perspective, however, it may prove to be reassuring and comforting. Parents who are able to appreciate this can, even within these limitations, contrive to ensure that contact is an enjoyable experience. Ms Haigh was unable to do this and decided that she would not see X at all in these circumstances. The Social Services wrote to Ms Haigh informing her of X’s wish to see her mother and her concern that contact was not occurring but Ms Haigh’s view was fixed and contact ceased."  That tells me everything I need to know about Vicky Haigh.  Her credibility is shot right there.  This mother is a despicable, lying, self-centred, child-abusing woman.  Sabine, Hemming and co have further undermined their own credibility by supporting her.  They should have done the right thing, given her a wide berth and exposed her. 

Further signs that VH is NOT genuine are, "The mother did not seek permission to appeal against Judge Robertshaw’s order.  The second key judgment is that given by Judge Peter Jones on 22 November 2010. By this time Judge Robertshaw had retired. Like Judge Robertshaw, Judge Jones gave a long and careful judgment. At its conclusion he decided that X should be the subject of a full care order and that she should move to her father’s care. Once again, the mother did not seek permission to appeal against that order."  Mothers desperate to see their children appeal court decisions as many times as they can. 

More evidence of Haigh's insincerity are presented further down the judgement, where it is stated, "In addition, Ms Haigh was invited, on three occasions, to present evidence for her allegations to be investigated by the court but on each occasion she either did not attend or did attend but produced no evidence" and "Ms Haigh has, however, not always been consistent as to her own beliefs".  Also "In terms it was submitted, on the mother’s behalf, X was saying things “she thinks the adults want to hear”. By the adults, this, of course, could only have meant the mother. The Judge at that hearing gave Ms Haigh every opportunity to present a case that X had been abused, if that was what she believed, but Ms Haigh chose not to."  And "The mother advised the Court that she had sought out and received extensive therapeutic counselling, though no evidence of it was placed before the Court on her behalf." 

If Sabine, Hemming and other VH supporters had read the court judgement[s] they would realise that in this case [as in the Hollie Greig case] there is no evidence of Establishment corruption because Vicky Haigh is unable to produce any such evidence; in fact all the evidence points to her as being a liar and a schemer and of emotionally abusing 'X'.  If VH and supporters are saying that the court judgements are a pack of lies, where is the evidence for that?  It is right that 'X' is now living with her father.  VH and 'investigator' Liz Watson deserved to go to prison.  As for Liz Watson, she foolishly bought into the 'freeman on the land' nonsense and paid the price - quite right too.  Anyone who goes along with this 'freeman', 'lawful rebellion' rubbish is a gullible fool and is just asking for trouble.  Be very suspicious of the publishers of these 'rebel' sites [Lawful Rebellion, Freedom Rebels, TPUC, BCG ...] as they are ALL wolves in sheep's clothing and they will lead you down a slippery slope.  They advocate common law and strawman stuff to encourage members to evade debt or other liability.  However F.M.O.T.L fools often find they end up incurring huge fines or threats of imprisonment and a massive headache to boot; which is in fact the intention of the wily ones leading the 'rebellion'; their job being to criminalise the people who call themselves 'rebels'.  [The ruling elite want to pass us all off as:- rebels, anarchists, criminals, conspiraloons, tin-foil-hats ... as such people are easier for them to manage.  Criminals are not considered serious and credible opposition.]  

The fact that Ian Josephs supports VH and her version so robustly now brings his credibility into question as well.  Josephs, who prides himself on doing "a rigorous  cross examination" of mothers who ask him for help, does himself a disservice when there is no evidence to support anything he states here.  He and all the other so-called 'Truthers' of the T/M cannot grab hold of stories with the flimsiest of evidence, present them as true and mold them into something that suits their purpose.  Credibility is all we 'truthers' have.  David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Sabine McNeill and all the rest of them can bang on about child stealing by the State but they need to present the EVIDENCE i.e. they need to publicise the cases that are TRUE.  Why don't they???  Why do they insist on publicising stories which can be proven to be UNTRUE???  I think we know the answer to that.  People like Vicky Haigh, Nigel Cooper, backed up by BG and the gang are traitorous, freedom-hating, paedo-protecting pieces of human filth.  It is easy to see how we who are a real threat to the PTB are getting no-where in our efforts to expose corruption and the NWO agenda and to make the world a better place despite all the seemingly massive exposure of the truth from the so-called 'alternative media'. 

I have often thought that Ian Josephs is too good to be true.  It looks like he probably is!  He even declares that "Nobody died of emotional abuse" [see above link].  Well people do die of anorexia and anorexia can develop in children who have been emotionally abused.  I should know, my 2 youngest children both now suffer from that very sinister mental illness.  Emotional abuse is the WORST form of abuse because you cannot see it and therefore it can't be measured.  Both J & M have often said that they wished they'd been badly beaten, such that they were hospitalised, because then they "would have been listened to".  I'm not so sure of that even, when you have the likes of Baby P being tortured to death - with the full blessing of the State.   

I used to think that at least half the contributors' 'cases as stories' on V/U were genuine.  Now I'm not so sure.  It would seem that a very high proportion of the 'victims' on there are either fakes or cowardly, apathetic gatekeepers.  This became evident during my February and March 2013 research.  Of the people I wrote to, none wanted to part company with Sabine and expose her for what she is and some are still contributing on V/U.  These people I have been familiar with for over 10 years when James Todd of the 'VOMITera was publishing our stories.  A couple of them have been downright hostile towards me.  Take for example old timer Peter Oakes.  See his comment hereWhat's he doing about the C/O agents?  NOWT.  So, is he naive or fake or just apathetic?  Another example is the nasty shilly response I got from Phil Thompson.  He says he has lost 3 of his great grandkids due to corruption in the family courts.  If he was genuine he would not have turned on a fellow victim and striver of truth and justice in the way he did.  If there are any genuine contributors left on V/U, they'd better wake the f... up soon, see the truth about Sabine and JUMP SHIP.  I will write to some more V/U contributors in due course; meanwhile take a look at this blog of MP John Hemming Shill where he's helping Phil.  The first thing I notice is that there is a distinct lack of official documentation to back up what the MP states, which in itself is very vague.  As for Phil, he reveals more of his true colours on V/U here.  He’s really taking the p**s when he describes Cooper’s ‘case’ as cast iron.  Thompson says “I have noted that he is seeking a Lawyer, Barrister or any LEGAL representative to take up his case.  Have there been any takers.  I THINK NOT.  A Cast IRON Case that is easily winnable and yet NO Lawyer will accept him as a client.  Lets wait and see if I am correct.”  Nigel Cooper doesn’t have a ‘case’.  Echoes of the HG saga.  Cooper concocted that story with the help of his shilly buddies – Sabine and co ... and Phil is part of the set up too.  More confirmation of this is in his comment in response to ‘granny’ who directs people to find the truth via the Moylan Judgement.  He says: “Granny from a different country. Methinks that you are getting rattled. BUT.  How well you describe how happy he would be if he just Kow Towed to people like YOU.  Name YOURSELF hypocrite.”  What a nasty piece of work the fake Thompson is.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."  Albert Einstein. 

There is obviously a lot more to the Vicky Haigh 'case' than meets the eye.  It would not suprise me if [as in the Hollie saga] there is a high level masonic plot, making more of the Vicky Haigh story than we are led to believe.  The fact that she is surrounded by shills who are supporting and promoting her story is a dead giveaway.  The Vicky Haigh story is further confirmation [if it were needed] that Sabine, Belinda, J Hemming, Butlincat and almost certainly Ian Josephs are SHILLS.  We'd do well to also question the sincerity of Maggie Tuttle [of the charity 'Children Screaming to be Heard'] since she is closely associated with Sabine, Belinda and V/U, is promoted by UK Column and appears on videos made by Eddythecat7 [David Shill Shayler?] and the 'Truth and Hope' charity shills.  [T & H  support the Hollie Greig saga and are sponsors for the controlled opposition 'UK End Child Abuse' rallies.  They also support the VH story and have links to Sabine, J Hemming, B Gerrish... and of course they do lots of fundraising and have a donate button.  Nuff said.]  Note, Maggie Tuttle contacted me on 11th December 2013.  You can read our email exchange here.   

Her friend Andy Peacher of the not so free  Freedom Talk Radio also mailed me.  He even sent me an invitation to appear on his show.  I accepted ... and then ... nothing ... See our correspondence here. 

Please note, on February 7th 2015 he contacted me again.  Trustingly [and foolishly] I sent this reply.  A number of months later when I had done my site update, I had a quick nose at his, to find he’s still taking the piss.  He’s still friends with the shills he says he wants to expose!  I did suspect that was the case as his reply to me shows he was a bit eager to convince me that he’s switched sides.  Actions speak for themselves.  Anyone who tries to tell you s/he is on the side of truth is a PRETENDER.  And so it is with Andy Peacher.  I do not associate on any level with such people.  I certainly will not lend any fraudster any credibility by going on their radio broadcasts.  A quick look at his FB timeline and I find he’s calling for justice for Peter Hofshroer nuff said; he supports the Musa story; he links to the British Constitution conference; he promotes Chris Spivey, Kevin Annett, Patrick Cullinane, Maurice Kirk, Neelu Berry, Brian Gerrish, ‘Lukes Army’, ‘’ ...  Andy Peacher also promotes commercial liens and habeas corpus ...  And he supports Sabine and her ‘whistleblower kids’ shill mantra  See my ‘Hampstead Hoax psy-op’ pdf.  [Incidentally it would not surprise me if Peacher is the shill behind ‘Expose the Establishment’.]  Also on ‘ETE’ is this story   Denise Robertson says “In fact, last year I received 450 letters and emails from desperate families begging for help after their children or grandchildren had been forcibly taken from them by the family courts.  The majority were subject to gagging orders and risked prison sentences by talking to me.  I’d like to see the evidence for that.  Such restrictions imposed by the courts, ostensibly in the interests of the children, effectively silence discussion about questionable adoption procedures.  However, I believe forced adoption is a national scandal that must be exposed.”  I wonder if Denise has actually checked for herself the veracity of these stories.

On another email, sent by Peacher on 26/4/15 – advertising his Freedom Talk Radio shows - I notice also  CC’d in are the usual gatekeepers -  Jean James, Norman Scarth, Ann Mallaby, Maggie Tuttle,  Peter Hofschröer, ButlinCat, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie, Patrick Cullinane, Muad'Dib, Cathy Fox, Ian josephs, Sabine K McNeill ...

Something that always amuses me with these fakes; they always send me a reply almost immediately.  This was the case with ALL the gatekeepers I corresponded with.  It's as if they have nothing better to do but serve their satanic masters in their chosen gatekeeper role!


Maggie has revealed that she is at best too cowardly to stand up to Sabine, Belinda and co and at worst no different to them.  Either way she is an enemy soldier and needs exposing.  I won't be too harsh though.  Rather than looking upon her as evil, as I do the others, I'll assume she is just a coward.  After all, in her own timid way, she is helping me by revealing who the other gatekeepers are.  She let me know that Yannis Emmanouel of Family Justice Exposed is an enemy soldier too.  See here for our correspondence.  One of the things I told Yannis when he tried to tell me that she has good intentions is: Maggie protects criminals, condones evil and turns a blind eye to injustice.  She is a NWO gatekeeper.  "One who condones evil is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it."--  Martin Luther King, Jr.  I also pointed out that Maggie is far from frail when it comes to fighting Establishment figures.  The problem is she refuses to fight the people who protect those figures.  She reminds me of my old friend Norman Scarth - he was a brilliant trooper against the Establishment; sadly he too protects the people who protect the Establishment.  That makes him a gatekeeper as well.  ALL gatekeepers are traitors.  Seriously I have far more respect for the Sheople than pretenders.  They are despicable creatures – cowardly liars and worthy of utter contempt.  For cryin’ out loud people if you seriously want to do your bit to stop the NWO you must listen to your conscience and speak full truth.  Speak out for what’s right.  If you can’t, for whatever reason, go back to sleep.  Choose a side.


Satan’s servants are a careless lot and frequently let slip little clues to their enemies.  There’s a reason they’re keen to protect Maggie and keep her on their side.  She’s an important domino; up there with the main players of the ‘controlled opposition’.  If she can be persuaded to cross over to the right side, tell the truth and become a soldier for God, her powerful friends - Sabine, Belinda, BG ... become vulnerable.  The same can be said of Norman.  Uh oh, now my enemies will really up the propaganda war with their ‘Shazza’s insane’ game... How can anyone suggest that ‘dear old well-intentioned’ Maggie is a dangerous enemy agent?  Mad Shazza thinks everyone in the ‘truth community’ is a shill ...  Folks, don’t be deceived by these tricksters.  Be alert to their wily ways.  Gatekeepers do not have ‘monster’ written on their foreheads.  Gatekeepers are gatekeepers; doesn’t matter the flavour.  Expose them.  Maggie is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Collectively these gatekeepers make up a huge powerful army and they’re out to destroy us.   


Yannis is just another pretender.  He speaks vaguely, says a lot, but doesn’t back anything up with evidence.  He tells me he’s “written articles against all the gatekeepers” but he can’t show me any and can only name 2, one of which is a ‘safe’ MP [everyone in this ‘game’ knows ALL MPs are NWO gatekeepers.]  He tells me he’s read the HG ‘scandal’; says it’s a ‘cover up’, but when I press him to explain what he means, he says he doesn’t know the story in person, so he can’t comment for or against.  Oh Jesus, give me strength.  Evil triumphs when good people do NOTHING.  Yannis also cries “defamation” because I tell him he’s on Satan’s side.  Silly, cowardly man.  Yannis, Maggie and all the other faint-hearts need to read the bible.  Over 365 times in scripture, we are commanded NOT to be afraid and in Revelation, first in the list of those who find their place in “the fiery lake of burning sulphur” along with murderers, idolaters and liars are the COWARDLY.  There is no place for cowardice in God’s army because if we truly know who it is we follow into battle, we will not fear.  God needs people who will take a stand for Him in spite of any tribulations [mental pressures] he or she may face.  You cannot serve two masters.  If you do not speak ABSOLUTE truth you are NOT with God.  So all pretenders, cowards, evildoers, twisters of truth i.e. liars .. are with Satan and will burn in HELL with him for eternity.  It is that simple.


Jesus told his disciples to trust in him.  They did and found that they too could perform miracles; Peter even walked on water.  It is no different now.  We have to put our faith in Jesus in order to believe that we can help God win the truth war. 


When people stay silent it makes me wonder what skeletons they have in their closets.  I wonder what it is that they really fear being exposed or what it is that the authorities have on them.  What really buys their silence?

Now onto someone else who I used to hold in high esteem, as I thought she too was a genuine freedom fighter.  Sadly she isn’t.  She is just another pretender and, as it turns out, another of Yannis’ friends.  This is an email I received from Yolande Lindridge in March 2014.  Here is the email exchange which followed.  Here is our email exchange a year prior in March 2013. 

Yolande tells me that Sabine took a delegation of parents to Brussels on 19th March 2014 to petition the European Parliament on the abolition of forced adoptions.  A Portugese couple Jose and Carla Pedro were amongst the group.  Sabine publishes their story.  As with all stories published and promoted by shills a closer examination reveals that, not surprisingly, as with so many other ‘victims’ on ‘Victims Unite’ we are not being told the truth.  The Pedro story is unsubstantiated and there is absolutely zilch evidence of establishment corruption in connection with these people.  Sabine, a proven liar and evildoer, scandalously publishes part of a story, giving her slant on it to suit her purpose and mislead people.  Meanwhile there are many desperate families who are genuinely suffering separation through no fault of their own in need of help.

A lady who wishes to remain anon for now brought the Pedro story to my attention.  She reports here under the title ‘Evidence beyond doubt that Sabine McNeill is conning people and is in it for money’.  Of course it’s a lot more sinister than just money.  Sabine is an evil, lying shill and worth her weight in gold to her NWO paymasters.  She and fellow shills work hand in glove with the likes of ‘journalist’ Christopher Booker who writes for the Telegraph comic and the chairman of the ‘cough’ ‘Justice’ for Families MP John Hemming.  These pretenders are all singing from the same hymn sheet as ALL politicians and ALL mainstream journos worldwide.  ALL OF THEM are brilliant actors, masters of spin and lies and ALL OF THEM serving their Masonic puppet masters.  They all propagate stories presented as fact but that are without a scrap of proof.  And they ALL spread the idea that this is, in the main, a UK problem.  Injustice, corruption, paedophilia etc occurs WORLDWIDE because of freemasonry and nothing whatsoever to do with any government or government agency.  And the reason the truth is largely buried and only touched on when forced into the public domain is because of Masonic influence.   See Jon’s brilliant write up on ‘journalist’ Sonia Poulton and tabloids here and more of Belinda Shill’s barefaced lies here  You can read the Pedro ‘story’ published in a Portuguese tabloid here.

Maggie says she has lost one of her own [her grandson] through foul play within the family court system.  She could be lying about that.  There is certainly no evidence to back up her story which is told by her good pal Sabine, linked here.  According to Sabine Maggie is being “gagged from talking to her MP” and “gagged by the court”.  Well if what you say is the truth you cannot be gagged.  So there’s a lie for starters.  Sure the masonic powers will try and put the frighteners on you to get you to STFU, but there are ways around that; see my story.  Similarly Yannis says his daughter is in foster care.  But he doesn’t show any evidence of the corruption within the authorities/courts that led to her being fostered.  If indeed she is being fostered, as there is no evidence for that either.  He just makes vague statements like “A criminal judge force them 3 times to remove my child to teach me a lesson.”  Similarly Phil Thompson does not show any evidence of skulduggery within the family courts that led to his 3 great grandchildren being “forcibly adopted”, if indeed they were.

I have to say since scrutinising Maggie Tuttle's 'story' of her, ahem, 'stolen' grandson, I've revised my opinion of her.  She's just another odious liar and just as evil as the rest.

Now onto another pretend freedom fighter Charlie Foulkes who runs the website theTruth  Turns out this woman is just the same as all the other fake ‘victims’ – pure poison.  She is just another lying, time wasting, game playing fake who ‘befriended’ me but has now revealed her true colours.  Anyone who protects shills and fake ‘victims’ is a traitor. Jeesh, what did I do to attract all these fake ‘friends’?!  She responded to my second email.  See our email exchange here.  See also Charlie Foulkes’ story     

Real truth soldiers need to always guard against being tainted by association with fraudsters.  You can judge a man by the company he keeps ... for we are, each of us, a mirror image to our friends and supporters - know this rule, and know it well.

This leads me onto another very high profile ‘HM Partnership’ ‘victim’.  Ever since I discovered that Sabine is an enemy solder, I have long suspected that the ‘case’ of Maurice Kirk is not as it seems.  Now that I’ve had a chance to look a little deeper, it is very evident that he too is working for the enemy.  Heroic resistor of the NWO he most certainly is NOT.  Slimey little shite he most certainly IS.  The fact that he is a close friend of Norman Scarth, is only publicised on well known shill sites and is very ‘in’ with the McKenzie team, including being a McKenzie friend himself for the Musas, tells me everything I need to know.  See here for the proof that Maurice Kirk is just another traitorous NWO gatekeeper.

In connection with Kirk are another 3 men who deserve a mention – Patrick Cullinane, Dafydd Morgan and Meirion Bowen.  I have no proof [yet] that they are dodgy as f..k however they too are prominent movers and shakers within the McKenzie monkey set up and are therefore tainted by association.  Scroll down to around half way the MK PDF for more.

This brings me onto another morally depraved Masonic lackey – Caul Grant.  He is a mini version of Maurice Kirk.  He approached me on 30th April 2014.  Here is our exchange of emails.  Here is the PDF I sent him.  Please note, on 25th May 2015 he sent me another, rather threatening, email stating: “You are so lucky I don't have an address for you.  You must be a witch.  How dare you talk about the death of my child.  You must be directly related to the Devil.  If you feel brave, send me your address.”  What a nasty man.  No wonder his wife left him.  Actually he’s no man, he’s a right wimp.  He wouldn’t dare pick on anyone his own size, and he’s far too cowardly to pick on paedophiles or freemasons; instead he bullies middle aged ladies.  Perhaps the police should be aware of this email, so that if anything does happen to me, they’d do well to start their line of enquiries with Caul Grant.  Oh and if any more cowardly Masonic-controlled puppets decide they want to ‘get’ me, they can find my address here  I will just add though, my son Andy has told me to “tell Grant to bring a white flag with him; he’s gonna need it.” 

Note also that on 22nd October 2015 Caul Grant sent me another email: “Dear Sharon, You sound like a genuine victim of corruption but if you were, you would not be attacking others who have suffered in the same way you claim to have.  However, having read your 37 page document about me, you have given me a brilliant idea, I will publish, in the form of banners, all the documentation of evidence I have to prove the truth, every question you pose will be answered through those documents.  I ought to be saying thank you for giving me such a beautiful idea.”  Will someone please tell Grant that I don’t attack genuine victims, I attack utter scum of the earth FAKES like him.  Can someone also tell him to stick his banners where the sun don’t shine.   

And now, someone else who deserves a mention is Ann Mallaby.  She is probably Norman’s staunchest supporter.   We became acquainted back in the ‘VOMIT’ days.  She is another so-called ‘freedom fighter’ that I used to hold in high regard ... but not anymore.  Turns out that she too is just another pathetic cowardly time-wasting pretender.  I wrote  to her on 11th September 2014,  but got no response.

As for  Kellie Cottam, she also availed herself of her right of reply after becoming aware that she too gets a mention on my site.  This is her email to me on April 6th 2016: “I have seen a blog you have written on me and I have to say... Dame girl... Before you write things up, try getting in contact with the person first and speak to them for the truth, and more so before you call any child a mistake...

You could of really helped being your in the area my children where taken... But dame... With blogs like that, no wonder families like us struggle to be heard.

If you actually want the truth, try speaking to me first, and not associating me with people who I don't even know...

Thank you.” 

Fake 'victim' stories serve the NWO agenda well.  According to Gerrish [and he would know!] "there are high level paedophile and abuse rings which are setting government policy aside from stealing, trafficking and abusing children.  One state policy is to take children from the good parent and give them to the abusive parent. This is achieved with bent police, courts and SS.  Another policy is to lock protective parents up in mental institutions or prisons if they try and protect their children.  Another policy is to refuse to investigate the abuse so as to claim there was no abuse."   Similarly John Hemming says Phil’s great grandkids have been "removed from the family by arbitrary state action in order to satisfy government targets.”  And this is what Sabine says.  The problem is, these gatekeepers are presenting a distortion of the truth and the fantastic stories that they broadcast widely [of demonic child snatching social workers etc] are just not true So the message and the genuine victims are contained.  How is Joe Public going to believe we genuine victims of the State when we try to warn people about widespread corruption in the courts and authorities and the NWO plan?  Many turn around and sneer that you can't take the "lizard man Icke" seriously and those who do bother to do some research are more likely to believe the establishment/mainstream media line that there is no evidence of systemic corruption or a masonic engineered/facilitated NWO agenda; that there are only crazy conspiracy theorists and growing numbers of irresponsible fucknuts getting rich spouting off about the NWO to their brainwashed and gullible followers.  Job done.  Loyal NWO heavy weights Hemming, McNeill, Gerrish ... are Satan-serving lying disgusting fragments of faeces. 

As said, we have a massive army of 'truthers'.  Unfortunately it is led by liars and its soldiers are predominantly liars!  I actually think we should call the 'truth movement' what it is - the awakening.  The problem we have is that, due to the successful influence of the gatekeepers, most people are not fully awake.  Some people point out that fake stories are no big deal, apathetically pointing out that they "highlight the corruption and cover up within the authorities, politicians and judicial system".  Well that's only true if the stories are true!  As I said to Maggie Tuttle, we 'Truthers' have no leg to stand on in our efforts to challenge Establishment corruption unless we have the evidence for it.  We have to be whiter than white and make sure we have our facts correct.  Otherwise we all become a collective laughing stock and can then be ignored.  I also told her that when a fabricated story like the HG one hits the blogosphere and is not dealt with, the integrity of every single person who is trying to expose Establishment corruption comes into question.  That cannot be allowed.  I for one will not allow people like Gerrish, Sabine, Belinda ... to tarnish my reputation in this way.  All fake stories have to be challenged by us 'Truthers'.  Who else is going to do it?  Whoever stays silent on this issue is as corrupted as the Establishment we seek to expose.  There is another way of looking at it; perhaps some people stay silent due to cowardice.  Well if that's the case such people should stop pretending to be anti-NWO warriors and go back to sleep with the rest of the sheople.  Whatever way you look at it, there will only be a full awakening, and with that God's New World when the genuine truthers take on the fake truthers.  

Of course it's not nice challenging your fellow so-called truthers; and yes you've got to be brave.  But the way I see it I'm f...cked anyway [we all are eventually.]  So it's all or nothing now.  Genuine victims know that there is no redress; nothing that can help them, as every body of authority/sphere of power on earth is now corrupted.  So the logic is we're already living in hell, why prolong the suffering?  Might as well attempt a spirited fight back.  Let's face it, if it is fear that puts you off fighting the real fight, then you are living a miserable existence in fear until you are forced to face the hell that is coming to all of us; by which time it will be too late to fight anyway.  I also happen to believe that there is a hell in the afterlife and that if you serve Satan whilst alive on earth, you will surely be serving him for an eternity when you're dead.  And make no mistake, cowards are Satan's servants.  At least I can be happy that I went down fighting.

The funny thing is, since I've adopted this attitude I've grown stronger and I find it easier to push away those doubts [whispered to me by you know who] that do pop into my head.  My daughter Melissa is the only one in my family that I can talk to about spiritual matters.  Because of her suffering she has figured out so much for herself from a very young age.  Stuff she has come out with over the years has really surprised me.  She understands that people who do God's work are hated on Earth.  She knows we live in a cursed age, with rampant deception, sin and injustice.  She knows that Satan is Prince of this world, that he hates us here, that we disturb him.  She also knows that the enemy cannot harm God's troops.  She told me that she has known God since she was about 4 years old.  She tells me life is a test and we have to experience certain things to prepare us for what we are here to do.  We often talk about and read spiritual messages together, such as: This life is not home.  We are strangers in the world, merely passing through this life.  Persecution delivers to the trusting and faithful believer such special and great rewards that we should thank God that we have been counted worthy to suffer for Him.  Jesus taught the road to life is "hard" and only a "few" will find itAnd: Jesus said: “Men’s hearts failing them for fear.”  Satan beats up the sheep.  Most people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because they reject knowledge.  Those who live well now are on their way to the lake of fire where they will be tormented forever.  Weak men don’t realise that they are used of Satan to fight against God’s kingdom.  Hear their pain.  We must love them [the greedy and corrupt, the world leaders, the big business directors and the men who are bound by the oath of their secret societies.]  We must love them enough to stand against their blindness, their Satanic deception and their malice towards us for teaching truth.  And when they persecute us [as they surely will] we must love them enough to forgive them.  Evangelize the sinners.  Jesus is the only way to salvation.  Freemasons claim to know God, yet they walk in darkness.  God is light.  He does not lie.  He is not mocked.  He knows and sees everything.  Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit.    

It has taken me a long time to realise that it is no accident that we are here and I now understand that when we put our faith completely in God, he guides us, protects us and gives us the tools we need to do his work.  When we wholeheartedly trust in God we are spiritually guided to find the answers, to share knowledge and help others.  God reveals the answers when, and only when, we are ready to learn.  Trust me.  It's true.  Life is like a game of chess.  God tells us what specific chess moves need to be made along with when those chess moves need to be made.   Also, understand that God does not test us beyond our ability to endure.  He knows our capabilities and our limits.  We know God through our consciences.  Listen to your conscience and you listen to God.  It is so comforting to know that God who is in us is greater than those who are in the world.  Also that the court which has the ultimate and greatest power in the world is the "People's Court" and Satan's followers will awake to shame and everlasting contempt.  His wrath comes on those who are disobedient.  All liars, cowards, vile folk ... will be in the fiery lake of burning sulphur. 

Folks, think about it, for every person who challenges Establishment corruption with evidence, one step is taken closer to our collective freedom.  For every person who challenges a NWO gatekeeper, we all take another giant step towards freedom.  Sure, the enemy agents far outweigh us in number; but we have the power of God.  Please read the link to the spiritual messages.  They are absolutely true.  Here's a couple more:  You don't have to be afraid of the unknown.  It is unknown only to you.  God is well aware of where you are and of every step he is asking you to take.  And: Take courage my friends!  Stand up and fight.  We have no need to be afraid.  We are not alone!  God has us covered.  He has everything under control.  It doesn't matter how things look in the natural.  Don't let them fool you!  Hold your heads up high!  Keep the faith!  Every child of God has been given a promise of victory over the evil one. 

Corrupt men created religions that suppressed spiritual knowledge that will set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons.  Peace is a spiritual problem, not a political one‘Digger’ got it right again when he says: Now is the time we switch from the Truth movement to the Absolute Truth movement and again when he says: You want freedom? Then seek the strength, courage, wisdom from within. Deep within we all know what we need to do to bring about freedom for ALL and Just you – You don’t need any middle men. Gurus, masters, special classes, holy shrines, places of worship, priests, mullas or rabbis. You’re on your own with this one.  And also, saying: hundreds of shills are just containment nets for the mass awakening. Distract ~ defuse ~ divide.

As for ‘Digger’ he does some sterling work exposing controlled opposition, and so doesn’t present as an obvious shill himself.  However after becoming aware that he too only exposes the ones he’s allowed to, I did some digging for truth on him, and it soon became clear that he too is a dirty disinfo agent.  For starters ‘Digger’ deserves a red flag for refusing to reveal his identity, especially as he has been running his website for a good few years.  [I am aware that he is male as he once did an anonymous video interview which he has since removed.  Also others refer to him as ‘brother’.]  His spouting of the ‘Jew World Order/Hitler is the most lied about person’ propaganda [which I shamefully admit that I readily believed without doing any of my own research] is major disinfo - Hitler was NOT one of the good guys, who believed in freedom and served his people, he was serving the NWO agenda.  Even the infamous Holocaust denier and Nazi apologist David Irving himself says Hitler was a dictator   See my Welcome page and Links page for more.  Read on for more on ‘Digger’.      

See here for Things God Hates. 

See here for a truly uplifting beautiful song - ‘Judy Jacobs - Days of Elijah (No God Like Jehovah)’  Here are the lyrics.

Incidentally do not pay any heed to ‘brother’ Clinton of the ‘Sword of the Valiant’ site  This treacherous monkey is another outright fraud, doing his bit to further the NWO slavery agenda.  After watching a few of his videos, I was at first impressed and actually felt he was one of those rare honest breeds whose word you could trust and who was genuinely serving God and doing his bit to awaken the populace.  Far from it.  First of all he advocates the strawman ‘legal fiction’ scam.  When I asked him if it was necessary to have a birth certificate to enable him to get a passport to enable him to flee to Costa Rica because it is ‘too late for America’, he didn’t answer.

The brother preaches that CPS, assisted by ‘armed thug’ police are going into people’s houses and ‘snatching’ kids  When I asked him to provide the evidence whereby just one person had suffered this unjust State ‘child snatching’ policy, he couldn’t.  He simply ignored my request. 

He encourages couples who are remarried [and divorced from their spouses] to separate as they are committing adultery and it is ‘required by God, in order for them and their children to be saved’  This is despite the fact that the hypocrite leans on his own understanding of the bible - which he tells us not to do - and justifies his own second marriage by saying that God told him he was free to remarry because the woman he had married the first time was already married, that he believed she had been free to marry him because she had told him that her husband was also already married when she married him!  When I asked him why he didn’t wait for her to get a divorce first, he didn’t answer.  I’d sure like to hear his first wife’s side of it!  Not surprisingly he stifles free speech on that video and all his other more contentious videos. 

He tells blatant lies; for example that if you give birth in a hospital your baby will be whisked away from you to unknown parts of the hospital and pumped with different kinds of medicines and vaccines – he says your baby is taken to a secret part of the hospital where you can’t get to and vaccinated with several different vaccines as soon as it is born.

Furthermore, just like all fakes, he happily exposes the already widely exposed Alex Jones, yet when I inquired why he doesn’t expose the ones who aren’t – yet – being exposed as cointelpro agents, he refused to answer, thus protecting them with his silence.  So much for his contribution towards helping God defeat evil. 

Rather than answering my perfectly valid questions this charlatan [just like all the snakes who get called out] turns nasty, resorts to more lies, and goes on the attack.  This is his last email to me: I have been more than polite and patient with you.  And still you continue to carry on a discussion that I have told you I will not engage you in; and write me with false accusations, if they’re false, why didn’t he prove me wrong?  foolishness, how is trying to determine the truth foolish? pridefulness, legitimate questions and asking for evidence is being proud?! and profanity... I think he is the one being profane ... and proud, and foolish and full of falsehoods ...  I have told you that I am here for you if you wish to learn of God's word what an arrogant little man and be saved.  I told him, God decides who is to be saved, not him.  It is apparent that that is not the case.  So, kindly stop writing me.  I am going to filter your emails to my trash folder from this point forward.  I rarely have to do that, and I am sorry that you have driven me to it.  But I havework to do, yeah evil work and you have been very rude, disrespectful, ungodly, and bothersome; that is another blatant lie; and if I bother him, good; it means I’m doing my job well and I do not engage such.  I have much work to do, and many children to attend to. I implore everyone to keep their kids well away from this trickster.  You are welcome and encouraged to learn from the materials that I have made available online...but I will not be communicating with you personally again; unless the Lord grants you repentance, and I may be used of him to teach you of the doctrine of Christ.

Just from the above points it is perfectly clear this brother is absolutely NOT on God’s side; he is a false prophet, actively assisting the NWO plan.  More confirmation of that is in him making a point of telling us that the NWO WILL happen ... for it is written in the bible ... and who are we to question the will of God.  This teaches us to just accept what is coming.  The likes of Clinton are telling us there is nothing we can do about it anyway, so we might as well not even try; the best we can do for ourselves is to make sure we are ‘saved’ so that we do not end up in hell.

Finally Clinton denies emphatically asking for donations, whilst at the same time presenting a PayPal donate button on his site.

Kevin Annett is undoubtedly another scum shill.  He stands accused of seriously undermining the cause of Canada's Indian Residential School survivors.  Heather Martin says "his purpose is to discredit anyone who earnestly tries to hold pedophile priests and governments accountable for their actions.  I think that he shames First Nations activists so that their voices can no longer be heard.  I think that he serves darker forces while claiming to be the light.  His connection to Webre concerns me as does his connection with Phelps.  And what I know to be true is that anyone who alligns themselves with Annett either becomes part of his con or gets destroyed [and usually the latter happens eventually anyways]."  Tara Froman describes exactly how well the shills serve their masters when she says, "Kevin Annett's half-facts, lies, inaccuracies and slanders muddle the issue.  The churches and government must rejoice that the Natives have to deal with his 'help' as it is more of a hindrance."  Listen to Prof Jim Craven here.  Also, see Another case of Indigenous People denouncing Kevin Annett and Kevin Annett must be stopped and conscious living 

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck!

As for Toos Nijenhuis a so-called survivor of child torture, satanic ritual abuse involving royalty and senior clerics, we'd be wise to question the veracity of her story, since it is brought to us by Kevin Annett and publicised on sites such as 'Before it's news', 'The tap Blog' and 'Aangirfan'.  All these sites support the HG BS story and all have links to each other and other shill sites.  

As for Dave Knight of The Duck Shoot he is just another bullshitting shill.  Anyone who defends Spivey has already shown his hand.  But read on if you want more.   It was this post on Sabine's V/U that I accidentally stumbled upon that caught my eye.  I then had a nosey at Dave's site expecting to see a write up where he exposes the Charles 'sandwich short of a picnic' Seven and also Sabine.  But there was no such thing.  Worse, Dave has links to Justice for Hollie Greig, Bill Baloney, Spivey, Puddick, Sonia Poulton ...  and posts written by Maggie Tuttle.  WTF???  [Oh and he also has a donate button!  And, surprise surprise, he isn't exposing any shills!!!]    

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague. ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Those traitors are the ones speeding up internet censorship.  See the comments such as those regarding the Ben Fake-Fellows allegations: "My greatest concern is the effect an error, as great as that made by many relating to Lord McAlpine, might have on freedom of speech on the internet and the consequences for victims.  Naturally I feel very sorry for Ken Clarke whose name has been traduced but people who will suffer the most will be the genuine victims of child abuse as such a high profile error once it has become public, as I feel certain it will, will only serve to increase skepticism about future allegations, especially those made against VIPs."  And: “As long as they have a few of the main heads - Icke, Maloney, UK Column, Spivey etc then they are bound to get the idea out there that this accusation is true, even though it is completely unsubstantiated.  Now, they have the perfect excuse to limit what can and can't be said on the net - after all these 'damaging accusations' Ken can bring in new legislation to monitor and regulate twitter, facebook, blogs."  And: "Seeing how they operate, I have totally lost respect for Mr Fellows.  He is doing a lot of harm to the cause of the very people he is meant to be representing - victims of paedophiles."  And: "Some people can be very plausible.  Mix up the truth with untruths to make the untruths stick.  Add some subconscious emotional blackmail [if I doubt him, I'm a callous person!] and it's a winner.  Anyone following up a gut instinct of something not being right with this guy's demeanour [smiling/laughing/courting attention about a subject which abuse victims find difficult to discuss] and checking some facts will see the inconsistencies in this story.  It's a pity that this issue has suffered this distraction.  We already know that the [real] victims have a hard enough time being listened to and believed without interference from attention-seekers.

The traitors have created an Ickie warned ‘problem reaction solution’ situation [Icke being the biggest traitor of all] where laws will be demanded to deal with trolls; and thus an end to free speech on the internet. 

Something to think about You first need to decide which side you're on.  If it's the Satanists' side, go to Hell.  If you're on God's side, well done, that takes courage.  Now show it i.e do your bit; anything; be creative; do SOMETHING to raise awareness and help stop the NWO.  Jesus did not call spectators, he called disciples.  You don't have to be a leader to achieve results, although so much the better if you are.  You may become one in due course; no-one knows where their path will lead.  Start small, be brave and be YOURSELF.  Do not worry what others may think of you.  Be proud of who you are and the power you hold within.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. ~ Thodore Roosevelt.


“He who does not bellow the Truth when he knows the Truth, makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” ~ Charles Peguy “The Honest People” Basic Verities (1943) 

Finally, a message to all you people who serve the Masonic powers [or any secret society], don’t be under any illusion that you will be protected forever; whatever you’ve been promised for your services, you are being deceived - you are listening to Satan, the master of lies; trust me, when your work is done the evil one will turn on you too.  Your only protection is in God.

Psalm 91 – God’s Presence Means Physical Protection

“Living under God’s shadow is the most protected place in the universe. It takes faith though to stay there, and faith comes only from His word.

Here in Psalm 91, God’s salvation is likened to bodily protection. Actively live in Him and He will actively live over you. Build this belief into your heart and enjoy this protection in your life. Believe for your whole household.

You who live in the shelter of the Most High, who spend your nights in the shadow of the Almighty, who say to the LORD, “My refuge! My fortress! My God, in whom I trust!” – He will rescue you from the trap of the hunter, and from the plague of disease. He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you will find refuge; His truth is a shield and a protection.

You will not fear the terrors of night, or the arrow that flies by day, or the sickness that roams in the dark, or even the destruction that lays waste at noon. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it won’t come near you. Only keep your eyes open, and you will see how the wicked are punished. For you have made the LORD, the Most High, who is my refuge, your dwelling place. No disaster will happen to you, no calamity will come near your house; for He will order His angels to care for you and guard you wherever you go. They will carry you in their hands, so that you won’t trip on a stone. You will tread down lions and snakes, young lions and serpents you will trample underfoot.

“Because he loves Me, I will rescue him; because he knows My Name, I will protect him. He will call upon Me, and I will answer him. I will be with him when he is in trouble. I will rescue him and bring him honor. I will satisfy him with long life and show him My salvation.” Psalm 91:1-16  






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