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I am trying to form a clear picture and piece the jigsaw together re the HG affair.  There is more to this story than whether or not Hollie was abused by a high up paedo ring.  I'm trying to figure out why the leaders of the 'Truth Movement' in the 'Alternative Media' ran with this story without investigating it.  It seems only Mark Daly of Panorama did an investigation; he then dropped the story due to lack of evidence.

I believe there are a number of actors playing a role at the behest of their masonic masters.  The actors are the controlled opposition lot - mainly the 'Big Guns' but there are some of the lower profile ones taking part too.  Now, I can't prove that but I am working on it and whether I'll live to see it proven is another matter!  It would seem that the reason this story [and other fake 'victim' stories] have gone viral within the 'alternative media' is to detract from and undermine genuine victim cases and to waste the precious time and energy of genuine seekers of truth and justice.  Another reason is to speed up the process of internet censorship; after all if baseless stories such as the Hollie Greig one keep hitting the blogosphere, with the result of totally innocent people [including authority figures] being widely accused of paedophilia and other vile crimes, what better excuse do the ruling elite need to bring in controls which would curb the spreading of such information.  [The PTB are in a race against time to bring in their NWO, just as much as we who are opposed to it.]  Mark Daly says under the 'Transcript of Tony Legend show with Mark Daly': “People should have a pause and really genuinely think about what it is that you’re doing here Robert, about the seriousness of what you’ve done. What you’ve done is an affront to free speech, it’s an affront to it, it’s not a demonstration of it, it’s an affront to it and it’s disgraceful. And you’ll have to live with that.”  Our ONLY weapon is TRUTH via the INTERNET.  The ruling elite, with assistance from shills, troll-types and other gatekeepers are engineering ways to stop us spreading the truth.  See how here.  See also Secret Societies

Much time and energy has been wasted focusing on this contemptible fabrication.  What might have been achieved if so many of us hadn't been so distracted by the HG delusion and had focused instead on the genuine victims of child abuse?  The effect of these evil masonic manipulations is that we genuine victims/truth-tellers are disempowered.  After all, there is now so much doubt and distrust amongst the 'Truther' warriors, we just don't know who is the real deal anymore.  The shills are leading us down roads to nowhere and we're left sinking in murky waters - confused, suspicious, fearful and alone.  The masonic manipulators have succeeded in creating war and distrust amongst people who claim to be victims, such that genuine victims are put off helping each other.  Genuine warriors against the NWO do not have the time or energy to check out who is real and who is not.  Victimised by the State and now by its covert agents we genuine warriors have suffered a double whammy and our drive for truth and justice is thwarted.  The other successful outcome of the HG machination is that the ruling elite can now declare that the spokespeople of the 'alternative media' are untrustworthy and irresponsible whereas the mainstream media can be believed as it is more trustworthy; after all Panorama investigated, found the story unprovable and dropped it.  The 'alternative media', on the other hand, didn't bother to investigate, broadcast it widely and made connections to ritual satanic abuse and freemasons, presented as fact.  The ruling elite can now claim that the 'alternative media' will believe and promote any story, despite the lack of evidence, if it concerns allegations of child abuse by untouchables within high society paedo rings.  [The NWO plan is to have elite paedophile rings in government and positions of authority.]  They can also now loftily dismiss accusations of cover up within the establishment and they can laugh off any suggestion that freemasonry is the corrupting, evil force within the authorities and judiciary and all realms of power, responsible for all injustice.  'Far out' stories can simply be rubbished and people are left not knowing what to believe is true.  Decent Joe Public truth-seeker gives up and goes back to sleep.  We sincere truth tellers are herded into the same 'conspiracy theorist ' box as everyone else or simply labelled 'mental'.  The PTB war machine has many varied strategies. 

Paedophle-excusing shills earn their regular 30 pieces of silver prostituting themselves spewing out half truths and outright lies.  Their job is to control the awakening of the general public so that the masses do not fully awaken to the truth.  Thus the NWO can continue to unfold, unabated.

Hollie is a victim of evil, lying manipulators such as Robert Green and her mother who concocted the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ story.  Hollie is the only one telling the truth.  She is being primed to repeat lies from people in the HDJ group; people like Belinda Mckenzie.  She is a bewildered and exploited young woman and is the victim of the HDJ group, not of paedophiles.  The evidence is that she was not abused; she was sexually active with her boyfriend; her mother Anne Greig sought contraception for her.   According to Robert and Anne, Hollie named 22 individuals that abused her, giving their FULL names and addresses, including their professions.  She is supposed to have remembered this from when she was aged 6 to boot.  Such an idea is absurd.  There are numerous videos, radio and tv shows of Hollie which clearly show that she has severe language limitation such that the HG story is proven to be a hoax on that one fact alone.  For more proof, see   Also see where it is revealed that some of the members of the paedophile ring that has supposedly operated for over a decade in Aberdeen, Scotland, don’t even exist and other alleged victims were either not yet born or adults before they even met Hollie and have publicly denied they were harmed in any way.  Furthermore at the age of 6 and for a couple of years Hollie was living in Brazil, yet there is no mention of a Brazilian paedophile ring!  The conclusion being “the exploitation of an innocent down’s syndrome girl by snake oil salesmen, dubious activists, Christian fantasists, psychological manipulators, and delusional truthers”. also say that psychologist Eva Harding who assessed Hollie in later years has ties with the dubious Tavistock Institute, and Robert Green met with a Tavistock linked Christian group, including MPs and Lords, who appeared to want Green to sex up the satanic side of the story in to a “satanic panic”.  Keelan Balderson says quite fittingly that the "Hollie Greig story and its mythology has grown like a cancer in the truth-seeking movement.  Like a cancer, perhaps its whole purpose was to kill?  Kill the credibility of a growing counter culture that always seems to find itself stumbling on to the right things, only for its 'leaders' to become Messiahs, egotists or cliched conspiracy goofs.  If the alternative media is going to retain any credibility, act now, expose the Hollie Greig Hoax!"  See also and$hoax2 and

A word about Mel Ve and Keelan Balderson who I link to; despite the fact they both did a commendable job exposing the Hollie Greig Hoax, unfortunately, it transpires that they too are working for the enemy.  More on Mel here.  More on Keelan here.  [Scroll down to p 73 of the pdf.] 

The burning question you have to ask is why did the ‘Big Gun’ ‘Truthers' take the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ story and run with it?  Why did NONE of them do any research?  Why did they not spot the evidence immediately?  It is glaringly obvious that Hollie simply does not have the capability to utter more than a few basic words.  A 5 year old could tell you that.  People like Richard D Hall have made themselves look ridiculous by promoting this story.  Just watching him interviewing Anne and Robert and attempting to interview Hollie is cringeworthy.  Why didn’t he reach for his bullshit buzzer instead?  How can intelligent, learned, capable people like Sabine, Belinda, Brian Gerrish, Ian R Crane, Bill Maloney, David Icke, Robert Green … be taken in by such a story and STILL believe it now when there is so much evidence to prove it is a hoax?  Why do they refuse to look at the evidence?  If Icke was a genuine ‘truther’ he would be encouraging open debate on his forums and elsewhere to ascertain the facts, but that is not the case; the opposite has happened; he was happy to promote the story internationally, but when presented with evidence that it was a hoax he refused to comment and banned all mention of it from his forums.  Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish also refuse to look at the evidence and will not engage in dialogue with anyone who questions the story.  Ian Crane could only manage a limp claim that it was not his area of expertise and he also deleted all comments from his wall.  Bill Maloney also refuses to look at the evidence.  Why will they not discuss the evidence with the Holliehoax camp?  On 5th December 2012 Ben Emlyn Jones offered his services as chairman.  He said “The only solution therefore is for the two sides to come together and engage in an open, live and public debate.  So far this has not happened; to their credit, the Hoax side have been the ones most forward in that respect.”  The reply was “Ben indicates that he is confused and has decided that the only way to clear his confusion is to have an “open, live and public debate” on the intricacies of Hollie Greig’s abuse.  We must apologise to Ben, because the Hollie Demands Justice campaign is not here for the benefit of Ben Emlyn-Jones or anyone else who may simply feel ‘confused’.”  Notice the wording “intricacies of Hollies Greig’s abuse”. Ben did not say that and he did not suggest a debate on Hollie’s abuse.  Word twisting is lying.  It is clear that the HDJ side are not sincere.  If they were they would be happy to debate.  Conclusion, the above named [and no doubt others] are all either in on the masonic plot or they're total retards or they’ve all suddenly lost their marbles.  WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND BELIEVE ANYTHING THESE PEOPLE SAY NOW?  They have all made themselves look like complete and utter idiots and we have been idiots to be taken in by them.  Anyone who believes the HG story is either off with the fairies and is an embarrassment to the so-called ‘Truth movement’ or worse is a NWO gatekeeper - a paedo-protecting lying low-life individual. 

The next question is what is the bigger picture?  Well I agree with Ben when he says “I have contacted both factions with my offer and we’ll see what happens.  One trope the Skeptics always use is the “conspiracy theorists are not interested in evidence!”  Well I think this proves that we are!  Unless this debate becomes more than hypothetical then I don’t see how we can possibly move forward on this issue, and this is going to affect our credibility across the board and hamper everything else we do.  So come together, guys!  Let’s talk!”  The key words are CREDIBILITY and HAMPER our efforts.  With the HG issue muddying the waters Joe Public is going to think all of us ‘Truthers’ are barking.  We genuine victims who have stacks of evidence of establishment corruption are not going to be believed and we are all going to be dismissed as ‘conspiraloons’.  Of course this is exactly the plan of the masonic manipulators.  As a result of the HG scam, allegations of cover up with regards genuine cases of child abuse by high up paedo rings can be dismissed.  Meanwhile the suffering of little children continues and the NWO trundles on.  We genuine victims have a mammoth task trying to convince anyone [even loved ones] that corruption [all masonic controlled] occurs on the many and varied levels that it does.  Genuine victims will tell you: "You just couldn't make it up".  When you have so-called ‘victims’ champions’ such as Sabine and Belinda successfully fuelling the disbelief, you’re really screwed.  Also just to throw more confusion into the mix, the masonic controlled shills are very good at convincing people that they're genuine.  For example the fake Robert Green played his part well; he was sent to prison.  Green was imprisoned to make the story look genuine.  It looks good to have Hollie's hero imprisoned when he is trying to get the authorities to investigate and charge 22 alleged paedophiles.  It backs up the HDJ claims of cover up and collusion.  This is the kind of thing [and worse] that does happen to people who try to expose upper society paedo rings and establishment corruption.

As for Ben Emlyn-Jones, sadly, it has become very evident that he too is just another evil subversive.  Take a look here. 

Legal Expert Chris Jarvis says here [16 mins on] that Robert Green was crying foul, yet there was nothing unlawful about his imprisonment.  He was imprisoned legally for breach of the peace and breach of bail.  Chris and a number of parties had contacted him to give him information which would have prevented him going to prison but were fobbed off with a ridiculous excuse that RG was afraid of CJ!     

Please note, I have my reservations about Chris Jarvis; mainly because he went to all that trouble of trying to use Habeas Corpus to get his friend Norman Scarth [who it turns out is just another leg-puller] freed.  I will look into him when get some time.     

If the HG story was not an elaborate hoax, conjured up by high up agents, RG would not have been given a prison sentence.  The fact is that many people commit crimes of a far more serious nature and they have numerous convictions, yet they never get imprisoned.  This forms part of my belief that the whole HG story was engineered and executed by high up Freemasons.  From my own experiences of Masonic manipulations - of making things up - of outright lies [see] I can see how the brotherhood have spotted an opportunity to make a convincing sex abuse story out of Hollie Greig.  They had a vulnerable Downs sufferer who is unable to speak for herself, a mother who had been sectioned, an uncle who had died when Hollie was a child and a large compensation payout.  All that could be sexed up [no pun intended] with the arrival of a hero who would be imprisoned for his gallant efforts - enter Robert Green.  It is important to note that the 'HDJ' campaign was born when the plant Robert Green got involved.  As for uncle Roy's death, at the time, everyone, including Anne Greig, accepted the coroner's findings that he had committed suicide.  [More on this below.]

In similar vein Roger Hayes went to prison.  Hayes and his good chum Brian Gerrish and all the shill repeaters are spreading it about that his incarceration was illegal - secret 'Stasi' trial etc, which is nonsense and a pack of lies.  Roger Hayes was imprisoned lawfully for "wilful refusal" to pay council tax.  See for a voice of reason.  See also  Despite BG's proclamation that a "number of people are working as hard as they can in order to try and overturn the decision that's been made" and "this is a very, very dangerous precedent, and we are extremely grateful to Mr Gerard Batten MEP for raising the issue of Roger Hayes' case and the significance of it in the European Parliament" RH stated he wanted to stay in prison "for the publicity".  Roger Dodger even went on hunger strike!  Chris Jarvis offered his services as a legal consultant but was, again, effectively told to get lost.  See [25 mins on].  It's all a game to them and they're paid well by their elite paymasters to play it.  Comrades, please, do not be hoodwinked by these vile creatures.  CJ rightly says certain people such as BG are trying to make the system look corrupt.  The problem is not the system but the secret Masonic brotherhood who are in the driving seat.  Their aim is to bring down the system so that the NWO can be brought in. 

Nowadays there are a number of people claiming to be establishment victims; some are genuine, some are very suspect.  We can be very suspicious of the high profile 'victims' who are getting lots of publicity on well-known shill sites and who work with known shills.  [These pretend 'victims' and 'Truthers' seem to have lots of time and money to appear to be helping others and to devise elaborate ways of 'waking the sheeple up'.  For example, they find creative ways to make videos to highlight false flag operations such as 7/7 and 9/11; they go on various demos, engage in publicity stunts, enjoy meetings with politicians...  They certainly don't appear to be suffering any hardship.]  The effect of all their campaigning is the opposite of what they appear to be trying to achieve, they just end up sending people round in circles, wasting genuine victims' time and money and creating confusion and suspicion.  This, of course, is the intended outcome because the real force behind those campaigns is the Masonic hierarchy.  This is what we, genuine establishment [masonic] victims are up against.  Here is the very effective divide and conquer and delay tactic at work again.  The ruling elite throw suspicion and doubt into the pool of 'truthers' and they successfully thwart the attempts of genuine victims to unite and form an effective army.  [The shills and fake 'victims' are only pretending to challenge the ruling elite.  Their job is to silence and crush us genuine victims and they get paid very well to do so.]  

It is so frustrating to realise now, that all those brilliant 'truther' sites and all the spirited 'soldiers' springing up all over the place and even getting themselves on TV, spreading the word and seemingly doing very effective work challenging the NWO, are in fact fakes! The elite freemasons know we genuine victims are the only people who have the motivation and determination to mount an effective challenge.  The problem for us is we are few in number and are, as such, easy pickings.  Also many genuine victims are already too crushed to fight back and many just can't fathom what is happening to them.  Those of us who are spirited enough to try and mount a challenge are constantly under attack on all fronts.  [The masons find ingenious ways to rob you of your home, possessions and loved ones, create stress for you and your kids, such that you are all constantly battling illness and they create problems for you in the workplace; sometimes so bad that you are forced to leave.  They are so successful as they have all the weapons at their disposal; they create a scenario that, to anyone else, it appears that you are the problem/have mental issues...  Daily life becomes such a struggle [by masonic design] that there is no time or energy left for a victim to fight back.  Such resources are spent trying to earn a living, keeping a roof over one's head, doing housework, caring for family, whilst at the same time trying to record evidence of corruption, as well as coping with various State Agent Smiths who come a calling and various official meetings/court hearings...]  Even if you manage to cope with such unbearable masonic onslaught, your sack-loads of evidence of State corruption get you no-where.  No-one cares.  Only another genuine victim of the establishment [freemasons] will believe you and will support you and will fight alongside you.   It is nigh on impossible to form an effective army against the mighty masonic hierarchy.  Stephen Knight says in his book ‘THE BROTHERHOOD’ :  'Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it is at work against them.  Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though.  You finish up not knowing who you can trust.  You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who thinks the whole world is conspiring against them.  It is a strange phenomenon.  By setting up a situation that most people will think a fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person's life.  If they give in they go under.  If they don't give in it's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation.  When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat.  The newspapers will not touch them.  There is no defense against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists'.

I will expand on my points and give more detail of the lies and inconsistencies which prove the HG story is fake.  For more detail and evidence see and the Hollie Hoax site 

Hollie Greig was born on 24th November 1979.  The story is that at the age of 6 she started being abused by a paedophile gang.  At first there were 31 alleged paedophiles.  That figure changed to 22.  The abuse continued for 14 years until the year 2000 when she was 20 years old and began to speak out; first telling her mother.

As far as I'm aware and according to the official HDJ site 14 of the 22 alleged abusers are named, who are the other 8?  Brian Gerrish of UK Column says on 'Open your mind' radio that, in many cases, Hollie even gave the relationship between people.  She allegedly gave full names, addresses and professions and she also described how she was abused and where it happened....  There is no evidence that Hollie said/is able to say all this.  This is confirmed by her brother Greg and Wyn, Anne's best friend for 5 years.  The evidence is that she can barely say a few words.  Robert Green says he has the police transcripts of Hollie's interviews, why doesn't he publish them?  [See more on this below.]  

Let's assume Hollie did name these 22 people, how/where did she get the names and addresses of them, such as Jack, Evelyn, Sarah & Susie Buchanan?  These people have been proved NOT to be related to the Sheriff.  At first Evelyn was the Sheriff's sister.....then the sister-in-law.  Both are lies!

Hollie, along with other children including Wyn Dragon-Smith's children were allegedly taken to the Sheriff's sister's house to be abused.  BUT the Sheriff had no sister, therefore there WAS no house.  Wyn's children didn't meet Hollie until she was 17 and they were in their 20's.  The Sheriff did not even live in the area until 2000.  It is stated in the HDJ 'questions and answers' sections that Hollie said she was taken along with the other victims she had named by minibus to Jack and Evelyn's house.  In the Tony Legend Show Hollie said that her Father used to drop her off and pick her up.  Sometimes she went on her own and sometimes her Father was there.  So how did Hollie or her dad find a non-existent house?  Here is an extract from an email Robert sent to Marcus Ryder of the BBC  "The one positive aspect was the absolutely heroic stance of Hollie Greig, who withstood the necessarily difficult questions with calmness, precision and dignity.  She is a woman of true stature and an example to everyone who has faced the similar horrors of group rape.  Significantly, a very high proportion of the rapes and abuse took place in the home of Sheriff Buchanan`s sister, Evelyn."

Tony Legend of Manchester on-line Radio interviewed Hollie.  You can clearly hear Anne saying "and anyone else's house" a number of times until Hollie gives the required answers.  I used to look after an 18 year old Downs Syndrome girl and I got to know her very well.  She behaved exactly as I've seen Hollie behaving and her language capability was similar to Hollie's - pretty much one word answers only.  I also knew a 30 year old Downs man and he also behaved in the same way and had severe language disability.

Why does the court order not include Evelyn, Jack, Sarah and Susie Buchanan?  The reason is that the court doesn't find it necessary to place non-existent individuals on court orders.

According to Robert, Hollie says other kids were abused by these people.  These 'kids' have claimed they were not abused.  Their statements are published on the Hoax site.  Four of the 'victims' would have been in their 20s at the time of the abuse.  Two of them weren't born at the time of the allegations.

Robert says Hollie was terrified that her dad was going to kill her, her dogs and her mom.  The Edge Media interview clearly shows Hollie did not believe her dad was going to kill her, her dog or her mother.  When asked this direct question by Theo Chalmers, Hollie's answer was NO!  Theo appeared completely shocked and asked her to confirm she did not believe him - Hollie obliged and said NO again.  Theo Chalmers then asked Hollie why she had kept quiet for so long.  She then said  "He didn't kill them."  Theo looked to Anne for translation and Anne ACTUALLY CHANGES what Hollie had said to - "he said he would kill them".

Robert says he overheard Hollie naming all 22 individuals while sat outside the interview room, and he noted them in his notebook.  There is clear evidence that Hollie is badly affected by her condition.  That was clear in the Edge Media interview and other videos.    Even if it were true, you would not hear clearly what Hollie would say sitting outside ANY room when most people could not understand what she says when sitting right next to her.  Robert claimed his notebook was stolen by the police.  According to 'HDJ' there were police raids on RG's home and on the home of Anne and Hollie, whereby important documents were taken.  Well, it is just not conceivable that both Anne and Robert [as the 'official representative'] would not have made copies of everything and stored them in a safe place.  All whistleblowers do this.  I have copies of all my stuff [including rough notes] stored with more than one trusted person.  Also duplicates can be requested if necessary.  So to suggest that vital evidence has somehow gone missing is nonsense.   

According to the FAQ section on 'HDJ' it is stated: " It should be noted that Hollie has the ability to use ‘Makaton’ (sign language) and when the police interviewed her they confirmed she was not ‘incopax’ and declared her a very credible witness.  Moreover TWO Psychological Assessments by eminent clinical psychologists Dr Jack Boyle in 2001 and Dr Eva Harding in 2003 confirm that Hollie’s account of her experience, despite “sparse’ language was entirely plausible and did not lead to the conclusion that she had lied or invented anything. Dr Harding’s report ends thus: “It is undoubtedly the case that Hollie was sexually abused by her father and brother over a long period from childhood and probably by others who had access to her. This report is given in soul and conscience.”   Well according to Robert Green, he HEARD Hollie from outside the police interview room, so she wasn't using sign language then!  In all the coverage I've seen of Hollie 'communicating' she has never used sign language.  Has anyone seen her and her mother communicating in this way?  Is there any evidence that Hollie communicates this way?  

As for Dr Eva Harding, prior to 22/12/13, I had asked the question: has the report by Dr Eva Harding [who has ties with the Tavistock Institute] been published anywhere?  Since then and just after this page had been updated, the HDJ campaign spokesperson on HGJ has been taunting, ridiculing and trying to discredit me.  [Notice they don’t reveal their identity.  These low-life yellow-bellies, like all bullies, can only operate behind a shield and in a pack.]  Something I said must've struck a nerve cos some of the posts are particularly vitriolic!   S'funny cos you know that you're bothering 'them' when they have to resort to discrediting tactics and especially when they go rooting around to try and find some ammo to be used against you for when you're name pops up on popular blogs; as in the case of the HDJ/HGJ troll who went in search of some dirt on me, and managed to find a remark I'd made many years ago about Nick Leeson.  'Outlaw' went to the trouble of digging up a years old comment I'd made in support of Michael Jackson and posted it on a popular forum ...  Pathetic lot.

It speaks volumes when they have to resort to these tactics.  It shows they’re already defeated.  They have no weapons.  You see we in the truth team hold the trump card.  What the enemy agents fail to realise is that Truth can stand its ground.  It doesn’t matter if only one person is speaking it.  They can try all the diversionary tactics they like, it won’t change the truth.  It matters not a jot if I have opinions on other subjects; maybe I believe in ghosts.  Such things are not relevant to the topic of HG.  The HG issue has more than enough facts to prove it’s a hoax.  Facts are facts, so anyone who says the HG story is true is a liar.  And that too is a fact.  The important point is that the HG scam is seriously undermining the efforts of genuine victims in their fight for justice and ultimately in the fight for freedom.  That is not acceptable and will not go unchallenged.        

On 28/12/13 HGJ produced their idea of 'evidence' but nothing there backs up their claims, but rather reinforces the Hoax.  They do publish the Harding report there though.  However, again, there is no factual evidence contained therein.  The Hoax group's findings are that "Dr Harding was not a medically trained Dr ... She was a 68 year old individual who had links with other individuals that were obsessed with ritual abuse."  They also state: "The interviews consisted of two 1hr sessions with half hour sessions with ANNE beforehand.  It is not difficult to come to the conclusion she did after hearing a very well coached Hollie Greig."  [Published on on 5/8/12]  At about 41 mins here on the Hoax group's 'reply to Sonia Poulton's interview with Robert Green on The People's Voice', the Harding report is mentioned.  Jon points out that the report is based on what Hollie says only.  He asks whether Dr Harding had access to the forensic medical evidence.  He also questions whether she knew Hollie had boyfriends and says that it is a shame that Dr Harding is no longer alive as she cannot be questioned.  I would echo that as her report shows clear bias towards Anne since it is based on the say-so of Anne Greig and there appears to be a lot of exaggeration of what Hollie allegedly said.  For example on p4 of the report, she says of Hollie: "Her allegations were consistent and were supported with details of time, place and incidental observations."  Well, that is simply not believable.  No evidence backs up such claims.  Even her mother cannot be consistent or provide correct details!  [More on this below.]  Also on the same page, Dr Harding states: "The existance of further abusers is also credible and is given further credence by the unexplained "sectioning" of Mrs Mackie."  Well, there is nothing unexplained about the sectioning of AG, as evidenced here  The Boyle report is published via the ‘All Evidence’ link.  Again it consists of mainly what Anne says.  The only reference to what Hollie actually says is a vague "she is describing sexual abuse".  

The Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland Jim Martin states in his PCCS report [p23] that Superintendent J noted in the Subject Report that the psychologist reports were not acted upon in the sense that they did not prompt any further enquiry.  Deputy Chief Constable Y stated in his final letter to AG 9th May 2007 "I do note that the weight of emphasis within the reports is on [Denis and Greg] as alleged perpetrators with less emphasis on the possibility of specific others being involved in alleged abuse." 

A letter from the Senior Clinical Medical Officer Dr Carter to Dr Maitland is also published on the HGJ 28/12/13 post.  Dated 3/2/1992, we can see that Hollie was just over 12 years old when this letter was written.  He states: "There have also been concerns about Hollie's sexuality.  Mr and Mrs Mackie asked me about the sexual behaviour of children with Down's Syndrome, her risks of fertility and the possible need for contraception when I saw them in June 1990.  More recently staff at Beechwood have been concerned that when Hollie is playing sexually with other children she shows marked pelvic thrusting suggesting she has some sexual experience that would be inappropriate for a girl of her years.  The school wrote to Mr and Mrs Mackie about this a couple of weeks ago."  Interestingly, and as Dr Carter points out, Hollie's parents did not make comment to him about the letter from school.  Dr Carter ends his letter with: "Hollie is showing good overall progress at school and she has never given any indication in discussions, to my knowledge, of her being exposed to inappropriate sexual experiences."  So here is the confirmation that Hollie was not being abused but was in fact sexually active with boyfriend[s] at aged only 10.  Moreover Hollie's parents knew this.  There is nothing to suggest Hollie was unhappy or distressed in any way, as she absolutely would have been if it was true that she was being raped.  Anne Greig and Robert Green have been shamefully word twisting and misrepresenting what is stated in the various documents that are published to paint a picture of gang rape.  

It should be noted that sexually inappropriate behaviour is common in children with Down's Syndrome [and certain other mental retardation problems].  There is plenty of evidence to support this.  See here for more and for a synopsis of the HG campaign, including analysis of the 'evidence'. 

Panorama investigator Mark Daly told Robert & Anne that he could not run with the story.  Robert claims it was because Daly said he would lose his job.  Robert will not give permission to Mark Daly to release the tapes of the conversation they had.  Listening to these tapes would very clearly determine exactly WHO is lying.  This is Mark Daly's statement: "I have been involved in some of the biggest investigations into corruption, racism, murder and child sex abusers broadcast in the UK over the past ten years of my career, and the suggestion that I would be complicit in a cover up of important journalism is insulting and deeply misguided.

After careful consideration some time later (before we had filmed anything), we, the programme team, decided we couldn’t proceed with the story.  It became clear that the wider allegations that were being made would be impossible to verify, and indeed we had concerns about the veracity of many of them.  On that basis, we made a professional decision not to proceed.  As journalists, we are not in a position to pick and choose which allegations we want to run or believe, and the vast majority of these allegations were, in our opinion, un-provable.  There are few more serious allegations one can make about a person than to call them a paedophile, and for that reason, the evidence has to be of the utmost quality.  And in this case, I’m afraid it fell far short of this hurdle."  See Mark Daly v Robert Green here

Green accuses the Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini QC of a cover up.  According to a letter dated 4th December '09 from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, "All key decisions in relation to prosecution in Hollie's case in 2000 and 2001 were taken before or after the Lord Advocate's time as Regional Procurator Fiscal in Grampian and were taken by other senior prosecutors."  So Elish Angiolini had nothing to do with the case.  See here for the verdict in Elish Angiolini's defamation case against RG.  Lord Bannatyne rules Green has no defence.  But that doesn’t stop Green and his contemptible cronies; they just declare the court corrupt and part of the cover up!  The fact that there is no evidence of that either doesn’t bother them.  

The CICA [Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority] was told a doctor [P] had examined Hollie and "found evidence of penetration of [Hollie's] private parts".  There was no evidence to suggest with whom.  [Ref p 11 of the PCCS report.]  Detective Inspector V states, "on the balance of probability, that [Hollie] was sexually abused" but "there was never a sufficiency of corroborative evidence to make prosecution of any viable person."  Given that the police were almost certainly unaware that Hollie had a boyfriend, it is not surprising they would have to conclude that she must have been sexually abused.  However it has also been suggested by Mr G, a Police Support Officer, that "previous penetration did not mean sexual abuse and to illustrate this he stated that children may injure themselves internally while playing" [p30 of the PCCS report].  Miss W, the representative from the support organisation who acted on Hollie's behalf at the CICA hearing said she was "taken aback by the difference between what was said by Mr G and what she understood the police evidence would be" [p21].   

AG could provide evidence of this sexual abuse if she published Hollie's medical notes.  Why doesn't she?  She says that it is documented in medical records that Hollie was penetrated anally.  She tells Tony Legend, Manchester Radio  via a Butlincat video that Hollie told the police that she suffered anal sex from these paedos and as a result had a fissure which caused red mucous to come from her bottom.  Despite Tony Legend stating that AG had shown him "document after document supporting her story, including medical records and autopsy reports" none of it is published!  See also the Butlincat write up.  Where's the evidence???  

Anne Greig might be able to convince us that she'd suffered domestic violence from Denis if she published her medical records.  Why doesn't she?  [She alleges that she was "covered in bruises and had a broken finger".  See Complaint 3 p15 and 16 of the PCCS report.] 

CICA – using a burden of proof far lower than that which would be required for a criminal conviction, "beyond reasonable doubt" – decided to make the award in 2005.

As for AG's complaint 6 [p19], Deputy Chief Constable Y tells AG: "Detective Sergeant F interviewed [Hollie] in the presence of an 'Appropriate Adult'.  Both had some reservations regarding the manner in which [Hollie] disclosed a lengthy list of people who I understand you believe may have abused [Hollie].  Further questions to help establish whether [Hollie] understood what telling the truth meant did not result in a position where those present were comfortable with accuracy of the general allegations being made." 

See the letter showing that DC Leanne Davidson "confirmed that Mrs Mackie is continually making allegations to the police about people abusing Hollie.  She is adding to this list of people all the time.  Leanne feels that Mrs Mackie is putting words into Hollie's mouth." 

The allegations of a paedophile ring have been investigated twice.

Grampian Police interviewed Hollie and her mother several times from 2000 onward and filed a report with the procurator-fiscal in Aberdeen.  Detective Sergeant F informed AG that, "with the exception of relative A [Hollie's brother Greg] there was no evidence to justify further enquiry in relation to the individuals named."  Through Interpol, Greg, was "traced and interviewed on 9th January 2002, after which he was released without charge due to the absence of evidence" [ref PCCS report p10 and p19].  Detective Sergeant F carried out "background checks on all the individuals concerned to establish if there was any other basis upon which to proceed - there was nothing found as a result of these checks which supported the position" [p 19 of the PCCS].  See also 

Different officers re-investigated the claims in 2009 after the case blew up on the internet. They filed another report to the procurator-fiscal.

Many in 'Hollie's Army' believe reports to the fiscal amount to evidence of wrongdoing, but there is no suggestion the reports contained such evidence.  A subject sheet sent to the Procurator Fiscal on 8th March 2002 provided information regarding the circumstances of the enquiry and the rationale not to interview the list of people previously named.   [Ref CPPS report p10.]  

Anne Greig formally complained to Grampian Police about the first investigation, as well as about a series of other allegations she made, including the murder of her brother.  The complaint most cited by her supporters is the failure of police to interview more than one of the 22 people named by Hollie.  However, A Greig's complaints were investigated and dismissed. The force's handling of the complaints was upheld by the PCCS [Scotland's independent police watchdog] in 2008.

Hollie allegedly reported that her uncle had seen her abused by another relative.  However, Hollie's uncle, Roy or Robert Greig, took his own life in 1997.  His car caught fire near Balmedie, north of Aberdeen, as he tried to kill himself with exhaust fumes.  A passer-by pulled him out of the car and resuscitated him. 

A post-mortem examination showed Roy Greig had broken ribs and a bruise to the back of his head.  Both are consistent with attempts to revive him.  Green and Anne Greig believe he was murdered [that he was "repeatedly battered about the head with an axe handle"] to stop him talking.  Stuart Usher on the Paul Drocton Show confirmed the autopsy stated Roy suffered a simple bump on the head [contusion].  Anne and Robert said the autopsy was taken to an 'expert' for an informal interpretation report.  They said the report showed 'murder' was the most likely outcome.  Why doesn't Anne or Robert publish that report?  Anne said her brother had no reason to commit suicide and therefore the coroner's verdict could not be true.  Mark Daly found that Roy did have reason to kill himself as he had been suspended from his job amid allegations of a substantial sum of money missing.  

AG did not see fit to mention to the police [Detective Sergeant F] that she believed Roy was murdered and why.  In the PCCS report on p22 Superintendent J states in his Subject Report that AG "did not specifically allege that there was anything sinister in Roy's death."  In fact the claims that there was a connection between Roy's death and the alleged abuse of Hollie seems to be an afterthought.  Supt J states that there was no evidence from officers who had been involved with AG in the past that she raised concerns that the death of Roy was connected with him allegedly witnessing Denis abusing Hollie.  It is stated in the PCCS report on p 30: "This was raised as a broad concern by [AG] in her statement of complaint."  

As for AG's complaint with regards fraud in relation to Roy's estate, we might ask why AG did not raise the issue in her original statement [p12 of the PCCS report "... information regarding an historic fraud enquiry to Superintendent J on 10 October 2006.  He responded to [AG] on 13 October 2006, stating that the information contained in her fax had not been touched on in her original statement."]  Also, why she could not be accurate about dates [p7 "It is evident that Detective Constable L and detective Constable M visited [AG] re allegations of fraud.  [AG] told Supt J that this meeting occurred in January 2004.  However, Supt J states in the Subject Report that the officers believe that this meeting occurred in 2001 or 2002."]  Further AG cannot give detailed information.   Detective Inspector Z, Head of the Fraud squad, states that AG was "unhappy with the value of assets she'd received re Roy's estate but that she was not able to identify what assets remained unaccounted for and as such a police investigation would not have been appropriate" [p14 and 25].

Robert Green says in his blog on 11th January 2012:  "When the autopsy finally arrived, it stated that Roy`s sternum, one of the body`s strongest bones, had been broken, along with several ribs and damage to the skull, consistent with having been badly beaten."  Also: "Sylvester Cadger had been given an award for his bravery in trying to rescue Roy by the Royal Humane Society, which posed yet another question. In order to receive such an award his action must have been witnessed. It was not a member of the emergency services, although a later newspaper report mentioned a "passing nurse", odd in itself given the remoteness of the spot. However, there seems to be no record at all of this elusive individual, The Royal Humane Society does not know, the police do not know and Sylvester Cadger refuses to answer. Now Mr McGeechan, at the Crown office, has refused to disclose the identity of this person, always assuming that the individual actually exists."  Also: "I disclosed my concern about Sylvester Cadger`s  role in Roy`s death. My suspicions were raised further when both the transcripts which arrived later from the Police and Crown Office had omitted the entire mention of Mr Cadger. When challenged, both stated that no omissions had been made and that the transcripts were faithful to the contents of the tape. Thanks to my solicitor, Mr Gerry Sweeney, who successfully pressed to obtain the tape, there was the section about Syvester Cadger. Why did the Police and Crown Office omit and then lie about it?  No other section had been tampered with."

WHY DOESN'T ROBERT GREEN PUBLISH THE AUTOPSY REPORT, THE TWO TRANSCRIPTS FROM THE POLICE AND CROWN OFFICE, THE TAPE RECORDING, THE STATEMENTS FROM THE POLICE AND CROWN OFFICE THAT NO OMISSIONS HAD BEEN MADE AND THE NEWSPAPER REPORT???    According to [5/3/2013] "A report states as a result of rescuing Robert Greig he sustained burns to his hands."  Also "According to the autopsy, Robert Greig did not receive first, second or third degree burns."  WHY DON'T THEY PUBLISH THESE REPORTS?

Robert Green's "Death of Robert Greig" blog is published here, just in case the odious liar removes it.  See here for more on Sylvester Cadger.

Green also says in the same blog: "It had come to light that Hollie's father successfully claimed £51,000 from the Scottish Widows, through a solicitor named by Hollie, on a life insurance policy taken on his brother-in-law's life."  Well, where is the evidence for this?  And how was it possible for Hollie's father to take out a life insurance policy on Anne's brother when Anne was his next of kin? 

See Greg L-W blog, under Robert [Roy] Greig Embezzlement for more 

See also the 4/5/2013 post on  under the title A STILL SMOKING CAR FIRE. state: "The latest from the police in response to a FOI request in 2013 is that Roy's death was 'accidental'."  Also: "Anne has continued to press Grampian police and fire service as to why they so rapidly ruled out foul play and decided they did not need to investigate further.  They told her "it was clear no-one else was involved"."  Quotes appear to have been plucked from thin air again!  There is no reference to any official document.  Why don't they publish official documents to back up their story, considering they are now well and truly backed up in a corner, desperately trying to convince the public that they speak the truth.  They also state: "Then in 2011, Anne managed to obtain the fire-report, a likewise very revealing document."  So why don't they publish it???  Further down this post, HDJ summarise as follows: 

1]  Back in 1997 the fire service had said "the police are treating this incident as suicide ... it is clear the fatality tried to kill himself ..." but in 2013 the police are now saying that Robert David Greig's death was "accidental";

2] Grampian Police maintain that Grampian Fire & Rescue Service hold all the information on the incident;

3] Grampian Fire & Rescue Service however say no information is being held by them;

4] the all-important toxicology report is being withheld by the pathologist, Dr Grieve;

5] The Procurator Fiscal who is responsible for prosecutions in Scotland claims no longer to be holding any documents on the case.                              

Again, notice that there is no reference to any official document to support these claims!

There are replies to F.O.I requests, however it is stated there that the FIRE was an accident, not that Roy's death was.

"15. In answer to a previous F.O.I from A,Greig you have stated the fire was an accident.  How was this determined and what forensics were carried out?

This determination was based on the fire report and what was noted at the scene by police officers [i.e. hosepipe attached to exhaust]." 

WORD TWISTING IS LYINGIt is also clearly confirmed in the same report that Roy was not murdered; that he had committed suicide as was his intention.  The evidence is that people were trying to save him, not murder him.

"16 In answer previous F.O.I from A. Greig, you have also stated that you had determined there was no other person involved?  Precisely how was this determined?

This was determined from witness statements from those who tried to save deceased and that there was no evidence to suggest that anyone else was involved."  

"18 By what evidence did Grampian Police make a determination that suggested that the cause of the fire was suicide to the PF and therefore no further investigation launched?

From the information in the fire report, witness statements and what was noted at the scene."

See See also

"8] The Fire Incident Log states: "...although the fire was accidental, it was clear that the fatality had tried to kill himself"."

"b] Give precise details of how it was determined that the fatality was also a suicide?

There was no evidence to suggest that any other person was involved."

"9] The Fire Fatality Incident Report states: "Build up of back pressure in exhaust system caused catalytic converter to over heat and ignite plastic in engine compartment"."

See also   and 

These reports do not reflect what is being stated by the HDJ gang.  There are other replies to FOI requests re HG on, however nothing there backs up anything 'Hollie's army' say.  If they want us to believe them why don't they publish the documents they say they have?  Incidentally I find it a little odd that HDJ don't provide a link to the FOI replies!  They also state in the same post: "She was told by the Procurator Fiscal said they had looked into the case and "it could not determine that it was suicide"."  Here they are again throwing out quotes willy nilly with nothing to back up anything they say.  Barefaced liars.  

The FOI clearly confirm that the police thoroughly investigated the allegations of sexual abuse of Hollie Greig and had found them to be unsubstantiated: 

"Historical allegations of sexual abuse made by a 30 year old woman in Shropshire have been thoroughly investigated by Grampian Police. Crown Counsel have considered all the available information and decided that there is insufficient credible, reliable and admissible evidence to justify criminal proceedings in respect of these allegations." 

HDJ state on their Q & A section that Grampian police "do accept that she had been abused by her father Denis Mackie and her brother Greg."  So there is another blatant lie.  I won't bother pointing out any more of their lies/baseless allegations - just on that page alone - there are far too many.    

Greg L-W describes Robert Green as "a menace to the good function of society”, “a dangerous, irresponsible, criminal liar” and “a Snake Oil Salesman”.  I agree with Greg and would add that this description applies to ALL in 'Hollie's Army' and ALL in the A/M who promote this story.  

I have copy/pasted the relevant FOI reports here just in case someone removes them.

HDJ continue their blatant and breathtaking lies in their efforts to convince us of a "murky picture", of buck passing of "a very suspicious incident" within the authorities.  They ask "how come that all these years the Fiscal never confirmed to certain authorities that the death was accidental?"  The lying scumbags then go on to say "who was the mysterious nurse at the scene who possibly assisted with the revival attempts?"  Read again my comments re RG's 11/1/12 blog.  Where is it confirmed in any official document that there was a nurse or a Sylvester Cadger?  We don't know who tried to revive Roy.  RG has apparently got 2 transcripts from the police and crown office, a tape recording, statements from the police and a newspaper report in relation to this.  BUT HE WON'T PUBLISH ANY OF IT!!!  On 5th March 2013 HDJ state "Grampian Fire Report states "accidental suicide"."  LIARS!  The monkeys even point out that "either it was accidental, suicide or it was something else?"  i.e. that accident and suicide are not compatible!  The Fire incident log clearly states accidental fire and suicide.  And the HDJ thugs have the jaw dropping gall to accuse Dennis and the other innocent victims of the HG hoax of using "lies, slanderous distortions and distractions"!!!  

The only murky picture here is the one the filthy freemason controlled HDJ are concocting!  Jesus the BS this lot come out with beggars belief.  They must think we're all as thick as pigshit.  Did they really think that we who are on to them would not notice what is actually stated in the official documents that are published?  They say "This story is bigger than the Saville cover up."  Yes it is.  But not in the way they say.  This story will expose the masonic paedo-protecting NWO gatekeepers. 

The 'Hollie's Army' gang remind me of the way my evil ex used to behave.  Virtually all the malicious lies he said about me and the accusations he made against me actually applied to him!  The same tactics are used here.  So when the foul mouthed HDJ gangsters make accusations against their victims and the truth tellers we know they are actually speaking about themselves.  Belinda, Sabine, Robert Green, Brian Gerrish ....all masters of LIES, SPIN, SLANDER, DISINFO AND DISTORTIONS.  They must all have degrees in the art of bullshitting.  

An example of this is in a comment by the idiot 'Joe Cryans' [which is probably not his real name] on the 5/8/12 HDJ post entitled 'To Balance the Scales' written by Ian McFerran.  Cryans says that Wyn and Sylvia are trying to "spin their way out of it" and that whilst doing so they are "digging a much deeper pit to fall into".  Well it is clear who the spinners and diggers are!  The slippery smug slug McFerran deserves an award for his spinning skills.  

Now let's look at the absurdity of their 5/8/12 post.  The HDJ NLP trained sociopaths really are showing desperation here.  First of all let's cut the crap about there being a mail from McFerran to saying that he was bowing to some people's wishes to look at the answers provided by the opposition.  There were no 'people' asking him to do this response; his HDJ co-conspirators asked him to do it ... and this stupid lapdog dutifully obliged.  Now why would the HDJ lot feel the need to 'balance' the facts of the matter?  Their title tells you everything.  Balancing in this context means neutralising [which is exactly what my ex and his freemason friends in high places tried to do to me].  In plain English were/are terrified of Sylvia and Wyn because they formed a 'Hoax' group who began collecting lots of proof that there is no substance to the HG story.  Furthermore that these good people were not afraid to shout it from the rooftops.  HDJ, alarmed at this, panicked and sent their trusted henchman McFerran on a damage limitation exercise.  McFerran came up with some, it has to be said, spectacular spin on the 40 answers given in his effort to neutralise what was being said by Sylvia and Wyn.  But his dirty little plan didn't work, the opposite was achieved.  Now everyone can see what an evil lying little man McFerran is.  But more importantly any well meaning person who might be taken in by the HDJ loathsome lot can now see the truth for themselves, published on the Hollie Demands Justice's very own website and shining like a beacon, albeit starting from around one third of the way down the page.  

Now that all that has been cleared up, let's take a nosey at some of the things this McFerran pr..k spouts.  He says: "This response is being presented at the request of a few people who were not happy with the detail of some of the answers provided and the evasive nature of some of them.  I shall try to respond as impartially as I can."  What a bare-faced lying cheeky git.  Look at his terminology 'evasive'.  He and his gang are the shifty ones.  Wyn and Sylvia speak straightforwardly. And how can the idiot say he's impartial when he's one of the main players in 'Hollie's Army'???  He sanctimoniously goes on to say "Therefore when the answers given by the 'accused' appear defensive ... the campaign is only calling for an open public enquiry and is not directly accusing them of anything.  Speculations and views are one thing; legal due process is something quite different."  Lying hypocrite.  He is one of the HDJ heavyweights and they have all been directly accusing Wyn and Sylvia of being part of a paedo gang who raped Hollie.  As for a public enquiry, he knows there can be no such thing because there is no need for one.  [More on this below].  As for specs and views, he and his gangster pals are the ones who have infected the Net with their disgusting lies...  He goes on to say in bold "...we will not be answering further questions" and "The reason given the points have been covered elsewhere.  This seems to nullify the reason for letting the public put questions to the accused ladies."  Here the slime ball is implying that the ladies are trying to avoid answering questions.  The fact is Sylvia and Wyn have given truthful comprehensive answers to every question put to them.  They welcome questions and are willing to debate.  There is complete transparency with these ladies, since they have nothing to hide.  Not so with the HDJ evildoers.  The problem Wyn and Sylvia have is that it is impossible to negotiate with a slippery character like McFerran who is hell bent on burying the truth by whatever means possible and on trying to turn the tables.  The rest of this pompous prat's response is just jammed pack full of lies, inferences and innuendos.  The slurs against two completely innocent and decent ladies have done irrepairable damage to them and their families.  Does this McFerran twonk have any idea how much contempt people have for him and what a prize prat he's made of himself in his desire to please his paymasters?    He may feel proud of himself and it is likely that the HDJ barstewards will have considered it a job well done.  But all good people will see him in a different light.  One word best describes this sycophant ... and it rhymes with banker!  

The 5/3/13 post ends with: "One thing is clear, there is nothing here that can possibly qualify as a 'thorough investigation' on the part of Grampian Police and Fire & Rescue Service and the Procurator Fiscal of this suspicious incident.  So, if these are this authority's standards in relation to a violent death, we have to question whether they are likely to have been any more reliable in the matter of a certain case of serious sexual abuse which, in similar vein, they claim to have "thoroughly investigated" and discounted of being of any concern?"  Nice try, cheeky monkeys.   This lot are trying to fool the public into believing that there is a cover up.  We can see now why the so-called 'HDJ campaign' went quiet for a few months.  The masonic mafia needed some time to re-group and think up some more ways to spin the story in the hope of fooling the public.  Well they can't pull the wool over everyone's eyes.  Their never ending layer upon layer of ugly lies is unravelling for everyone to see just how vile and contemptuous the masonic controlled HDJ lot really are.

No doubt HDJ will use the fact that some information is withheld to back up their claim of a cover up.  However it is clearly explained in the FOI replies why certain information cannot be disclosed:

"Efficient and Effective Conduct of the Force: To disclose specific details of how 
an investigation is carried out, could hamper the Force's ability to conduct such 
inquiries in the future, as it would be known exactly what types of enquiries would 
be made to establish whether any criminality was involved. 
Flow of information to the Force:  If we disclosed details of witnesses in a 
specific inquiry, this could prevent others from coming forward with information in 
the future, for fear of their names being released into the public domain.  This 
would harm the Force's ability to fully investigate sudden deaths and possibly other 
types of incidents." 
Notice that the HDJ gang have a habit of trying to connect the fictional HG story with other events concerning other people which may or may not be true.  Robert Green Plant also loves to make connections where there are none.  He constantly tries to give credibility to the HG story by bamboozling the unsuspecting public with connections to totally unrelated MSM news stories, such as the Italian lady who had her baby forcibly removed by UK social services and given up for adoption, Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Elm Guest House ...
In their July 18th 2013 post they're trying to kid us that all will be revealed during the coming litigation.  This translates to they're buying time to avoid having to produce the evidence which they haven't got.  They're saying they're keeping their evidence for court ... knowing full well that it'll never get to court!  Cheeky f...ckers.  They write: "our investigators have been beavering away collating the vast swathes of evidence that will form the basis of the coming litigation" and "It will not be too long before the real storm begins, and when it does you can read all about it officially through the pre-prepared Court Reporter pages..."   Oh puleeeeeeeease.  Someone pass me the sick bucket.   Is anyone buying this shill shite?  Seriously who do this evil lot think they're kidding?


As for the transcripts of Hollie's police interviews, something I heard here [around 46 mins] arouses my curiousity.  The 'Hoax' group were sent documents 'recently' [December 2012] from someone anonymous.  One of the documents has been confirmed by the police to be genuine.  Presumably that document is the transcript of Hollie's police interview[s] because the question asked of the police by the 'Hoax' group was, "Did Hollie's interview name these people?"  If that is the case I wIll not be surprised if said document turns out to be not genuine.  I will explain why.  I find it very difficult to believe Hollie did/could name all those 31people that she is alleged to have said abused her.  There is absolutely no evidence that she is capable of doing so.  I would not be at all surprised if this document has been written by high up police masons who are in on the Hollie Greig storyline.  [I have first-hand experience of police corruption and, YES, they do write fraudulent reports.]  One thing I could bet my life on, the tape recording[s] of Hollie's police interview[s] will never see the light of day.  Why?  Because I do not believe it/they exist[s].  We should ask questions, such as why have these documents appeared as late as December 2012?  i.e. after the HG story had been debunked and growing numbers of people began questioning it.  Who, apart from Anne Greig and Robert Green, is able to access such documents?  Why would someone want to send them to the 'Hoax' group?  The probable answer to the last question is to make them, and all of us, believe that Hollie did actually say all the things that is being alleged.  Or it is possible that Mr 'Anon' is hoping these documents will come into the public domain so that AG, Robert Green Plant and his brother shills can then declare that said documents are not genuine.  They could point out that the police transcript[s] has/have been doctored, that they know this because it/they differ[s] to the tape recording [just as Green claims happened re Sylvester Cadger and the police and crown office transcripts and tape recording].  The recording[s] will never come to light due to some bullshit excuse.  They'll then smugly tell us that this proves their assertions of police corruption in the HG case!!!  All more muddying of the waters ...  This is why I'm curious as to why these documents appeared when they did.  Maybe I'm looking too deeply into all this, but having a great deal of experience of how freemasonry works, and how clever the slick pretenders are at covering their tracks, this scenario is quite feasible.  I could be wrong; but the Hollie Greig story is a sophisticated hoax and there is more to it than people realise.  You just need to observe how fiercely the 'big gun' shills and forum trolls protect it to see that. 

Green tells more lies about tapes and transcripts in his 11th September 2013 blog  He alleges that sheriff Bowen had an “extraordinary outburst” saying:  " How dare you, an Englishman, come to Scotland to tell us what to do?  We know how to run the justice system here in Scotland."  Green states: “This was spoken in a crowded open court and was being recorded by audio.”  He doesn’t produce this recording!  He goes on to say: “When I received a printed copy from the Crown Office a few weeks later of the speech, the two sentences above had been omitted. I asked the Court about this inaccuracy and why these remarks were missing. Having received no plausible explanation, I asked Elaine McLeod, the Sheriff Clerk at Stonehaven Court for a copy of the audio. This was denied to me. I thus proceeded to make a formal complaint to the Judicial Office of Scotland. Eventually, Lord Eassie ordered an investigation, appointing Lady Smith to conduct it.

Lady Smith ordered that the audio be produced. A written transcript, said to be taken directly from the audio, was sent to me prior to my being interviewed by Lady Smith on 3rd July 2013. The copy not only differed significantly from the original document, but also omitted the two key sentences. It was now clear that a serious criminal offence had occurred, the falsification and tampering with of official Court records.”  As usual he doesn’t produce the evidence of any of this or anything else he goes on to say in his blog or anything he says at all!  Green and gang just keep making things up willy nilly. 

Further scrutiny of the PCCS report reveals more evidence which diminish further AG's credibility and expose her as the liar, not the police.  She does not produce any evidence to show otherwise.  According to Jim Martin she is "unable to recall in her statement specific dates and names."  She does not get her facts correct.  For example, see p 24, AG had provided a chart showing her perceived connections between the alleged abusers.  She states that Detective Sergeant F had contact with Person U - a former carer - in a pantomine and lived in the same area as her.  Person U states that she had never met Det Serg F and that whilst she had never been in panto with him, she was in panto with an ex-police officer.  Supt J noted that Det Serg F did not live in the same area as person U.  

Anne Greig blatantly lies - see p12 where she complains that the charge against Greg [re an alleged indecent act in his car] was prevented from going to court due to police inaction/error/collusion and Denis' influence.  It is on public record that it did go to court - 3 times - and Greg pled guilty.  Also AG complained that she believed Mr G [previously Detective Sergeant G] had been involved in the case.  Superintendent J confirmed that Mr G did not feature anywhere in the case.  

AG makes numerous allegations and complaints, but doesn't back up anything she says with evidence and she doesn't prove that the police or any other authority are corrupt.  Why doesn't she request official reports/statements from various depts e.g the Police, Child Protection Unit, Social Services etc in an effort to PROVE that she tells the truth and that it is the police etc who are the liars???  E.g p16 of the PCCS report AG says [in her statement of complaint taken on 23/3/06] that no arrangements were made to bring Hollie back for a medical exam or to re-interview her.  Supt J stated in the Subject Report that information provided by Detective Constable E, supported by her reports and several witness statements, confirm that further arrangements were made to re-examine and re-interview Hollie regarding issues raised on 25/8/2000.  If AG is telling the truth, then the Subject Report and witness statements must contain lies, why doesn't AG request these documents and publish them???  The evidence shows that the police are not the liars, AG is.  P17 Deputy Chief Constable Y stated to AG in his letter dated 9th May 2007 that evidence indicated that arrangements were made for AG and Hollie to attend on 28/8/2000.  A different Appropriate Adult [AG did not like the previous 'Appropriate Adult' Ms N a Social Worker who AG said was incompetent - p8] recalled being asked by the force to attend on 28/8/2000.  AG did not attend.  Detective Constable E and detective Sergeant G visited AG's home but she refused to answer the door [p9].  

On p21 of the PCCS report evidence again suggests that AG lies, not the police.  She complains that Mr G, a member of Grampian Police Support Staff, said words to the effect that "mentally handicapped people 'fiddled with each other and fiddled with themselves'."  He says in his statement of 20th June 2006 that he is confident he would not use such words.  Aide Memoir notes, obtained from the panel members at the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Hearing by Supt J stated that the notes corroborated Mr G's account and that the notes contain no comments in relation to people with learning difficulties.  

There is no evidence of corruption in the police in the case of Hollie Greig.  It is evident the police did do their jobs properly [albeit there was a need for more "rigorous and accountable recording of information"] and that the police investigation of police officers was also done thoroughly; in fact Superintendent J [who "appears to have conducted a full and robust enquiry" p32 of the PCCS report] went further and conducted an enquiry into other matters which AG had not raised in her complaints against the police.  Neither is there any evidence of corruption on the part of the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland, Jim Martin.  If the above is not true, where is the evidence that suggests otherwise? 

There is no evidence of any corruption/cover up within the Establishment regarding Hollie Greig.  Fact. 

A final note about Brian Gerrish, he states, "The Scottish police have admitted there was no investigation and corrupt courts have been used to imprison Robert Green."  I asked him to send me the proof - a copy of the police letter or other police documentation ...  Not surprisingly there is none.  

BG says the answer is to get it into court, RG did have an opportunity to get the case into the Scottish Courts [back in 2010].  Why didn't he?  Why doesn't he take out a private prosecution?  It costs nothing.  Chris Jarvis explains how to, here [around 59 mins] and he offers assistance.

Ian McFerran, Campaign member of 'Justice for Hollie Greig' and 'Free Robert Green' deserves another mention.  He is almost certainly a high level freemason, on a par with Gerrish.  You just have to take a look at the phony letters he writes here where he's questioning Sherriff Bowen's connection to freemasonry, to figure that out.  I smiled sardonically when I stumbled upon and read such shite as, "You Sherriff Bowen have used your Masonic influence to pervert the course of justice by denying Robert Green his 'Human Right' to an open and fair trial" and "I openly accuse you Sherriff Bowen of being a 'corrupt' Freemason."  Who does this clown think he's kidding?  They're all in it together - slick bullshit artists.  McFerran and his ilk can only get away with their deceit and dirty trickery because of their allegiance to their puppet masters and protectors in the Craft.  It is high time these foolish men realised that freemasonry will not protect them forever.     

Neither BG nor anyone else I wrote to in the 'alternative media' would interview the 'Hoax' team and no-one wanted the HDJ and the HGH teams to debate the issues.

Take a look here  at Sabine McNeill's November 2013 blog.  Warning, you'll need your puke bucket at the ready.

If your stomach can take any more, take a look at the slimy toerag Robert Green's blogs where he spews out more of the same shite - a shameless avalanche of naked lies and concoctions.   What a creep.  He, just like Gerrish and all the other Satan-serving lying disgusting fragments of faeces who make up the 'controlled opposition' should be thrown to the public to face frightening and painful public humiliation.   

Here the Hoax group summarise and tear to shreds the 'evidence' RG uses to support his claims.  Incidentally the Hoax group believe RG is a mere victim of the hoax - if only it was that simple.  It isn't; it's far more sinister.  RG, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Gerrish et al are all very well paid loyal, trusted and talented establishment [masonic] agents.  These people i.e. everyone who makes up 'Hollie's Army' are also some of the trolls you find commenting on all 'Truth' forums and under 'Truth' videos.  You only have to ask yourself why are they still defending the Hollie Greig story when there is so much evidence to prove it is a hoax.  This is why they're protected and can continue this scam.  Why is BM not languishing in jail for funding terrorism or money laundering?  Instead she is now the head of the Association for Charities.  What a joke, when she was investigated by the UK Charities Commission and found to have been money laundering a sum of £5 million which she could not account for but which had passed through her account.  £75 million pounds was collected in Britain for Iran aid, but the money did not reach orphans or regugees.  Belinda illegally destroyed the accounts.  More details here and here  The corruption [all masonic] is many layered and mind blowing.

Brian Gerrish informed me that £750,000 of the public's money has been spent on this scandalous charade thus far.  The breathtakingly impudent HDJ gang want to spend more of our money - on a public enquiry.  The Green plant is trying to convince the public of a cover up.  Belinda McKenzie and collaborators ask "why the cover up if it's a hoax?"  Such absurdity.  There was/is no cover up as there was/is nothing to cover up!  There is no need for an enquiry since no crime has been committed.  Well, not in the sense of a paedophile ring and the rape of Hollie Greig; the criminals are in fact the HDJ paedo protecting gangsters and anyone in connection with or promoting this spectacle and the only rape is that which is of the public purse.  In short the real criminals are the masonic 'Hollie's Army' mafia and their lickspittle lackeys. 

The Scottish Establishment are under no obligation to respond to Robert Green or to any of Green's HDJ co-collaborators.  They should look upon him and his friends as arrogant fools.  If the Scottish government are not beholden to freemasonry or any other shadow government they would do society a favour and lock up all of 'Hollie's army' and associated shills/trolls/other NWO gatekeepers in a mental institution and throw away the key.  

In my humble opinion however all the high ups in the Scottish establishment i.e the Masonic hierarchy are almost certainly in on the Hollie story, but not in the sense of a cover up of a paedophile ring and sexual crimes against HG as the HDJ mega disinfo merchants are trying to fool the public with.  There is overwhelming evidence that the HG story is an elaborate LIE.  Anyone with an ounce of moral fibre and especially those politicians who are supposed to be the people's voice i.e the MPs [excuse me while I just throw up again] would be exposing the Hollie Hoax for what it is and they would reprimand all those people in the alternative media who support and promote it.  NO MP has exposed this scam.  They are all spineless, dishonest, pathetic vermin.  All of them willing to continue the pretence, happy in sweet servitude to their masonic rulers.  Actors, all of them, and getting paid big bucks from our hard earned taxes for dutifully toeing the line.  Cowardly scum.  All of them guilty of misappropriating public funds.

Take a look at Green's 14/8/13 blog re MPs.  Andrew George MP (Lib Dem) states "There seems to be a lot of evidence and allegations which point in one direction and indicate that this whole case deserves a thorough review - both in relation to Hollie`s father and many of the professionals with whom Hollie came into contact who have allegedly failed in their duties or even covered up important facts".  David Ruffley MP, Government Minister (Conservative) says "The case of Hollie Greig is appalling. It seems that the Crown Office has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to bring proceedings.But why then has Hollie received compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?"  David Ward MP (Lib Dem) , mentions the comments of Andrew George, adding that Hollie had made allegations against a senior police officer (deceased) and a serving sheriff. He goes on to say that "Medical evidence can be sufficient to secure a conviction but the authorities must have the resolve to pursue these cases. Police forces must treat rape more seriously and be prepared to bring charges even without a formal complaint by the victim".  John Hemming MP (Lib Dem) , discussing Green's imprisonment over Hollie`s case states that "I would personally like to see the establishment of a parliamentary committee to look at a number of murky cases of which Hollie`s (and yours) is one."  Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, refers to the case as "strange and highly suspicious", going on to reiterate his support for Green in the General Election for Green's "remarkable and principled stand".  NAUSEATING.   The onion of corruption is mind-blowing and a scandalous theft of the public purse.  Sabine offers help to her MP Lynne Featherstone who she says is "already challenging Children’s Services in this Borough..."  Err fat lot of use Featherstone is.  She hasn’t got a clue what’s going on under her watch.  This is her idea of clarification re the issue of intimidation of CSA panel members  Here is a flavour of the Q & A session whereby Vaz is asking about the letter May sent:

KV: Have you seen the letter that the home secretary has sent to panel members?

LF: No.

KV: But you’re the minister responsible?

LF: I am the minister responsible, but the home secretary has taken charge of the panel side of this issue.

KV: But are you not the minister responsible for sexual violence, sex offences, child sex offences, prostitution and lap dancing?

LF: And many other things.

KV: Violence against women and girls. You have not seen this letter that has been sent to every member of the panel?

LF: No, no.

KV: Have you asked to see it?

LF: I didn’t know there was one to ask to see.

KV: But it’s been on the news?

LF: Well, I haven’t seen it. I’ve been in India and Burma last week.

KV: But it’s not last week minister. The home secretary wrote before Christmas ...

LF: I have heard about that letter. I have been briefed about the options.

KV: I, for one, think it is very unsatisfactory that this letter has not come to you.

LF: It is.

In his November 2013 blog Green gives his thanks to The People`s Voice (TPV) for inviting him to be interviewed by Sonia Poulton.  She is a Daily Mail columnist, ex-employee of David Icke and is friends with the Outlaw Jimmy Jones [more on him on my 'War On Shills'].  I say ex employee of Icke as she parted company with him after less than a couple of months working on Icke's TPV broadcast.  See the Hollie Hoax's ' reply to Sonia Poulton's interview with Robert Green on The People's Voice'   At around 77 mins RG talks about his wonderful MPs.  At around 23 mins Sonia says she had invited onto her show the anti-campaigners who are the Hoax group.  Bare faced lying b....  They got no such invitation.  They had to approach her and ask for a right of reply.  She apparently agreed, only to then backtrack due to an alleged complaint from Ofcom.  Yeah right.  The bloody masons blocked it.  When you are a victim of freemasonry you are very familiar with the sneaky ways in which they operate. 

More from Jon on Sonia here  Form your own opinion on Sonia Poulton.  I've already formed mine - she's just another nasty piece of work - a sneaky lying paedo protector - and TPV are just another filthy shill propaganda radio/TV station.  

Here Sonia is defending the suspects in the murder trial of a teen boy.  See also my pdf on Janette Scharenborg. 

Earthlinggb has cottoned on to the fact that "This alternative media is a bigger joke than the mainstream!"  He questions Sonia Poulton's journalistic integrity in connection with Icke and Savile here

As for Earthling, I have a sneaking suspicion he may not be on the level either.  Just the fact that he has been blogging for a number of years, he boasts over 600,000 hits, yet he shies away from revealing his identity.  Why?  That raises suspicion.  According to KFM the person behind the blog is the “seriously imbalanced and vindictive Mark Welsh”  Time permitting I’ll see what I can dig up on this earthling.  

Yet another disgusting paedo protecting site which I had the misfortune to stumble upon here revealed more about Chris Spivey.  On the 'recent' comments section are links to Spiv's site: 

  • Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » Dame Elish Angiolini: From Hollie Grieg to Dunblane on MP challenges Scottish Government over lack of prosecutions in Hollie Greig case
  • Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » Dame Elish Angiolini: From Hollie Grieg to Dunblane on Angiolini challenged over paedophile ring activity involving serving Sheriff
  • Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » Dame Elish Angiolini: From Hollie Grieg to Dunblane on Trial Day 5: Last Day of the Prosecution
  • Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » Dame Elish Angiolini: From Hollie Grieg to Dunblane on 93% say Angiolini should say who paid legal bill.   However when I clicked on, I got the message "404 page not found".  Well, well, wonder what Spivey is trying to hide!  I have now copy/pasted his 10th August 2013 post here just in case he removes it.  The irony is that in that post he is exposing parliamentary paedophiles.  Such hypocrisy!  Chris Spivey, famous name in the conspiraworld is himself another porky pie telling PAEDOPHILE PROTECTOR, along with all the other foul paedo protectors - Icke, Gerrish, Baloney ...  It is easy to see how we genuine speakers of truth are getting no-where in our efforts to expose corruption and the NWO agenda and to make the world a better place despite all the seemingly massive exposure of the truth from the so-called 'alternative media'. 
  • Note, prior to 28/12/13 Dr Eva Harding's report was not published.  Yet this SCUM site [appropriately named] was privy to it as there was a direct quote from the Harding report on there prior to this date.  What does that tell you?  It is an anonymous site, it is all about 'justice for Hollie Greig' and has links to shill sites.  Whoever runs it is a member of the HDJ/HGJ gang.  This reveals more of the pathetic underhanded desperation of the 'Hollie's Army' underbellies of society.  They have to stoop to new lows to create separate sites such as this one and the HGJ one [and probably more which I haven't had time to look into yet] which are in addition to their official 'Hollie Demands Justice' site to try and convince the public that there is a lot of support for the HG story.  This is yet more confirmation [if it were needed] that the NWO gatekeepers are behind the HG scam and so too is anyone promoting/defending this story.  Remember a sure sign that a 'truther' site is actually a non-truther one is if it a] supports the HG story and b] will not expose the controlled opposition.    


    As for removing posts, Hollie's 'army' are famous for this.  When forced to change their story they remove their videos, blogs etc.   If you listen to the videos put out by the H Hoax people you will see that HDJ have a habit of removing evidence that expose their lies.

    The internet is awash with an ever increasing parade of Illuminati puppets promoting the HG story.  They just keep on popping up out of nowhere to assist in the spreading of falsehoods and sensationalism.  The ruling elite must be soiling their pants since they are having to employ a never ending line of soulless, spineless, immoral stooges to try and suppress the truth.

    I think it is safe to conclude that anyone who supports the Hollie Greig story is a low-life lying paedo-loving individual who needs to be publicly named and shamed.

    Wyn says she has called the police many times to report the actions of the people publicly naming her, leafleting her street and others, harassing her friends etc, but nothing comes of it because according to the police these people haven't done anything criminal.  WHAT???  Oh yes they have.  They've committed numerous crimes.  Incitement to hatred is one crime.  Defaming is another.  Plundering the public purse is another... And what about the crimes against Hollie Greig?  Her mother Anne Greig is guilty of the crime of domestic violence/child abuse against Hollie.  [In the eyes of the court Hollie is still considered to be a child].  Anne Greig and her henchmen and women are guilty of the crime of exploitation of Hollie.  As for the crimes of the State, there is the usual corruption within all the authorities and judiciary.  Social Services managers are guilty of dereliction of duty in their failure to protect Hollie from her deranged and abusive mother and place her somewhere safe with someone who loves her and will look after her.  Her brother Greg maybe?  They should have used the emergency powers available to them to step in immediately and remove Hollie to safety.  The police also should have assisted SS.  Not only have they failed to protect Hollie, they have failed to protect 22+ innocent people who have been completely wrongly accused of the most heinous of crimes and who suffer constant bullying at the hands of a gang of psychopaths masquerading as Hollie Greig's protectors.  The police and CPS have enough evidence to arrest, charge and convict Anne Greig, Robert Green, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Ian McFerran, Brian Gerrish and all the bloody rest of them.  If Wyn or any of the other falsely accused do suffer vigilante justice, the police will be guilty of misconduct in public office.  See the case of Bijan Ebrahimi  

    People reading this will know that the real reason nothing is done is because the Hollie Greig story is all one mega-massive masonic scam.  People are slowly waking up to that fact.  Now, if the likes of Sheriff Bowen and all the other professional people involved in this, no matter what rank they are - all the police officers, social workers, fire officers, court staff, Craiginches prison staff ... if they could just take their professional hats off for a minute and become human beings with conscience, they could help us quicken this full awakening by helping us expose the full truth surrounding the HG story and the real criminals involved.  

    We can actually thank the shills for one thing, they are doing a brilliant job awakening the sheople to some degree.  Now all we have to do is get their listeners to listen to us - the 100% truth tellers.  I myself was stuck in half-truther land for years; it was Hollie Greig and the drama surrounding her that snapped me out of that!  We have much to thank Hollie Greig for. 

    Wyn says they have looked into suing Anne but were told it would cost thousands.  Please will someone give Wyn and Sylvia the money they need, not just to sue Anne, but all the low-life scum of the earth who surround her too.  If someone on the Hoax team wants to start some fund raising, I will gladly donate.

    Incidentally the desperate HGJ clan spend a fair bit of time crowing that the Hoax team have split up.  These fools fail to realise that the Hoax team will always be united in truth.  That’s all that matters.  Anything else is irrelevant.

    Finally I believe the Hoax group when they say their site was taken down due to a complaint to their hosting company.  The masons will have been behind that; as was the case when my site was pulled.  I don't believe the HDJ group when they say [2/5/13] that the same happened to them due to "anonymous allegations of defamation".  What a crock of shit.

    At least 22 totally innocent people have been accused of the vile crime of paedophilia.  Some of them have been named.  Their lives are now in grave danger.  Every day they face the possibility of vigilante justice from well-meaning but duped individuals.  Shame on you Anne Greig, Robert Green, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Brian Gerrish, Ian McFerran, David Icke, Ian R Crane, Bill Maloney and all the rest of you - far too many to name - filthy paedophile protecting evil criminal agents of the State.  I hope you get your just deserts soon.  Every one of you is a pathetic excuse of a human being and you all deserve to rot in hell.

    But it's still not too late.  Find Jesus, fess up and save your souls.  Do it now though, before it's too late.

    Oh and one more thing ... many thanks to you HDJ/HGJ gatekeepers for giving me free publicity on your HGJ blog  Negative publicity is not usually a good thing; but in my case it is; cos I have nothing to lose as I speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  I am human though! and therefore I make mistakes, just like anyone else.  I try to be as accurate as possible and I make it clear when I am stating facts or just giving my opinion.  If any reader does spot a genuine mistake, do please let me know and I will endeavour to correct it asap.