Please have a good read of this pdf TAKE THE MASK OFF, TAKE YOUR FREEDOM BACK and PART TWO OF TAKE THE MASK OFF, TAKE YOUR FREEDOM BACK  and understand we are now in the FIGHT OF OUR LIVES – EVERYONE HAS TO RESIST NOW, before it’s too late.  Everyone needs to GET OFF THEIR KNEES AND RISE LIKE LIONS.  We are in a race against time to awaken enough people up to the truth so that they too will join the resistance as only the truth can set us free.

Whoever does not resist will be forever known as a cowardly NWO enabler.  And we will all know who you are – the masks are a dead giveaway.  Do not be that person, be a courageous freedom fighter; all you have to do is stop complying with your own enslavement, do not comply with the Corona rules – do not wear the mask, visit whoever you like and hug whoever you like, do not engage with any type of ‘checking in’ system to visit a pub or restaurant, cinema, leisure centre or anywhere else; boycott anywhere that insists you have the NHS ‘track and trace’ app on your phone as that is the precursor to the vaccine passport.  Do not have the Covid vaccine [unless you genuinely feel you need it; do not succumb to pressure or have it for selfish reasons, such as to enable you to holiday abroad or gain entrance to a pub, sporting venue or wherever; if you’ve already had it, don’t have any more jabs.]  If your employer is forcing you to have the jib jab under threat of some punitive action or dismissal, do what Todd Zywicki did – sue them.  If more people did that then the drive to have the vast majority of us jabbed to enable the wholesale use of a vaccine passport would soon come to a grinding halt.  I quote from TaxProf Blog (typepad.com): “NCLA is delighted with Prof. Zywicki’s victory for freedom.  His brave determination to fight the university’s misguided and scientifically unsound vaccination mandate has garnered nationwide attention.  GMU and other universities must stop ignoring science and cease forcing mandatory vaccines on even those with naturally acquired immunity.”  And: “Prof. Zywicki has already contracted and fully recovered from Covid-19.  As a result, he has acquired robust natural immunity, confirmed unequivocally by multiple positive SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests conducted over the past year.  In fact, Prof. Zywicki’s immunologist, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, has advised him that, based on his personal health and immunity status, it is medically unnecessary to get a Covid-19 vaccine—and that it violates medical ethics to order unnecessary procedures.”  Todd Zywicki says: “Thanks to NCLA, we have increased public awareness that vaccinating the naturally immune is medically unnecessary and presents an elevated risk of harm to Covid-19 survivors.”  See also (1) ‘Natural Immunity’ Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Ends in Surprising Result – YouTube

Refuse any testing, protest the lockdowns and wage war on the traitorous masonic-controlled NWO agents of deception.


In addition to all the wonderful ‘freedom’ demonstrations that are taking place all over the world let’s really get this worldwide ‘freedom’ movement going. All we have to do is spend an hour or two [or however long you can manage] once a week or so holding a ‘no more lockdowns’/ ‘resist the NWO’/ ‘resist tyranny’/ ‘resist the vaccine passport’/ ‘resist the mask’ … placard in our local area. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tiny village or a large city, just carry your placard boldly amongst the local shoppers or in any public area [the busier, the better]. Encourage your family, friends and associates to do likewise in their local areas. The aim is to educate the sheeple that we are giving away our freedom and to stand in solidarity with those brave souls who are daring to take a stand for the sake of freedom for all.







At Mostyn Champneys, Llandudno; trying to wake people up [Nov 1st 2021] – YouTube

At Mostyn Champneys, Llandudno; trying to wake people up. Part 2. [Nov 1st 2021] – YouTube

Please note, to avoid letting the enemy agents scupper my protests in any way [by way of fake protesters turning up to spread disinformation, agents provocateurs and those who masquerade as ordinary members of the public] I have decided not to publicly announce my intentions to stage a protest. I will therefore not be posting anything about them on face book or any other social media; rather I will just be randomly turning up somewhere with my placard with only trusted people knowing. I advise other genuine protesters to do likewise – either have simple, random, stand-alone protests or keep your protests small and include only the people that you know are genuine. In order to reach the ordinary members of the public [who will be a mixture of awakened folk and the brainwashed] we have to outwit the enemy.

A note of caution regarding the large protests and the various ‘freedom’ groups that are popping up all over the world – whilst the majority of people who attend protests and most of the members of ‘freedom’ groups are genuine, the people leading them may not be; many [if not all] are wolves in sheep’s clothing; in other words they are secretly aiding the evil billionaires who are bringing about the NWO slavery hell [I cover this in detail in the above pdf.]  One movement you do need to be wary of is ‘A Stand in the Park’.  I quote from Dan Astin-Gregory: “As more of us start questioning the narrative that’s been driving our lives for what’s starting to feel like forever, the concept of peaceful protest as a means of standing up for our rights is fast gaining momentum. Among those leading the way are the brains behind A Stand in the Park, launched just a few months ago and already adopted in more than 450 locations across the world, including at a growing number of green spaces in the UK. A Stand in the Park is rapidly becoming a magnet every Sunday between 10am and 11am for those of us who have simply had enough and want to come together to stand for ‘unity, freedom, and personal truth’. No leaflets, no slogans, nothing to provoke any kind of a response, just literally standing in a park. So what led Australian founder Brady Gunn and old friend and travelling companion Sophia Rose — who manages the UK operation — to come up with this ridiculously simple idea that has so quickly grabbed the public’s imagination worldwide?”  A Stand In The Park with Brady and Sophia – YouTube

Whilst ‘A Stand in the Park’ is indeed a brilliant idea, the movement is discredited by the fact the leaders are fake freedom fighters – they promote controlled opposition snakes and misinformation.  For example Brady promotes obvious peddlers of disinformation such as Max Igan [he brags that Igan gave him a shout out] David Icke and Vernon Coleman Brady Gunn | Facebook  Brady Gunn | Facebook and he publishes disinformation such as ‘proof’ the virus behind Covid-19 doesn’t exist and the nonsense that people vaccinated for Covid-19 won’t be allowed on flights because the vaccine makes them infectious.  Sophia proudly tells everyone that her “good friend” Mark Devlin [another obvious dirty disinfo agent – more on him in my pdf ‘TAKE THE MASK OFF, TAKE YOUR FREEDOM BACK’ above, on page 84] gave her a shout out.  Genuine freedom fighters do not spread disinfo and they do not promote shills, they expose them for the treacherous enemy agent scumbags that they are. 

A swift look at the organisation’s Facebook timeline A Stand in the Park | Facebook and we see that they promote David Icke’s son Gareth IckeDoes anymore need to be said?  They also promote WFA’s Nigel Utton; he bigs up the widely discredited Dolores Cahill and he deceives you into believing that the police are “terrified of Heiko SchöningWatch | Facebook  [Police do not fear shills such as Schöning.]  I cover these two slick deceivers Schöning and Cahill and the ‘World Freedom Alliance’ bunch of charlatans in the above pdf too [scroll down to p93 and read from there.]  We also see Brady and Fifi bigging up the “legendary” Dolores Cahill.  Nauseating; she is no legend, she is just another lying piece of shit shill.  The ‘Stand in the Park’ gang also promote ‘The Pushback by Oracle Films — The Day the World Stood Together’ which features a whole bunch of obvious slimeball NWO gatekeepers such as Robert F Kennedy, Wolfgang Wodarg [see page 166 of the above pdf], David Kurten [that clown totally discredits himself just by going on the Charlie Ward show DAVID KURTEN AND CHARLIE WARD TALK POLITICS AND MUCH MORE DO NOT MISS MY PERSONAL CHOICE FOR LONDON – YouTube  I expose the outrageous liar Charlie Ward in the above pdf too – read from page 110], Mike Yeadon [see p169 of my pdf], Naomi Wolf, Reiner Füellmich [see p161 of my pdf], Del Bigtree, Louise Hampton [see p63 of my pdf], James Corbett, Andrew Kaufman [see p58 of my pdf].  ‘Stand in the Park’ also promote the vile filthy liar, kingpin of psy-ops, disinfo agent extraordinaire Brian Gerrish and his slippery gang at UK Column.  Incidentally the fact Reiner Füellmich interviews Gerrish BRIAN GERRISH OF UK COLUMN INTERVIEWED BY REINER FUELLMICH – Freedom Of Speech (fos-sa.org) is even more proof [if it were needed] that this piss taking, lying, loathsome lawyer is only pretending to be fighting for our freedom.  He, Gerrish and all the other traitorous, scum-of-the-earth pretenders are working for the evil masonic cabal who aim to take away our free speech and enslave us in their totalitarian NWO.  ‘S.I.T.P’ also promote ‘Lawful Rebellion’ [the fact they promote yet another purveyor of disinformation Tom Barnett, who tells you vaccines cause autism – see also p60 of my pdf – and the Magna Carta/ ‘common law’ crap – see p84 – tells you all you need to know about them.]  Catherine Austin Fitts [more on her in my pdf on p175] also gets promoted by ‘S.I.T.P’ as does super shill Vinny Eastwood.

I advise you not to trust any organiser of a ‘freedom’ demonstration.  Take a look at this very powerful promotional video by ‘B4UR1 Truth Media‘ Watch | Facebook where we see being promoted ‘A Stand in the Park’, Kate Shemirani, Katie Hopkins, Piers Corbyn …  NUFF SAID.  Please note I was under the impression ‘B4UR1 media’ was being operated anonymously however someone by the name of John McTear emailed me on 31st October 2021 to tell me that he is the person behind it.  This man is just another scumbag masonic stooge.  Just take a look at his COVIDLAND production Facebook where we see being promoted the usual big name shills.  Here COVIDLAND: The Lockdown (Full Movie) (rumble.com) is the full INFOWARS COVIDLAND movie.

This is what he says in his email: “Hello its john from B4UR1 Media.  First my history: B4UR1 Media – Alternative News – Posts | Facebook  I promote the shills to get the numbers into London, we needed numbers.  THAT TELLS YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WHOSE SIDE HE’S ON!  I’m not sleepy [I know you’re not; you’re a hoodwinker] as you can see from my latest video: Telegram: Contact @b4u2r1  Please can we update your post to show B4UR1 more respect: TAKE THE MASK OFF, TAKE YOUR FREEDOM BACK – SHARON ANN ZAKI TAKING A STAND AGAINST FREEMASONRY AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER (sharonkilby.co.uk) No ‘we’ cannot.  I do not respect shills.  I detest them more than I detest politicians.   

I actually deleted Alex Jones from the Movie.  So what have I done wrong for all my hard work..  Leaving Alex Jones on the movie leaves it open for criticism.”  Says the twat who promotes Alex Jones here The Abused Ones – North Wales child abuse – Missing Masons and Masonic Lodge – YouTube [other shills he promotes in that video I expose here AN-ELITE-PAEDO-RING-AND-THE-ABUSE-OF-CHILDREN-IN-THE-NORTH-WALES-CARE-SYSTEM..pdf (sharonkilby.co.uk)] Nice try John, but, sorry you’re not fooling anyone.

John McTear also put a friendly ‘Halloween’ comment on a post that my daughter Shelly had tagged me in.  I replied: “I got your message John and will respond in due course; in the meantime please do not comment on posts concerning my grandchildren.  Thanks.”  He immediately removed his post; however next day [1st Nov 2021] he sent me this message: “I ask them trick questions and catch them out: (1) Watch | Facebook

I know about the Jesuit connection. I know about Kate’s 5G connection with steel.  I know Oracle Phil and many others are paid in bit coin.  Fiona is not a man, but she is not working with us for sure.  Anything I missed out before you update your public post let me know asap.  No, you’ve said everything you need to say.    

You trust Dan Astin-Gregory!  What makes you think that?  He’s an obvious shill.  

I am giving you a chance to explain [cheeky monkey] before I spring into retaliation mode and self-defence.  Er, if you feel you need to defend yourself maybe you are not defending the truth.  The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose.  It will defend itself. – St. Augustine.  Do the Right thing and talk to me.”  I will do the right thing and ask that someone talks to you John; you sound like you are in need of a friend rather than a chat with me. 

Oh the irony – a man who says he is fighting to protect free speech feels the need to retaliate against someone who is merely voicing her opinion.  John, as I do with everyone who I might have upset, I am giving you your right of reply – I’m publishing your response in full.  I can’t be fairer than that.   

On 2/11/21 he sent me this message: “ok I shall block you now if you don’t want to reply, I sent you my life history and my progress reports .. who are you to slander me on a public post? Be well and have faith, the UK is a faithless state and that is key.”  LOL; John, giving an opinion about someone is NOT slander; telling LIES about someone is.  As for faith, pity you have none, cos if you did you absolutely would NOT be serving the Satanic Masonic forces.     

So, as I say, beware the wolves who masquerade as freedom fighters.  These people are not heroes and they’re not your friend – they are cowardly, wicked deceivers, secretly working for the people in power that they pretend to be standing up to.  Do not let the rats get away with it – do not join them, instead expose them for the lying, deceiving, game-playing, traitorous NWO puppets that they are.  We need to expose as many of them as we can and get them completely wiped OFF the internet.  OUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT.  WE NEED TO DESTROY THEM BEFORE THEY DESTROY US.    

I have so much respect for genuine protesters and people who are genuinely standing up to this tyranny one way or another, but, please, stop falling into the trap of listening to, promoting and hero worshipping the enemy’s soldiers – protests will not work whilst you good people allow these mocking bastards to lead you or stand among you.  Have a read of my pdf above from page 73 onwards. Read also GOD DOES EXIST from page 128 onwards. The fact is when you promote obvious shills you are either a shill yourself or you are a useful idiot.  Either way you are ON THE SIDE OF THE ENEMY and you cannot be tolerated – you need to be called out.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.    

John Overkill JOHN OVERKILL – YouTube is doing a brilliant job exposing the fake freedom fighters.

Chris [C-Luke] is another brilliant freedom fighter; he is in fact the great Bill Cooper’s apprentice C-Luke’s Talk Show – Bill Cooper’s Apprentice – YouTube He has literally stepped into Bill’s shoes Bill Cooper – YouTube See also The Cooper Collection – YouTube Bill Cooper was a true Christian who was martyred for heroically bringing us the truth that will set us free. Listen to him speaking from beyond the grave – what he says is true today as it was then William Cooper – Spiritual Motivation – YouTube Listen also to what he says here The Disease That’s Killing America – Bill Cooper (It’s Sickening) – YouTube I quote: “We cannot have tyranny unless we first give our consent, and the tyrants know it. Too bad so few of the rest of us know it.” And: “It remains a fact that those who give their consent on the basis of fear are nothing but low-down, rotten, filthy, worthless, stinking cowards. COWARDICE is the real disease. COWARDICE will always destroy lives. COWARDICE, when manipulated in the hands of an enemy – of a tyrant – is the ideal weapon for destroying an entire nation and enslaving an entire world.” The cure for cowardice is here William Cooper – Cowardice – Touching the Hem – YouTube And listen to Bill speaking from his heart to yours From My Heart To Yours – Bill Cooper – YouTube

STAND UP, STAND UP FOR JESUS Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus hymn with on-screen LYRICS – YouTube