This website is under attack from the freemasonic censorship brigade.  FASTHOSTS hosted my website for several years until January 2012 when they were given the order to gag me on the excuse of my site containing “potentially defamatory material” [they didn’t bother to check if it did] and my site was promptly pulled.  Fortunately I was able to find a host, Dave, who assured me he would not be intimidated by cyber libel threats or false and malicious DMCA notices.  He is true to his word.  Unfortunately in June 2017 my old Soholaunch site builder became corrupted and I had to rebuild my site.  More recently [October 2022] my site again came under attack [Dave informed me that he’d had “a few abuse messages” from his data centre saying my WordPress had been hacked] and I have again had to rebuild it [December 2022.]  Consequently, my links in my PDF files to my other PDFs now no longer work.  Please accept my apologies!

Please note, since rebuilding my site I now find that I’m being censored on the internet, especially by Google.  Despite the domain name staying the same my site no longer comes up in Google searches and not as much as used to be the case comes up in Bing searches.  [Prior to being hacked in Oct ’22 my site would be on the first or second page in a Google search if you typed in the name of a known shill followed by the word ‘shill’.  Often you didn’t even need to type in the word ‘shill’, just the name of a shill would be enough.]  I’ve also noticed that if you type in ‘NWO shills’ in the Google search nowadays you get this message: “It looks like there aren’t many great results for this search”.  That is shocking and outrageous, and it never used to be the case – my website was one genuine shill buster site that always came up on the first page.  Not anymore.  It doesn’t show up at all.  Even if you Google ‘War on Shills’ [I’m the only person who has a War on Shills] my site doesn’t come up; in fact this is the message you’ll get: “Did you mean: war on skills”  What the fuck!!!  The freemasons are taking the right fucking piss.  These are the lengths these bastards must go to in order to prevent you knowing the truth which will set us free.    Only recently, at a friend’s house, I discovered I’m also being censored by Sky Broadband Shield which is automatically turned on when you join Sky Broadband.  SBS is a “set of tools designed to help make the internet a safer place for your whole family”.  My site was “blocked because it matched the following categories: Weapons, Violence, Gore and Hate”. Wow; just wow.  I noticed David Icke’s site wasn’t blocked though! [I didn’t bother checking any of the other shill sites.]  Jeesh, the censorship is off the scale.